TGV Lyria

TGV Lyria

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  • Paris - Zurich: 04:03
  • Book early, save up to 50%
  • Book up to 120 days in advance
  • E-ticket
  • High Speed trains

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TGV Lyria

TGV Lyria, high speed trains connecting France and Switzerland, serving Paris, Lausanne, Interlaken etc.

TGV Lyria is operated by SNCF, the French national railway company and CFF, the Swiss national railway company. The high speed train links France and Switzerland. TGV Lyria enables you to reach Basel, Zurich, Bern, Lausanne and Geneva from Gare de Lyon in just a few hours. TGV Lyria will take you from France to major Swiss cities, ski resorts and lakes. The TGV Lyria will take you from Paris city center and major train stations to the snow white Swiss mountains in just a couple of hours. Breathtaking scenery is very much part of your journey. In the first class carriages, you will be able to relax by enjoying a peaceful break, reading a book, watching a movie on your iPad or just by laying back. While on board you can make a taxi reservation in Paris or buy subway tickets for Parisian metro, in the bar-buffet car.

Popular journeys and travel durations

The TGV Lyria links cities such as Paris or Dijon in France and/to cities such as Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchatel, Bern and Zurich in Switzerland.

Zuerich Paris 04:03 HK$750
Geneve Paris 03:10 HK$650
Paris Interlaken 05:29 HK$770
Basel Paris 03:03 HK$690
Nice Geneve 06:19 HK$590
Avignon Geneve 02:54 HK$580
Geneve Lyon 01:46 HK$290
Bern Paris 04:35 HK$690
Marseille Geneve 03:31 HK$550
Montpellier Geneve 03:48 HK$550
Dijon Zuerich 02:33 HK$550
Lausanne Paris 03:43 HK$600
Dijon Interlaken 03:59 HK$630
Basel Dijon 01:36 HK$480
Geneve Aix En Provence Tgv 03:40 HK$550
Bern Dijon 03:00 HK$480
Mulhouse Zuerich 01:19 HK$430
Neuchatel (loc) Paris 04:02 HK$400
Vallorbe Paris 03:06 HK$600
Lausanne Dijon 02:09 HK$410
Colmar Zuerich 03:33 HK$430
Namur Zuerich 07:45 HK$430
Geneve St Raphael 05:24 HK$790
Antibes Geneve 06:00 HK$590
Geneve Toulon 04:34 HK$670
Cannes Geneve 05:49 HK$590
Valence Geneve 02:35 HK$340
Geneve Nimes 03:14 HK$580

Booking and printing options

Booking :
  • TGV Lyria tickets are open for booking 120 days ahead.
  • Get the lowest prices by booking early and don’t wait until the last minute as cheaper seats sell the fastest.
  • Opt for off-peak trains when you have to travel short notice. They are more affordable than morning and evening trains along with those running on holiday eves, Friday and Sunday afternoon.

Printing option(s) :

Paper ticket

Receive your ticket directly to your address. Just take them with you and you are ready to travel. Shipping fees apply.

Print @ home

Print your ticket anywhere and anytime before your travel. Skip shipping fees.

Printing guide

Print @ Station (from France)

Go to a self-service ticket machine and enter your reference to retrieve your ticket. Skip shipping fees.

Printing guide

Seat Reservation :
  • Mandatory for this train! The seat reservation is included in the price of your ticket. Please note that seats are auto-allocated by train carriers. Depending on availabilities, carriers will ensure that all passengers of a same party are seated together. Seats can be swapped only once on-board.
  • Pass holders . Book your seat reservation exclusively with Rail Europe.

Experience the service

Before boarding

The Gare de Lyon railway station in Paris and the Swiss train stations have excellent connections with public transport system and taxis.

The platform number is displayed only 20 minutes before the train departs.Make sure to check the corresponding platform number of your train before boarding.Please note that it is not permitted to board a train if it is not displayed.

You do not have to check in before boarding. However make sure that you board your train at least 2 minutes before departure time. Access to trains cannot be guaranteed beyond 2 minutes before departure.
Keep your ticket, passport and any other travel documents handy. Ticket controllers will ask for those travel documents onboard of the TGV Lyria. Police and customs check will take place at national borders.


Classes and facilities offered by TGV Lyria
First classSecond class
Reclining seats Cosy with more legroom, reclining seats are ideal to enjoy the trip.
Meal and drink* A delicious meal and drinks are served at seat on board.
Taxi reservation** Pre-book a taxi and don’t waste time when you get off at your destination.
Power sockets Ideal to plug your laptop, phone or any electronic device from your seat.
Bar buffet car Access to the bar buffet car where snacks and beverages can be bought.
Comfortable seats Spacious seats with a headrest and generous legroom.

*except on Geneva <> Marseille/Nice ** except on Geneva<>Nice


First and Second class onboard the TGV Lyria

  • First Class includes large reclining seats, a welcome drink, power sockets and a gourmet meal served at your seat.*
  • Taxi booking service is available onboard. No need to wait until your arrival to make a taxi booking.
  • Second Class includes generous legroom, bar buffer car with a wide selection of meals and beverages.

The TGV Lyriapremière service, a class above

  • The Lyriapremière Service includes a quality meal, a delicious cold gourmet and other services. You will be served at your seat allowing you to travel in comfort. Depending on the time of the day, you will be offered either a breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea or an evening meal. The menu differs. In summer you can expect salads whereas in winter you can expect more festive meals. The quality does not change.

Metro tickets onboard

  • Buy tickets for the Paris metro onboard. They are available for sale at the bar buffet car.

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Reviews & ratings

Overall rating (384)

Value for money

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Excellent 40% Very good 37% Average 16% Poor 3% Terrible 3%

  • "Very good option "    
    It was a very good journey. The train was comfortable, the attendants were friendly. Service on board was perfect including the breakfast, which was delicious.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Better than flying"    
    Coming from Australia I assumed flights would be far better than trains but having the stations right in the centre of the city made it much more convenient and easier to manage without a phone. The train was smooth and quick.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "VERY GOOD TRIP "    
  • "Wi-Fi "    
    I wish there was Wi-Fi service in the train.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Pleasant trip"    
    Pleasant ride but there was a 30 minute delay for unknown reason. Food service was good including refills. Appreciate taxi ordering service before reaching Gare de Lyon.    Value for money
  • "First Time to Use Rail Europe"    
    Everything was excellent. Thank you for the wonderful service.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "awesome"    
    it was awesome taking the train from lyon to geneva    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Paris to Geneva delight"    
    Always a pleasure to travel in luxury, comfort and with excellent service.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Paris to Basel"    
    So easy and great price    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Fast and direct "    
    The train was full but comfortable. Enjoyed a snack in the food car. The view was wonderful and was happy it was a direct run.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "it was good"    
    it was good, just pricey    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Trip to Lausanne"    
    Positive: good service, on time and professional. Negative: trip a bit expensive    Value for money  Convenience
  • "Good Trip"    
    It was a good trip. Train ride went smoothly. The only concern it the people traffic at Paris Gare Lyon. There are so many people at the train station sometimes it becomes hard to navigate and I question my safety.    Value for money  Convenience
  • "tgv lyria"    
    Was great trip. On first class though should have WIFI  
  • "Incredible journey"    
    loved the comfort and speed and journey through the countryside    Value for money  Convenience
  • 0 15 30 45 60 75 90 105 120 ...