Dutch trains: Regional and Intercity

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Dutch trains: Regional and Intercity

Regional and Intercity trains serve all major cities and smaller towns in the Netherlands.

Intercity are domestic trains operated by NS, the Dutch national railway, in the Netherlands. The trains, also known as IC, make stops between major cities. Intercity trains exist as single decker and double decker, both equipped with first and second class carriages. Many IC offer free Wi-Fi Internet on board. Seat reservations are not mandatory.
Other regional trains include the Sprinter. They are mostly used to connect major cities to smaller towns. Sprinter trains are mostly modern trains equipped with first class and second class carriages. A double decker version of the Sprinter train is also operated by NS. As in the Intercity trains, seat reservations are not mandatory.

Note: A supplement is needed when travelling on the Amsterdam Schiphol-Rotterdam route with the Intercity direct.

Popular journeys and travel durations

Main routesTravel time
Den Haag-Rotterdam0h24

Rome Venice 05:38 HK$427
Nice Paris 11:38 HK$186
Rome Milan 06:34 HK$520
Rome Florence 02:46 HK$316
Milan Venice 02:35 HK$353
Frankfurt Amsterdam 07:05 HK$798
Berlin Amsterdam 06:08 HK$1,262
Zurich Frankfurt 05:46 HK$557
Frankfurt Prague 09:50 HK$678
Nice Avignon 04:02 HK$399
Berlin Prague 04:27 HK$362
Frankfurt Vienna 10:04 HK$269
Zurich Munich 04:12 HK$557
Berlin Vienna 09:38 HK$269
Rome Pisa 03:02 HK$325
Munich Prague 05:42 HK$678
Pisa Milan 04:03 HK$306
Nice Marseille 02:36 HK$213
Interlaken Frankfurt 04:46 HK$492
Vienna Munich 05:59 HK$269
Rome Naples 02:03 HK$232
Budapest Berlin 11:50 HK$269
Milan Naples 08:39 HK$631
Geneva Zurich 02:43 HK$585
Verona Rome 06:24 HK$390
Prague Vienna 04:24 HK$613
Frankfurt Basel 03:33 HK$687

Booking and printing options

Booking :
  • Dutch trains: Regional and Intercity tickets are open for booking 120 days ahead.
  • Get the lowest prices by booking early and don’t wait until the last minute as cheaper seats sell the fastest.
  • Opt for off-peak trains when you have to travel short notice. They are more affordable than morning and evening trains along with those running on holiday eves, Friday and Sunday afternoon.

Printing option(s) :

Paper ticket

Receive your ticket directly to your address. Just take them with you and you are ready to travel. Shipping fees apply.

Seat reservation :
  • Free placement

Experience the service

Before you board

Intercity trains serve all main train stations in the Netherlands.
Sprinter trains stops at smaller railway stations when connect main cities to other Dutch towns.


Classes and facilities offered by domestic Dutch trains
First classSecond class
Comfortable seats Spacious seats with a headrest and generous legroom.
Ergonomic seats Cosy with more legroom, ergonomic seats are ideal to enjoy the trip.

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