Whether you are looking for a romantic trip, scenic trip or action packed trip, you are bound to find your pick.

This year, over 1 million travellers will ride the rails with us but with over 15,000 destinations and 35 different rail networks within Europe, including Eurostar, TGV, TGV Lyria, Renfe and AVE trains, Trenitalia and Frecciarossa trains, ICE Trains and Thalys, you may need a helping hand to choose the best journey.
With all the choice it’s sometimes hard to know what will make the perfect journey.
So below are ten ideas taken from some of our most popular train journeys. Remember there are many other journeys you can make, so take a look at our maps and destination guides, and check out our Eurail Global pass and Eurail Select pass to help you with your decision.

A few of our best train trips

London - Paris / London-Brussels The Eurostar brings these fantastic cities within so close to each other. Get the London Pass and the Paris Pass to explore even further.
Paris - Geneva / Paris – Lausanne The high speed TGV Lyria can transport you from one country to another to the cities and the mountains, and you can continue exploring Switzerland with the Swiss Pass.
Amsterdam - Paris In just over three hours you can travel through The Netherlands to France and Paris direct with the Thalys train.
Italy – for journeys from Firenze to Rome, Venice to Rome or Milan to Venice it’s easy to jump on the Italian rail system Trenitalia – check out the Eurail Italy Pass too!
Madrid – Barcelona The Spanish Renfe trains will transport you quickly between these two cities from coast to Capital.
Paris - Nice The high speed TGV will whizz you from the Capital to the French Riviera in no time. If you’re taking more than a couple of journeys be sure to get a France Rail Pass.
Paris - Rome From the most romantic city to the most beautiful city in Europe. Why not explore France and Italy with a Eurail France Italy pass?
Avignon-Paris – A popular route on the high-speed TGV for those who want to see what France has to offer, from countryside to Capital city.
Paris- Basel In just three hours your Eurail France Switzerland Pass could see you travel from can France to Switzerland.
Frankfurt – Paris Take the high speed train from the German city of Frankfurt to the beautiful French capital.

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