Passenger age requirements for tickets

Children : ages vary per country and per product. Below you will find a list of examples. Please check the specific sales conditions of the fares you select to ensure age requirements are met.

NTV : If the number of infants exceeds the number of adults, any additional infant will be charged at a child’s rate.

Child ages

Cross border Tickets:4-11
Domestic Tickets in:
Austria:4-14 Luxembourg:6-11
Belgium:6-11 Macedonia:4-11
Bulgaria:6-11 Netherlands:4-11
Croatia:4-11 Norway:4-15
Denmark:6-15 Poland:4-11
Czech Republic:4-14 Portugal:4-11
Ex-Yugoslavia:4-13 Republic of Ireland:4-15
Finland:6-16 Romania:4-11
France:4-11 Slovakia:6-14
Germany:6-15 Slovenia:6-11
Greece:4-11 Spain:4-11
Hungary:6-13 Switzerland:6-15
Italy:4-14 United-Kingdom:5-15