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Zürich Hauptbahnhof Train Station is a train station located in Zurich. Keep in mind that some larger cities can have more than one station.

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Getting there

You can get to Zürich Hauptbahnhof Train Station from Milano, Frankfurt and Berlin. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 04:07 HK$75
From Amsterdam 11:34 HK$49
From Milano 03:41 HK$32
From Frankfurt 04:10 HK$24
From Berlin 11:02 HK$29
From Muenchen 04:11 HK$61
From Praha 14:48 HK$29
From Wien 07:50 HK$59
From Geneve 02:43 HK$64
From Interlaken 01:53 HK$56
From Budapest 11:15 HK$49
From Basel 00:53 HK$24
From Salzburg 05:24 HK$79
From Luzern 00:46 HK$20
From Koeln 05:29 HK$24
From Innsbruck 03:36 HK$39
From Bern 00:56 HK$40
From Stuttgart 02:57 HK$52
From Dijon 02:33 HK$55
From Hamburg 07:36 HK$29
From Zagreb 14:43
From Duesseldorf 06:33 HK$142
From Como 03:06 HK$32
From Lausanne 02:08 HK$58
From Dresden 12:13 HK$29
From Ljubljana 12:10 HK$99
From Heidelberg 03:58 HK$77
From Freiburg 01:48 HK$57
From Hannover 06:19 HK$29
From Mannheim 03:15 HK$97
From Bonn 05:46 HK$29
From Mulhouse 01:19 HK$43
From Graz 10:56 HK$89
From Karlsruhe 02:50 HK$76
From Mainz 08:11 HK$71
From Linz 06:33 HK$89
From Utrecht 11:20 HK$29
From Leipzig 10:42 HK$29
From Arnhem 10:43 HK$29
From Landeck 02:46 HK$59
From Namur 07:45 HK$43
From Lugano 02:39 HK$60
From Bochum 06:22 HK$116
From Baden Baden 02:34 HK$77
From Koblenz 05:12 HK$29
From Mainz 05:47 HK$24
From Colmar 03:33 HK$43
From Offenburg 03:20 HK$28
From Buchloe 03:27 HK$75
From Oetztal 03:12 HK$55
From Brig 02:09 HK$77
From Wil 00:44 HK$27
From Schaffhausen 00:38 HK$18
From Arth Goldau 00:38 HK$25
From Ziegelbruecke 00:36 HK$18
From Weinfelden 00:48 HK$19
From Uzwil 00:51 HK$20
From Singen 00:58 HK$19
From Rheinfelden 00:58 HK$21
From Brunnen 00:54 HK$19
From Rapperswil 00:36 HK$14
From Frauenfeld 00:36 HK$15
From Uster 00:14 HK$7
From Thalwhil 00:09 HK$4
From Sargans 00:55 HK$25
From Winterthur 00:19 HK$10
From Zug 00:22 HK$12
From Olten 00:31 HK$21
From Brugg 00:24 HK$12
From Aarau 00:24 HK$18
From St Gallen 01:02 HK$33
From Landquart 01:05 HK$29
From Bludenz 01:45 HK$37
From Bregenz 01:38 HK$43
From Goeschenen 01:36 HK$29
From Rottweil 01:45 HK$43
From Lindau 01:49 HK$44
From Bellinzona 02:15 HK$55
From Langen Am Arlberg 02:12 HK$51
From Visp 02:01 HK$77
From St Anton Am Arlberg 02:22 HK$53
From Spiez 01:33 HK$60
From Chur 01:15 HK$32
From Romanshorn 01:10 HK$24
From Buchs 01:08 HK$27
From Konstanz 01:18 HK$24
From Thun 01:22 HK$56
From Feldkirch 01:29 HK$42
From Fribourg 01:24 HK$46
From Tuttlingen 01:27 HK$29
From Sargans 05:41 HK$25
From Belfort-montbeliard Tgv 01:44 HK$48

Station / Airport guide

The largest railway station and one of the busiest of Switzerland is Zürich Hauptbahnhof (Zürich HB). Zürich Hauptbahnhof is located in the city centre of Zurich on the banks of river Limmat.

The Zürich Hauptbahnhof railway station is part of the facilities which have turned Zürich into a major railway hub of Switzerland. Thanks to the railway station, there are trains from across Switzerland and neighbouring European countries (Germany, Italy, Austria and France) which serve Zürich. Some of the cities which are commonly travelled to and from this station are Amsterdam, Basel, Bern, Geneva, Interlaken, Luzern, Milan, Munich, Paris and Vienna.

Zürich Hauptbahnhof is a modern train station which offers a scope of facilities and service. There are ticket office, currency exchange, assistance for disabled persons, lost and found, tourist information point, toilets, luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet and Phone cabins.

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (TGV Lyria, ICE), Regional trains, Inter City trains
Rail Service Information, Ticket Office, Currency Exchange, Assistance for disabled persons, Lost and found, Police station, Tourist Information Point, Toilets, Luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet and Phone cabins.

Transportation and connections

Local trains & subway: Local S-Bahn Trains SN1, SN4, SN5, SN7, SN8, SN9 from station.
Buses: Bus line 31 and 46 operate from this station.
Taxis: Taxi rank available outside station.
Airport: Frequent local (S Bahn) and long distance trains to the Zurich airport (S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7 and S8).

Station map

Station location

Address: Bahnhofplatz 7 8001 Zurich