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Tours Train Station is a train station located in Tours. Keep in mind that some larger cities can have more than one station.

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Getting there

You can get to Tours Train Station from Rennes, La rochelle and Nantes. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 01:08 HK$15
From Lyon 05:40 HK$15
From Dijon 04:50 HK$56
From Rennes 02:58 HK$37
From La Rochelle 03:05 HK$36
From Nantes 01:36 HK$30
From Bourges 01:29 HK$24
From Alencon 01:39 HK$25
From Poitiers 01:02 HK$17
From Vierzon 01:07 HK$19
From Massy 01:13 HK$27
From Decize 02:57 HK$37
From Digoin 03:52 HK$44
From Beaune 04:28 HK$53
From St Germain Des Fosse 03:38 HK$45
From Moulins Sur Allier 03:01 HK$37
From Caen 02:48 HK$15
From Gievres 01:02 HK$14
From Mezidon 02:31 HK$36
From Orleans 01:01 HK$20
From Chenonceaux 00:26 HK$9
From Vendome Villiers Sur 00:27 HK$13
From Port Boulet 00:29 HK$9
From Ste Maure Noyant 00:23 HK$9
From Montbazon 00:21 HK$9
From Langeais 00:17 HK$9
From Amboise 00:19 HK$9
From Blere La Croix 00:21 HK$9
From Esvres 00:30 HK$9
From Saumur 00:31 HK$12
From Angers 00:53 HK$18
From Le Mans 00:59 HK$17
From Loches 01:01 HK$9
From Chinon 00:48 HK$9
From St Aignan Noyers 00:46 HK$11
From Chatellerault 00:34 HK$12
From Montrichard 00:34 HK$9
From Blois 00:35 HK$11
From St Pierre Des Corps 00:05 HK$9

Station / Airport guide

Tours railway station is located in the town of Tours, in France. The railway station is operated by the French national railway company (SNCF).

The railway station is served both by the high speed TGV and regional trains. The Tours railway station has all the facilities which are important for travellers, including tickets vending machines, facilities for disabled persons, public phone cabins and Tourist Information Office.

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (TGV), Regional trains (TER), Intercity trains
SNCF rail agents, Facilities for disabled persons, Lost and found, Tourist Information Office, Toilets, Luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet, Currency exchange, ATM and Public Phone cabins.

Transportation and connections

Local trains & subway: The first tram line 1 Blue wire connecting the Lycée Jacques de Vaucanson (Tours North) at the Jean Monnet (south Joue-les-Tours).
Buses: Tours bus network wire blue lines 2A / B, 3A / B, 5A / B, 6, 8A / B links to other neighbouring French cities.
Taxis: There’s a taxi rank in front of the station operated by GIE.
Airport: The airport shuttle stops at the bus station in front of the train station.

Station location

Address: Place du Général Leclerc 37000 Tours