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Paris Gare du Nord Train Station is a train station located in Paris. Keep in mind that some larger cities can have more than one station.

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Getting there

You can get to Paris Gare du Nord Train Station from Frankfurt, Bruxelles and Koeln. Best price and travel duration below.

From London 02:16 HK$510
From Amsterdam 03:17 HK$350
From Frankfurt 05:49 HK$350
From Bruxelles 01:22 HK$290
From Koeln 03:15 HK$350
From Brugge 02:26 HK$290
From Lille 01:01 HK$150
From Rotterdam 02:37 HK$470
From Duesseldorf 03:47 HK$350
From Anvers Antwerpen. 02:02 HK$410
From Hannover 07:28 HK$350
From Mannheim 06:23 HK$350
From Calais 01:32 HK$150
From Aachen 02:36 HK$350
From Ebbsfleet International 02:05 HK$675
From Gent 02:02 HK$290
From Boulogne 02:00 HK$150
From Noyelles 01:59 HK$190
From Maubeuge 01:58 HK$150
From Charleroi 01:54 HK$300
From Ashford 01:52 HK$510
From Etaples Le Touquet 02:21 HK$150
From Oostende 02:41 HK$410
From Duisburg 04:06 HK$350
From Essen 04:20 HK$350
From Namur 02:24 HK$400
From Valenciennes 01:48 HK$150
From Liege 02:08 HK$290
From Rue 02:08 HK$190
From Rang Du Fliers 02:13 HK$150
From Cambrai 02:06 HK$320
From Abbeville 01:47 HK$100
From Longueau 00:59 HK$100
From Longueil Ste Mari 00:52 HK$133
From Noyon 00:59 HK$180
From Soissons 01:04 HK$181
From Beauvais 01:10 HK$142
From Amiens 01:06 HK$100
From Arras 00:50 HK$150
From St Just En Chauss 00:47 HK$146
From Villers St Paul 00:34 HK$103
From Creil 00:25 HK$97
From Clermont De Lois 00:36 HK$124
From Compiegne 00:39 HK$146
From Bornel Belle Egli 00:40 HK$91
From Douai 01:10 HK$150
From Lens 01:11 HK$150
From Tourcoing 01:32 HK$260
From Laon 01:28 HK$235
From Dunkerque 01:42 HK$150
From Chantilly Gouvieux 00:23 HK$90
From Aulnoye 01:47 HK$150
From Roubaix 01:27 HK$350
From Bethune 01:25 HK$150
From Chauny 01:15 HK$212
From St Quentin 01:13 HK$100
From Anizy Pinon 01:16 HK$211
From Mons 01:21 HK$280
From Tergnier 01:22 HK$222
From Hazebrouck 01:48 HK$150

Station / Airport guide

Paris Gare du Nord is the busiest railway station of the capital city of France. Every year more than 90 million travellers transit through Paris Gare du Nord. The station is the last stop of the Eurostar from London, and the Thalys from Brussels. Travellers take those international high speed trains (Eurostar and Thalys) to reach other main cities as well; Lille, Amsterdam or Cologne.

The Paris Gare du Nord is also an important hub for locals. Two of the most important lines of the wide Paris suburb transit through Paris Gare du Nord. The Line B of the RER goes up to Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. The Paris Gare du Nord has all the necessary facilities and services of a major railway station such as ticket vending machines, railway staff, waiting zones, coffee shops, money exchange and phone cabins. Not far from Paris Gare du Nord is found the Paris Gare de l’Est, another main railway station in Paris. The Paris Gare du Nord is also connected to the Paris Metro system, line 4 and 5.

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (TGV, Eurostar, and Thalys), Regional trains, Intercity trains
SNCF rail agents, Tourism office, Newsagents, Lounge, Lost and found, Car parking, Police station, Tourist Information Point, Currency exchange, Toilets, Luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet, ATM and Phone cabins.

Transportation and connections

Local trains & subway: Metro Lines 2, 4 and 5 operate from Gare du Nord station.

Buses: A number of Paris city bus lines (26, 43, and 65) nearby serve the Gare du Nord.

Taxis: Cabs from western side of the station, just beyond the doorway by the Eurostar trains.

Airport: RER (Regional Express Railway) Line B train connect to the Charles de Gaulle airport. There is a train every 15 minutes. Please be advised that if you have many luggages, it’s probably better to take another means of transport. Due to affluence, service on the RER B can experienced some delays, make sure to have this in mind so as not to miss your flight.

Station map

Station location