Lyon Perrache Train Station

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Lyon Perrache Train Station is a train station located in Lyon. Keep in mind that some larger cities can have more than one station.

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Getting there

You can get to Lyon Perrache Train Station from Aeroport c de gaulle, Avignon and Lille. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 02:09 HK$25
From Bruxelles 04:20 HK$118
From Aeroport C De Gaulle 02:21 HK$61
From Avignon 02:49 HK$34
From Lille 03:35 HK$79
From Dompierre Sept Fons 02:42 HK$27
From Bons En Chablais 02:50 HK$30
From Moulins Sur Allier 03:00 HK$32
From Besancon 02:54 HK$33
From Clermont Ferrand 02:31 HK$35
From Annemasse 02:24 HK$27
From Bollene La Croisiere 02:15 HK$29
From Massy 02:14 HK$25
From Digoin 02:17 HK$23
From Riom Chatel Guyon 02:22 HK$33
From Orange 02:26 HK$31
From Montbard 03:04 HK$39
From Arc Et Senans 02:31 HK$29
From Thonon Les Bains 03:09 HK$32
From Bourges 04:20 HK$44
From Joigny 04:07 HK$50
From Angers 04:05 HK$25
From Sens 04:23 HK$52
From Vierzon 04:39 HK$48
From Tours 06:04 HK$58
From Nantes 04:45 HK$25
From Laroche 03:56 HK$49
From Montbeliard 03:53 HK$41
From St Pierre Des Corps 03:10 HK$25
From Venissieux 00:09 HK$9
From Baume Les Dames 03:18 HK$37
From Tonnerre 03:30 HK$45
From Belfort 03:53 HK$41
From Nevers 03:34 HK$37
From Arras 03:09 HK$39
From Pierrelatte 02:07 HK$27
From Amberieu 00:46 HK$10
From Tarare 00:44 HK$10
From St Rambert D'albon 00:42 HK$12
From St Etienne 00:48 HK$11
From St Vallier 00:51 HK$13
From Amplepuis 01:00 HK$13
From Le Creusot Mo Tgv 00:52 HK$24
From Belleville Sur Sa 00:40 HK$9
From St Chamond 00:39 HK$9
From Villefranche Saone 00:29 HK$9
From La Verpilliere 00:27 HK$9
From Vienne 00:21 HK$9
From Le Peage De Rouss 00:36 HK$10
From Macon 00:36 HK$12
From Bourgoin 00:37 HK$9
From Meximieux Perouges 00:36 HK$9
From Marne La Vallee Ches 02:07 HK$59
From Bourg En Bresse 01:00 HK$12
From Grenoble U.gieres 01:48 HK$22
From Grenoble 01:48 HK$21
From Lons Le Saunier 01:44 HK$22
From Montelimar 01:50 HK$25
From Beaune 01:53 HK$26
From Paray Le Monial 02:02 HK$21
From Vichy 02:00 HK$27
From Chagny 01:42 HK$24
From Chalon Sur Saone 01:32 HK$22
From Roanne 01:14 HK$16
From Firminy 01:12 HK$13
From Valence 01:11 HK$18
From Tournus 01:17 HK$18
From Rives 01:18 HK$16
From Tain Lhermitage 01:00 HK$16
From Voiron 01:28 HK$18
From Belfort-montbeliard Tgv 03:53 HK$41

Station / Airport guide

Lyon Perrache railway station (Gare de Lyon-Perrache) is located, just outside the city centre, in the city of Lyon, in France. It is one of the main railway station of Lyon, the other being Lyon Part-Dieu railway station.

Lyon Perrache railway station serves mostly for trains operating on the Paris to Marseille route, and is the terminus station for train operation on the Lyon to Geneva route. Regional trains (TER) from several towns of the region also call at Lyon Perrache railway station. Lyon Perrache is connected to the metro system of Lyon thanks to the A, B, C and D line. It is also connected to Lyon’s tramway thanks to line T1, T2, T3 and T4.

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (TGV), Regional trains (TER)
SNCF rail agents, Tourist Information Office, Lost and found, Toilets, Waiting rooms, ATM and Public Payphone.

Transportation and connections

Local trains & subway: Metro lines A to D are connected to Lyon Perrache train station.
Buses: Bus lines 8, 31, 32, 46, 49, 49D, 55, 63, 73, and 91 are available outside the station.
Taxis: You can catch a cab on Rue de Villette or Place Beraudier just outside the station.
Airport: SATOBUS shuttles offers connection to the airport.

Station location

Address: 14, cours de Verdun 69286 Lyon cedex 02