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Luxembourg Train Station is a train station located in Luxembourg. Keep in mind that some larger cities can have more than one station.

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Getting there

You can get to Luxembourg Train Station from Marseille, Basel and Montpellier. Best price and travel duration below.

From Luxembourg 02:09 HK$25
From Paris 02:08 HK$35
From Luxembourg 04:48 HK$68
From Luxembourg 14:13 HK$50
From Nice 14:32 HK$50
From Luxembourg 03:43 HK$60
From Bruxelles 02:42 HK$39
From Luxembourg 02:41 HK$39
From Luxembourg 06:17 HK$89
From Luxembourg 05:26 HK$102
From Marseille 11:33 HK$44
From Luxembourg 11:04 HK$102
From Luxembourg 03:27 HK$43
From Basel 03:31 HK$62
From Montpellier 10:33 HK$44
From Luxembourg 04:08 HK$68
From Luxembourg 02:19 HK$31
From Strasbourg 02:08 HK$27
From Luxembourg 03:00 HK$54
From Luxembourg 02:59 HK$59
From Mulhouse 03:03 HK$40
From Namur 01:44 HK$34
From Luxembourg 00:40 HK$9
From Nancy Ville 01:23 HK$20
From Champagne-ardenne 01:35 HK$60
From Luxembourg 00:18 HK$9
From Lorraine Tgv 01:20 HK$21
From Colmar 03:14 HK$46
From Luxembourg 00:23 HK$12
From Epinal 02:41 HK$28
From Liege 02:26 HK$45
From Luxembourg 01:20 HK$21
From Luxembourg 02:38
From Luxembourg 04:03 HK$72
From Luxembourg 02:37
From Luxembourg 02:33 HK$28
From Luxembourg 02:03 HK$24
From Luxembourg 02:27 HK$45
From Luxembourg 00:18 HK$11
From Luxembourg 01:36 HK$32
From Thionville 00:19 HK$9
From Longwy 00:29 HK$12
From Arlon 00:17 HK$11
From Luxembourg 01:41 HK$34
From Luxembourg 01:32 HK$33
From Luxembourg 01:23 HK$18
From Metz 00:39 HK$10

Station / Airport guide

Luxembourg railway station is the main railway station serving Luxembourg city. The station is operated by the national railway company of Luxembourg. Luxembourg railway station is the country’s and city’s only international train station. Trains from neighbouring european countries like Belgium, France and Germany call at Luxembourg railway station, which is approximately 2 kilometres south of Luxembourg’s city centre. Travellers can take public bus line 9 or 16 to city centre.

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (TGV, Eurostar), Intercity trains, Regional trains (TER)
Tourist Information office, Assistance for disabled persons, Lost and found, Toilets, Luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet, ATM and Public Phone.

Transportation and connections

Local trains & subway: None.
Buses: Bus lines 9 and 16 operate from station to city centre.
Taxis: Taxis pick up passengers at a rank outside the station.
Airport: From Luxembourg Findel airport bus 9 and 16 go to the railway station.

Station location