Carcassonne Train Station

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Carcassonne Train Station is a train station located in Carcassonne. Keep in mind that some larger cities can have more than one station.

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Getting there

High speed trains (TGV), Regional trains (TER)

You can get to Carcassonne Train Station from Marseille, Bordeaux and Toulouse. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 07:31 HK$36
From Barcelona 02:22 HK$40
From Lyon 03:16 HK$25
From Marseille 03:06 HK$15
From Bordeaux 02:53 HK$15
From Toulouse 00:41 HK$12
From Montpellier 01:26 HK$20
From Cerbere 02:24 HK$18
From Marmande 02:21 HK$26
From Collioure 02:03 HK$16
From Cahors 02:02 HK$30
From Arles 02:25 HK$24
From Souillac 02:46 HK$37
From Limoges 04:10 HK$40
From Vierzon 05:47 HK$52
From Brive La Gaillarde 03:12 HK$41
From Argeles Sur Mer 01:55 HK$16
From Valence 02:42 HK$27
From Gourdon 02:30 HK$38
From Agen 01:48 HK$15
From Villefranche De Lau 00:33 HK$11
From Villenouvelle 00:41 HK$12
From Beziers 00:43 HK$13
From Limoux (localite) 00:30 HK$9
From Narbonne 00:28 HK$10
From Lezignan Corbiere 00:17 HK$9
From Castelnaudary 00:18 HK$9
From Alet Les Bains 00:45 HK$9
From Couiza Montazels 00:53 HK$9
From Sete 01:09 HK$17
From Montauban 01:10 HK$16
From Bram 00:10 HK$9
From Nimes 01:53 HK$25
From Quillan 01:09 HK$10
From Esperaza 00:57 HK$9
From Perpignan 00:58 HK$15
From Agde 01:03 HK$18
From Les Aubrais Orleans 06:32 HK$64

Station / Airport guide

Carcassonne railway station is the only railway station for the town of Carcassonne in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. The railway station is located in the centre of Carcassonne, near the Promenade du Canal. The fortified part of the city is approximately 20 minutes’ walk away from the railway station.

The Carcassonne railway station is served by the high speed TGV trains and regional trains (TER). All services are provided by the French national railway company, the SNCF. TGV trains from main cities of France stops at Carcassonne. Thus is it very easy to visit this fortified town from Lyon, Marseille and Toulouse. From Toulouse, it takes just 40 minutes to reach Carcassonne. Regional trains from Bordeaux, Marseille and Nice also stop at Carcassonne.

The Carcassonne railway station is small, yet it has all the necessary facilities: SNCF rail agents to help you for any queries, Tourist office, facilities for disabled persons and ATM. You can obtain free tourist maps at the tourist office of Carcassonne.

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (TGV), Regional trains (TER).
SNCF rail agents, Tourist office, Facilities for disabled persons, Lost and found, ATM.

Transportation and connections

Local trains & subway :: There are no subway or metro stations in Carcassonne.
Buses: Public buses and shuttles (8 lines) to city centre.
Taxis : There is a taxi stand outside the railway station.
Airport: No international airport near Carcassonne.

Station location

Address: 1 bd Maréchal Joffre 11000 Carcassonne