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Halden Oslo 01:42 HK$340
Oslo Otta 03:31 HK$869
Oslo Voss 05:33 HK$1,019
Andalsnes Oslo 05:30 HK$986
Oslo Fredirikstad 01:07 HK$248
Bergen Oslo 06:29 HK$1,135
Dombas Oslo 04:02 HK$927
Lillehammer Oslo 01:33 HK$457
Oslo Gjovik 01:55 HK$318
Stavanger Oslo 07:46 HK$1,261
Sandefjord Oslo 01:43 HK$330
Kristiansand Oslo 04:29 HK$826
Oslo Myrdal 04:34 HK$929
Tonsberg Oslo 01:22 HK$272
Oslo Trondheim 06:14 HK$1,161
Drammen Oslo 00:32 HK$124

The national railway company of Norway is known as the Norwegian State Railways (NSB). Norway has over 4,000 km of railway network. Train tickets for trains operating in Norway can be booked in advance. Book train tickets to visit main cities of Norway by train. Norwegians cities including Narvik, Oslo and Bergen are all served by trains.


After exploring Oslo’s 17th-century Quadrangle district and medieval Akershus Castle, explore Norway by train. Head west to Bergen’s waterfront wooden houses, see Gothic cathedrals in north-western Trondheim and discover the old town and harbour in Stavanger, Norway’s south-western oil headquarters.


Take the train through Norway’s scenic countryside. Pass pretty pine forests aboard the comfortable Flåm Railway, sail around fjords or base-jump or paraglide off Norway’s dramatic cliffs. In the Arctic Nordkapp, experience the midnight summer sun and go skiing in Trysil.

Take Home

Bring back a lusekofte knitted jumper or a snowflake-print hat, indulge in luxury plates from Porsgrund Porcelain, suppliers of china to the Norwegian royals, or a glass bowl from Hadeland. Cheese connoisseurs will love Norway’s specialty cheese gammelost.

Eat & Drink

Dine on Norwegian game like elk or reindeer and use Norway’s train network to explore its gastronomy. Try dried cod, tørrfisk in the north, smoked lamb’s head (smalahove) in the west and get adventurous with raksfisk (fermented trout).

New Perspective

Challenge your vertigo at the Aurland Lookout, a wooden pier hanging off Aurlandsfjord’s high cliffs. Seemingly death-defying, this architectural illusion features protective glass between you and the drop below.


Rail Pass benefits in Norway

With your rail pass, you can travel on board direct trains between Oslo and Gøteborg (Sweden) and between Oslo and Stockholm (Sweden).

Private Rail Road
30% discount from Myrdal to Flam on the Flamsbana private railroad.

10% reduction from June 20 to August 17 (high season) and 20% discount during lower season on the Fjord Line.

  • Hirtshals-Kristiansand
  • Hirtshals-Langesund(20% discount all year round)
  • Hirtshals-Stavanger-Bergen


  • 50% discount to travel on the bus from Andalsnes to Molde (operated by Veoy Buss AS)
  • 50% discount to travel on the bus from Andalsnes to Alesund (operated by Nettbus More AS)

Free entrance to Railway museum in Hamar

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