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Overview Wherever you go in Greece you’ll find ancient relics, incense-filled Orthodox churches, shaded olive groves and bustling tavernas.
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The national railway company of Greece is known as the Hellenic Railways Organisation (OSE). Greece has about 2,000 km of railway network. Train tickets for trains operating in Greece can be booked in advance. International trains connect Greece with neighbouring countries such as Turkey and Bulgaria. Book train tickets to visit main cities of Greece by train. Greek cities including Athens, Larissa and Katerina are all served by trains.


Big cities and small towns are well connected by train in Greece, all the tourist destinations are within easy reach. Start off at the bohemian city of Thessaloniki and take the 6-hour Intercity night train south to Athens. Here you can visit the Acropolis, the Parthenon, Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon.


The Greek landscape is defined by beautiful ancient ruins and stretching coastline, no part of Greece is more than forty miles from the sea. Traveling through the country by train is a feast for the eyes, you’ll see some excellent views and beautiful rolling scenery.

Take Home

The rugs, gold jewellery and flea market antiques from Athens are truly unique. Or try Mykonos and Crete for the best traditional ‘tacky’ holiday souvenirs. Copper and brassware sold near the old city wall in Ioaninna provide an excellent keepsake from your holiday.

Eat & Drink

Greek food is rich in the flavours of the Mediterranean. Specialities of Greece include olives, lemons, nuts, tomatoes, and grapes. Lamb is common, as is all seafood, and legumes. Yogurt and cheese also feature heavily. As for drink Ouzo is the most popular aperitif but beware, it’s well-known for it’s effects the next day!

New Perspective

Take the OSE train across Greece to the modern city port of Volos for the beautiful waterfront and wide range of shops.


Rail Pass benefits in Greece

Attractions & Tours
Athens Railway Museum
Offer: Discover the history of train travel in Greece by visiting the Athens Railway Museum. Pass holders gain free admission.
Info: Athens Railway Museum is open from Tuesday to Friday 09:00 - 13:00, and is located at 4, Siokou Street, Athens.

Attica Group Greek Islands (Blue Star Ferries)
Offer: See more of the Greek Islands and enjoy 30% discount on economy class of the following domestic routes operated by Blue Star Ferries:

  • Piraeus - N.E. Aegean islands
  • Piraeus - Cyclades
  • Piraeus - Dodecanese Info: To make a reservation contact +30 210 891 9800 or More information is available at Please note: Discount only applies if you have already made a crossing or if you have booked your trip in the Adriatic Sea (Greece-Italy) with Superfast Ferries or ANEK LINES. Holders of a Greek Islands Pass are entitled to four free trips, and a 30% discount on any additional trip, on economy class. Attica Group Crete routes (Blue Star Ferries in cooperation with ANEK LINES) Offer: Discover Crete and benefit from a 30% discount on economy class of the following routes operated by Blue Star Ferries & ANEK LINES:
  • Piraeus - Chania
  • Piraeus - Heraklion Info: To make a reservation contact +30 210 891 9800 or +30 210 891 9700. Alternatively, you can e-mail or Attica Group Greece-Italy (Superfast Ferries in cooperation with ANEK LINES) Offer: With your valid Pass, you can sail the Mediterranean Sea between Italy and Greece for free on the following routes operated by Superfast Ferries and ANEK LINES:
  • Bari-Corfu (sailings during summer period only)
  • Bari-Igoumenitsa
  • Bari-Patras
  • Ancona-Corfu (sailings during summer period only)
  • Ancona-Igoumenitsa
  • Ancona-Patras
  • Venice-Igoumenitsa
  • Venice-Patras Info: Offer includes free air seats for 1st class Pass holders and free deck passage for all other Pass holders. If you have a Greek Islands Pass you can enjoy two free trips in a 4-bed shared cabin (for 1st Class pass holders) and in dormitories or air seats (for 2nd Class pass holders). With a One Country Pass for Greece or Italy only, you can get a 30% discount. Check-in time is two hours in advance. Book online at Go to “Partnerships” and then “Sail & Rail”. Find out more at or contact +30 210 891 9700, or Please note: These international routes are jointly operated by Superfast Ferries and ANEK LINES. Seasonal surcharges do apply: June and September €10 per person, per way; July and August €20 per person, per way. Port taxes of €7 per person, per way and a fuel surcharge do also apply. Above surcharges do not apply to holders of a Greek Islands Pass. Contact/Embarkation Information in Greece: Terminal Station PATRAS
  • South Port, Akti Dymeon
  • Tel: +30 2610 622 500 or +30 2610 634 000; E-mail: OR
  • Info: A shuttle bus service between the New and the Old port (TRAINOSE railway station) is available (appr. €1). Passenger‘s check-in at the New port (Akti Dymeon) Terminal Station IGOUMENITSA
  • New Port Egnatia
  • Tel: +30 26650 28150; E-mail: Terminal Station CORFU
  • 22 Ethnikis Antistaseos str. New Port
  • Tel: +30 26610 81222; E-mail: Contact/Embarkation Information in Italy: Terminal Station BARI
  • Stazione Marittima Porto, 6, Corso Antonio de Tulio
  • Tel: +39 0805282828; E-mail: Terminal Station ANCONA
  • Via Luigi Einaudi, Zona Mandracchio
  • Tel: +39 071 202 033-4; E-mail: Terminal Station VENICE
  • Via Dell’Ellettronica, Fusina
  • Tel: +39 041 528 6522; E-mail:

Grimaldi Lines
Offer: Enjoy a 20% discount on full or special fares for ship passage, and 10% on accommodation supplements for Pullman seats, berth or cabins on Grimaldi Lines ferries taking you between Italy and Spain. Discount applies on the following route:

  • Brindisi-Igoumenitsa / Patras Info: Online booking can be made via Choosing the agreement EURAIL PASS in the related list and entering the pass cover code in the “code/number” box. You can find your pass cover code in your Travel Diary. Bookings can also be made by calling a Grimaldi Lines contact centre at +39 081 496 444 (Italy) or +34 902 531 333 (Spain), by sending an e-mail to or, including a copy of your Pass. Alternatively, you can make a booking at the Grimaldi Tours point of sales in the following locations:
  • Napoli, Via Marchese Campodisola 13
  • Roma, Via Boncompagni 43
  • Palermo, Via Emerico Amari 8
  • Or at the Grimaldi Lines Port Offices in Civitavecchia, Livorno or Barcelona. Always provide the ticket number which is printed on the Pass Cover (just above the “Control area”). Please visit: for fares, conditions of use, timetables and more information. Please note: Port taxes, fixed dues, fuel surcharge and costs for on-board services and meals are excluded from this offer. Discounts are valid upon presentation of the Pass.

Minoan Lines Domestic
Offer: See more of Greece with a 30% discount on the following routes run by Minoan Lines Domestic ferries:

  • Heraklion-Piraeus Info: Find out more at To make a reservation please contact +30 210 4145700 or by e-mail Please note: Discount applies only if the pass is valid in Italy or Greece. Check-in time is 2 hours in advance. Fuel surcharge may apply.

Grimaldi Minoan Lines International
Offer: Sailing between Greece and Italy, Minoan Lines International offers 1st class Global Pass holders free air-type seats on crossings, and free deck passage to 2nd class Pass holders only if the pass is valid in both Italy and Greece. Pass holders can receive a 30% discount only if the pass is only valid in either Italy or Greece. The journey takes the following route:

  • Patras/Igoumenitsa-Ancona/Venice Info: For further information please visit To make a reservation please contact: Italy: +39 071 201708 (Ancona), +39 0415470411 (Venice), email: Greece: +30 2810 399899 (Heraklion), +30 210 4145700 (Piraeus), email: Please note: Port taxes (€ 7), seasonal surcharge (September-June: € 10, July-August: € 20) and fuel surcharge are excluded from this offer. Discounts valid upon presentation of the Pass. Check-in time 2 hours.

Novus City Hotel
Offer: Enjoy a 20% discount on your stay at Novus City Hotel in Athens. Novus City Hotel is a 4-star hotel superbly located in the cultural heart of Athens.
Info: Find out more at
Please Note: Pass holders should notify his / her interest of using this offer by sending an e-mail to Please show the pass when check in.

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