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Vienna, the capital of Austria

About Austria

Getting there You can get to Vienna from Frankfurt, Berlin and Muenchen. Best price and travel duration below.

From Roma 13:29 HK$1,390
From Venezia 07:03 HK$390
From Firenze 10:24 HK$590
From Frankfurt 06:46 HK$290
From Berlin 09:38 HK$290
From Muenchen 03:56 HK$290
From Zuerich 07:50 HK$790
From Praha 04:24 HK$660
From Budapest 02:32 HK$290
From Salzburg 02:22 HK$390
From Koeln 09:15 HK$1,930
From Innsbruck 04:08 HK$734
From Hamburg 12:10 HK$1,090
From Zagreb 06:32 HK$846
From Krakow 08:09 HK$976
From Dresden 07:18 HK$290
From Warszawa 07:02 HK$1,033
From Nuernberg 04:38 HK$1,100
From Ljubljana 05:57 HK$840
From Bratislava 01:05 HK$178
From Padova 07:52 HK$690
From Hannover 07:42 HK$1,090
From Graz 02:32 HK$484
From Karlsruhe 09:10 HK$520
From Linz 01:15 HK$370
From Buchs 06:31 HK$590
From Koblenz 13:40 HK$290
From Feldkirch 06:14 HK$778
From Bucuresti 20:14 HK$930
From Bludenz 06:01 HK$590
From Dornbirn 06:34 HK$868
From Wuerzburg 05:33 HK$1,290
From Fulda 07:26 HK$220
From Sargans 06:53 HK$924
From Bregenz 06:43 HK$590
From Goettingen 07:05 HK$1,090
From Udine 09:23 HK$590
From Zell Am See 04:54 HK$714
From Brno 02:02 HK$304
From Gyoer 01:42 HK$180
From Voecklabruck 02:10 HK$552
From Passau 02:30 HK$620
From Klagenfurt 03:38 HK$566
From Plattling 03:08 HK$690
From Bruck An Der Mur 01:41 HK$412
From Attnang Puchheim 01:40 HK$436
From Amstetten 01:00 HK$272
From Melk 00:54 HK$196
From Breclav 01:01 HK$200
From St Valentin 01:17 HK$344
From Wels 01:34 HK$400
From Maribor 03:38 HK$590
From Kufstein 03:39 HK$692
From Landeck 05:01 HK$752
From St Poelten 00:25 HK$140
From Saalfelden 05:04 HK$720
From Zidani Most 05:07 HK$500
From Spittal Millstaetter 05:24 HK$658
From Schwarzach 04:14 HK$596
From St Johann Im Pongau 04:08 HK$680
From Woergl 03:49 HK$774
From Regensburg 03:41 HK$910
From Poertschach 03:58 HK$670
From Villach 04:01 HK$596
From Jenbach 04:04 HK$784
From St Anton Am Arlberg 05:25 HK$766

Getting around From Vienna, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To St Poelten 01:10 HK$140
To Bratislava 01:18 HK$178
To Breclav 01:29 HK$200
To Gyoer 01:33 HK$180
To Linz 01:42 HK$370
To Bruck An Der Mur 01:53 HK$412
To Melk 01:54 HK$196
To Amstetten 01:56 HK$272
To Wels 02:06 HK$400
To Brno 02:21 HK$304
To Graz 02:30 HK$484
To St Valentin 02:47 HK$344
To Attnang Puchheim 02:55 HK$140
To Plattling 03:03 HK$780
To Passau 03:12 HK$530
To Budapest 03:23 HK$290
To Salzburg 03:28 HK$490
To Regensburg 03:36 HK$820
To Ostrava 03:38 HK$268
To Bad Gastein 04:11 HK$774
To Bischofshofen 04:22 HK$582
To Kufstein 04:24 HK$692
To St Johann Im Pongau 04:33 HK$590
To Schwarzach 04:39 HK$596
To Zell Am See 05:11 HK$502
To Maribor 05:19 HK$500
To Saalfelden 05:28 HK$630
To Jenbach 05:31 HK$694
To Wuerzburg 05:34 HK$1,200
To Kitzbuehel 05:43 HK$678
To Voecklabruck 05:47 HK$462
To Villach 05:47 HK$596
To Landeck 06:05 HK$752
To Poertschach 06:07 HK$580
To Bad Hofgastein 06:10 HK$752
To Woergl 06:11 HK$684
To Muenchen 06:12 HK$290
To Praha 06:26 HK$290
To Hanau 06:26 HK$1,200
To St Anton Am Arlberg 06:29 HK$766
To Buchs 06:36 HK$782
To Innsbruck 06:40 HK$734
To Gyekenyes 06:46 HK$438
To Sargans 06:53 HK$924
To Feldkirch 07:24 HK$778
To Klagenfurt 07:43 HK$566
To Dornbirn 07:46 HK$78
To Fulda 07:56 HK$220
To Nuernberg 07:59 HK$940
To Ljubljana 07:59 HK$750
To Bludenz 08:28 HK$590
To Cesky Krumlov 09:00 HK$1,148
To Dresden 09:06 HK$290
To Zuerich 09:20 HK$590
To Bregenz 09:27 HK$100
To Zidani Most 09:27 HK$1,064
To Karlsruhe 09:28 HK$520
To Koblenz 09:41 HK$1,200
To Krakow 09:53 HK$1,481
To Frankfurt 10:02 HK$990
To Dobova 10:06 HK$596
To Strasbourg 10:13 HK$844
To Padova 10:17 HK$690
To Goettingen 10:31 HK$1,090
To Ceske Budejovice 10:49 HK$618
To Bologna 10:52 HK$890
To Zagreb 10:53 HK$846
To Verona 11:15 HK$890
To Venezia 11:29 HK$490
To Firenze 11:42 HK$890
To Koeln 11:43 HK$1,294
To Udine 12:05 HK$1,110
To Duesseldorf 12:10 HK$1,404
To Hamburg 12:57 HK$1,690
To Beograd 13:24 HK$982
To Hannover 13:25 HK$1,090
To Milano 14:00 HK$890
To Split 14:51 HK$1,226
To Amsterdam 14:56 HK$1,204
To Berlin 16:21 HK$290
To Roma 18:24 HK$990
To Bucuresti 19:28 HK$930

While you're there

Vienna is the capital city of Austria and home to approximately 1,6 million inhabitants. Vienna is the seat of many multinationals and is becoming more and more important as a centre for trade between Western and Eastern Europe. Vienna is also a city of green parks, calm, dreamy alleys, art and music. This city is rightly deemed a city worth living in, being a cosmopolitan city of culture and gastronomy.

There are numerous things to be done and to visit once in Vienna. Don’t miss the following landmarks: Saint Stephan’s cathedral, Austria’s most important building in Gothic Style; Burgtheater, the flagship of the 50 Viennese theatres and the oldest and one of the most influential theatres in the dramatic arts of the German speaking countries; the City Hall, the most important building in neo-Gothic style in the city; and the Imperial Palace, residence of the Habsburg emperors until 1918 and today its chapel is where the Vienna Boys’ Choir sings mass on Sundays and religious holidays.

When in Vienna it is a must to visit a typical Viennese coffeehouse. Relax and try a Melange (coffee with frothy milk) with a sweet flaky pastry with apples.

Some of the most popular streets for shopping are: Kärntner Straße, the most famous shopping street in Vienna. This street has the most expensive and exclusive shops in Vienna; Mariahilfer Straße, the longest shopping street in Vienna with small boutiques and big department stores, many snack-bars, cafés, old Viennese coffeehouses and restaurants.

Vienna Tourist Office
Albertinaplatz, Ecke Maysedergasse 1010 Vienna
Tel: +43 1 24555

The city’s tourist office has a helpful personnel, insider information and tips as well as handy maps and brochures. The city’s tourist office also arranges tours and excursions and is a focal point for local accommodation.

Train Station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Vienna can be found.

Vienna railway station(s)

Wien Westbahnhof Train Station

Wien Westbahnhof Train Station

Address: Westbahnhof 140/1 1150 Wien

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 12am to 11:59pm
Saturday and Sunday: 12am to 11:59pm

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (ICE, Railjet, and OBB), CityNightLine
Tourist Information Point, Assistance for disabled persons and junior travellers, Lost and found, Toilets, Luggage storage, Currency exchange, Wi-Fi Internet, ATM and Phone cabins.

Learn more

Wien Praterstern

Address: U-Bahn Station Praterstern 3990/2 1020 Wien

Wien Meidling

Address: Eichenstraße 27 1120 Wien

Wien Huetteldorf

Address: Hadikgasse 312 1130 Wien

Wien Franz Josefs

Address: Julius-Tandler-Platz 3 1090 Wien

Wien Suedbahnhof

Address: Wiedner Gürtel 1-1A 1100 Wien


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  • "Night Train to Zurich "    
    It was a very good experience travelling by the night train from the Vienna to Zurich. The night train started at very late hours around 11.45 pm and we have to wait for it in the train station for a few hours as it was pretty cold at winter now. The train looked a bit old and the the 2 pax sleepers rooms we booked was small. We have 2 big luggages and that already take up most of the space beside the bed and hardly can find any other space. Luckily my husband and I were not fat, we are able to fit into the 2 small beds, 1 in the upper and the other in the lower decker. There is a small basin in the room and it looked old too. By the next morning when we reach Zurich, the scenery outside the train refreshed us a lot. A light breadfast was served to us from the train crew and his look was serious and never smile. I think if the train crew could be a little bit friendly and that could make us feel happier a little. Overall, the night train is not as comfortable as the trains we travelled in the day time.  
  • "Great way to travel in Europe"    
    Comfortable seats, clean toilet and a great way to travel in Europe. Scenic view along the way, which made travelling enjoyable. Information is displayed at strategic spots so you can track your journey. Announcement is made at each station so you wont miss your destination.  
  • "First time rail travellers"    
    A wonderful way to travel! You see the countryside in a comfy seat and leave the worries behind. Would recommend to anyone travelling.  
  • "Comfortable, uneventful"    
    Very comfortable trip from Vienna to Salzburg. Cleaning was modern, clean and comfortable.  
  • "Excellent trip"    
    I love Railjet because of low prices and comfort  
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    Hi the train journey was very good. the two hours flew and it was very comfortable  
  • "Night train travel"    
    We travelled on EN236 from Venice to Vienna. The accommodation was comfortable for sitting posture. But one can hardly sleep by sliding the chair if the compartment has all the six occupants present. In the peak tourist season I would advise a sleeper accommodation. The train operated on time.  
  • "will recommend to others but.."    
    The entire trip was great. Staffs were friendly  
  • "Comfortable "    
    The train journey was really very comfortable.  
  • "Blissful train ride to Budapes"    
    A convenient and comfortable train ride with exclusive treatment when taking the first class coach. Food served was good and the ride was smooth. Only missing element was the wifi connectivity which was not working  
  • "Convenient way of traveling"    
    We enjoyed traveling by rail from Vienna to Budapest. The trains are always on time, no queues and security checks at the airport. Lovely scenery too.  
  • "trip"    
    i total recomend to go by train!!  
  • "safe and sleep"    
    sleep well  
  • "Great Experience in Sleeper"    
    The service was great and travelling overnight was very efficient and the travel time passed very quickly.  
  • "cheaper than normal price"    
    it is cheaper than normal price, but seat space so crowd.  
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