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About Italy

Getting there You can get to Verona from Milano, Muenchen and Wien. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 11:53 HK$800
From Roma 02:50 HK$420
From Venezia 00:53 HK$230
From Milano 01:14 HK$220
From Muenchen 04:52 HK$290
From Wien 11:15 HK$890
From Geneve 05:45 HK$930
From Innsbruck 03:12 HK$290
From Dijon 09:11 HK$800
From Bologna 00:50 HK$230
From Torino 03:17 HK$430
From Padova 00:42 HK$180
From Brig 03:43 HK$420
From Montreux 04:51 HK$420
From Rosenheim 04:20 HK$290
From Kufstein 03:58 HK$290
From Woergl 03:48 HK$290
From Trieste 02:27 HK$380
From Rovereto 00:44 HK$90
From Brescia 00:34 HK$170
From Vicenza 00:25 HK$160
From Desenzano G Sirmi 00:20 HK$130
From Trento 01:00 HK$120
From Treviso 01:18 HK$230
From Peschiera Del Garda 00:14 HK$100
From Monfalcone 02:27 HK$350
From Bolzano 01:40 HK$170
From Ora/auer 01:32 HK$170
From Udine 02:35 HK$330

Getting around From Verona, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Peschiera Del Garda 00:14 HK$100
To Desenzano G Sirmi 00:23 HK$130
To Vicenza 00:25 HK$160
To Brescia 00:40 HK$170
To Padova 00:43 HK$180
To Bologna 00:50 HK$230
To Rovereto 01:03 HK$90
To Venezia 01:11 HK$230
To Trento 01:20 HK$120
To Treviso 01:29 HK$230
To Milano 01:33 HK$220
To Ora/auer 01:52 HK$170
To Bolzano 02:13 HK$170
To Udine 02:36 HK$330
To Monfalcone 02:44 HK$350
To Trieste 03:09 HK$380
To Torino 03:18 HK$430
To Innsbruck 03:30 HK$290
To Brig 03:44 HK$420
To Woergl 04:15 HK$290
To Lugano 04:19 HK$445
To Rosenheim 04:49 HK$290
To Montreux 05:22 HK$420
To Geneve 06:16 HK$420
To Roma 06:24 HK$420
To Lausanne 06:40 HK$420
To Dijon 09:45 HK$800
To Muenchen 10:11 HK$390
To Paris 12:40 HK$785
To Wien 12:56 HK$680

While you're there

Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet.

Located in Northern Italy, Verona will amaze you thanks to its glorious past, its heritage and its beautiful tiny cobbled streets that will lead you in the historic centre. No worries, you will find there everything you are looking for.

Verona is UNESCO listed and it is not difficult to understand why. It is now a 265.000 inhabitants city, and the first settlement probably dates back to the 1st century BC.

From this roman times, you can still explore the arenas or wander around the Delle Erbe square that used to be the roman forum. To learn more about this period, head the Natural History Museum which houses one of the most important collection in Europe.

Do not miss either Juliet’s house with its world-famous balcony. You also should visit the romanesque Santa Maria Matricolore cathedral (nicknamed the Duomo), the amazing San Zeno basilica, or the gothic San Anastasia basilica.

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Customer reviews

  • "travelling Italy Austria "    
    Trains are very comfortable no question about it. But there are very few direct trains from the starting point like Roma Termini or any other station. We traveled to Aosta valley with 3 to 4 changes.For people like us who are touching 60 yrs is bit difficult to change so many stations with luggage . But running time and the comforts are excellent. We will definitely travel again in Europe by Rail Europe. Regards, Joydeep Ghosal/ Devjani Ghosal  
  • "Almost Good"    
    Nice view while having transporation through Austria  
  • "Munich to Verona "    
    Easy and relaxing. First class all the way! Worth the small amount extra money.  
  • "excellent"    
    This was a good train, canteen services were great and chairs there were most comfortable, we really enjoyed this leg  
  • "Worry re:strike"    
    Worried as German train strikes were on. Called the Singapore office and they checked for me, assured me and advised what to do in the event the train was really on strike. Train ride itself was good - punctual, train was clean.  
  • "Great scenery"    
    This train trip provides a great opportunity to view the picturesque countryside of Northern Italy and Austria. Although we had a Eurail pass, reserving seats was still quite expensive. We were lucky to get a four-person compartment, which had space between the seats/ Others in our family were in 6-person compartment, which as a little less spacious. It would be worth checking at booking time to know what you are going to get. However, the trip was comfortable, relatively quick, and stress-free.  
  • "Easy all the way around"    
    We spent some days in Venice and departed out of Verona - day spent in Verona was perfect. Train station had luggage storage and Hop on Hop Off bus stop.  
  • "Day trip to Verona"    
    Like Train was clean. Train depart on time. Dislike Pre-booking (via internet) of seat for 3 year old child is not allowed. Internet connection on train does not work for travellers that do not have a valid local authentication information.  
  • "Love taking train in Italy"    
    Love to take train from Venice to Verona. The seats are nice and comfortable, appreciate if there is more space for the big luggage  
  • "First Class"    
    First Class seating is very comfy, and there is free espresso and snack, newspaper. Satisfied! If free WIFI is available that's better  
  • "travel to Italy"    
    This is a brilliant trip and a wonderful way to arrive in Italy. beautiful scenery and we were lucky in that there had been snow a few days before we departed.  
  • "trip to Verona"    
    This was a very comfortable fast way to get to Innsbruck. The station at Innsbruck is smallish and well signed.  
  • "Trip to Venice from Verona"    
    all good, but it was a day of a strike and the train was 20 min late. Was nervous because of that ) all other very good  
  • "Great Train but arrived late"    
    The train trip was wonderful and very comfortable however: We could not find any baby changing facilities on the train The train arrived 15 minutes later which caused us to miss our connecting train  
  • "Relaxing Journey. Great Views."    
    This was the connecting train to Innsbruck from Verona after having left Venice. The train was on time and the carriage clean and tidy. The seats easily identifiable and relatively comfortable. Luggage space is at a premium though but we were fortunate enough to get both cases between the seats as we were one of the first ones on the train. Others had to pile them in a open space near the door which restricted the passageway. The on board services were good and we have nothing to really grumble about. It arrived on time too! In all a relaxing journey with some great views.  
  • 0 15 30