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Getting there You can get to Verona from Milan, Munich and Vienna. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 11:53 HK$730
From Rome 02:50 HK$383
From Venice 00:53 HK$210
From Milan 01:14 HK$201
From Munich 04:52 HK$264
From Vienna 11:15 HK$812
From Geneva 05:45 HK$848
From Innsbruck 03:12 HK$264
From Dijon 09:11 HK$730
From Bologna 00:50 HK$210
From Turin 03:17 HK$392
From Padua 00:42 HK$164
From Brig 03:43 HK$383
From Montreux 04:51 HK$383
From Rosenheim 04:20 HK$264
From Kufstein 03:58 HK$264
From Worgl 03:48 HK$264
From Trieste 02:27 HK$347
From Rovereto 00:44 HK$82
From Brescia 00:34 HK$155
From Vicenza 00:25 HK$146
From Desenzano G Sirmi 00:20 HK$119
From Trento 01:00 HK$109
From Treviso 01:18 HK$210
From Peschiera Del Garda 00:14 HK$91
From Monfalcone 02:27 HK$319
From Bolzano 01:40 HK$155
From Ora/auer 01:32 HK$155
From Udine 02:35 HK$301

Getting around From Verona, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Peschiera Del Garda 00:14 HK$91
To Desenzano G Sirmi 00:23 HK$119
To Vicenza 00:25 HK$146
To Brescia 00:40 HK$155
To Padua 00:43 HK$164
To Bologna 00:50 HK$210
To Rovereto 01:03 HK$82
To Venice 01:11 HK$210
To Trento 01:20 HK$109
To Treviso 01:29 HK$210
To Milan 01:33 HK$201
To Ora/auer 01:52 HK$155
To Bolzano 02:13 HK$155
To Udine 02:36 HK$301
To Monfalcone 02:44 HK$319
To Trieste 03:09 HK$347
To Turin 03:18 HK$392
To Innsbruck 03:30 HK$264
To Brig 03:44 HK$383
To Worgl 04:15 HK$264
To Lugano 04:19 HK$401
To Rosenheim 04:49 HK$264
To Montreux 05:22 HK$383
To Geneva 06:16 HK$383
To Rome 06:24 HK$383
To Lausanne 06:40 HK$383
To Dijon 09:45 HK$730
To Munich 10:11 HK$356
To Paris 12:40 HK$711
To Vienna 12:56 HK$620

Verona city guide

Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet.

Located in Northern Italy, Verona will amaze you thanks to its glorious past, its heritage and its beautiful tiny cobbled streets that will lead you in the historic centre. No worries, you will find there everything you are looking for.

Verona is UNESCO listed and it is not difficult to understand why. It is now a 265.000 inhabitants city, and the first settlement probably dates back to the 1st century BC.

From this roman times, you can still explore the arenas or wander around the Delle Erbe square that used to be the roman forum. To learn more about this period, head the Natural History Museum which houses one of the most important collection in Europe.

Do not miss either Juliet’s house with its world-famous balcony. You also should visit the romanesque Santa Maria Matricolore cathedral (nicknamed the Duomo), the amazing San Zeno basilica, or the gothic San Anastasia basilica.

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Customer reviews

  • "Comfortable journey"    
    The train journey was as expected convenient, and comfortable and arrived on time for our connection to Verona Porto Nuov  
  • "Trip to Verona"    
    It was a good trip. I just feel Rail Europe needs to strive hard to give lower fares. Thanks, Vinayakan  
  • "Beautiful journey"    
    This was a very picturesque trip and we enjoyed it immensely. The only negative was the food service - or lack of it. We boarded the train at about 11am and when we went to the dining car just after noon to have some lunch, there was almost nothing left. There was a menu with 15 or 20 items on it, but only one or two items were actually available. It was so bad to be almost like a joke. Otherwise, everything about the trip was great.  
  • "Terrible Customer Service"    
    While the ride itself was fine and comfortable, the experience of buying and obtaining the tickets was as bad as they come. The agent refused to allow me to download the tickets and print them or to print them at the station. As I was traveling, I was hesitant to have the tickets mailed. They made this the only option. Thankfully, the tickets showed up, but not until the very last day before my trip. The process needs work.  
  • "Excellent journey"    
    Our trip from Verona to Venezia was very comfortable. Beautiful to sit back and relax in the comfortable seats and just do the sightseeing.  
  • "Smooth journey"    
    Our journey from Milan to Verona was an excellent. Very comfortable journey with problems.  
  • "Munich here we come"    
    Fantastic veiws during the first part of the trip. Comfortable seats. Would use again  
  • "Terrible delay and confusion"    
    The original train we booked was delayed for one and a half hours, missed original connection.  
  • "Very nice service"    
    As per usual, the DB trains were timely, comfortable, and very convenient, and I had no trouble taking this very scenic train ride.  
  • "Very reliable Service"    
    The train service was very good, and the staff at the stations were very helpful given I did not speak Italian/German. But there are not any baggage carts/trolleys at Italian Trains stations, luckily the train transfer was just on the other side of the platform. There were carts at the Austriin stations