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Getting there You can get to Toulouse from Marseille, Bordeaux and Montpellier. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 05:25 HK$380
From Nice 06:43 HK$200
From Lyon 04:02 HK$300
From Marseille 03:42 HK$200
From Bordeaux 02:01 HK$150
From Montpellier 02:09 HK$150
From La Rochelle 04:43 HK$310
From Agde 02:05 HK$300
From L'hospitalet Pres 02:26 HK$155
From Capdenac 02:06 HK$257
From Brive La Gaillarde 02:12 HK$150
From Lourdes 02:20 HK$287
From Figeac 02:14 HK$257
From Sete 01:54 HK$200
From Tournay 01:45 HK$235
From Perpignan 01:43 HK$210
From Aiguillon L E Gasonn 01:42 HK$247
From Souillac 01:46 HK$185
From Tonneins 01:50 HK$266
From Luchon 02:39 HK$233
From Ax Les Thermes 01:54 HK$150
From Tarbes 01:59 HK$263
From Collioure 02:55 HK$235
From Vierzon 05:09 HK$520
From Toulon 04:52 HK$360
From Chateauroux 04:26 HK$380
From Clermont Ferrand 05:50 HK$527
From Cannes 06:11 HK$360
From Nantes 06:43 HK$200
From Antibes 06:23 HK$610
From Saintes 03:52 HK$390
From Valence 03:28 HK$310
From Mazamet 01:36 HK$176
From Pau 02:53 HK$324
From Orthez 02:49 HK$380
From Latour De Carol 02:56 HK$175
From Arles 03:10 HK$300
From Limoges 03:17 HK$150
From Cerbere 03:16 HK$245
From Nimes 02:40 HK$150
From Marmande 01:33 HK$190
From Boussens 00:48 HK$121
From Pamiers 00:46 HK$120
From Caussade T Et G 00:45 HK$126
From Carcassonne 00:42 HK$115
From Bram 00:48 HK$128
From Lisle Jourdain 00:48 HK$90
From Albi 00:53 HK$134
From Moissac 00:51 HK$139
From Cazeres Sur Garon 00:49 HK$108
From Lavaur 00:38 HK$92
From Gaillac 00:36 HK$102
From Portet St Simon 00:15 HK$90
From St Cyprien Arenes 00:13 HK$90
From St Jory 00:10 HK$90
From Villefranche De Lau 00:22 HK$90
From Montauban 00:25 HK$91
From Saverdun 00:35 HK$97
From Lisle Sur Tarn 00:29 HK$91
From Castelnaudary 00:28 HK$103
From St Agne 00:04 HK$90
From Cordes Vindrac 00:56 HK$136
From Montrejeau 01:15 HK$175
From Laguepie 01:14 HK$169
From Narbonne 01:13 HK$165
From Tarascon Sur Arie 01:19 HK$150
From Najac 01:24 HK$179
From Gourdon 01:30 HK$170
From Beziers 01:28 HK$190
From Auch 01:28 HK$152
From Lannemezan 01:12 HK$203
From Lezignan Corbiere 01:10 HK$150
From Foix 01:03 HK$145
From Cahors 01:02 HK$150
From Valence Dagen 01:01 HK$166
From Gimont Cahuzac 01:04 HK$117
From St Gaudens 00:56 HK$156
From Carmaux 01:10 HK$158
From Varilhes 01:06 HK$136
From Lexos 01:06 HK$156
From Agen 01:00 HK$145
From Les Aubrais Orleans 05:27 HK$410

Getting around From Toulouse, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To St Agne 00:06 HK$90
To St Cyprien Arenes 00:14 HK$90
To Portet St Simon 00:17 HK$90
To Villenouvelle 00:34 HK$90
To Villefranche De Lau 00:39 HK$90
To Montauban 00:43 HK$91
To Saverdun 00:48 HK$97
To Castelnaudary 00:55 HK$106
To Cordes Vindrac 01:03 HK$136
To Pamiers 01:04 HK$120
To Bram 01:08 HK$128
To Boussens 01:14 HK$121
To Lexos 01:15 HK$156
To Carcassonne 01:22 HK$115
To Laguepie 01:25 HK$169
To Albi 01:26 HK$134
To St Gaudens 01:33 HK$156
To Najac 01:35 HK$179
To Carmaux 01:39 HK$158
To Montrejeau 01:44 HK$175
To Narbonne 01:50 HK$165
To Beziers 01:52 HK$190
To Capdenac 02:18 HK$250
To Figeac 02:26 HK$257
To Lisle Jourdain 02:50 HK$90
To Luchon 02:58 HK$233
To Lisle Sur Tarn 03:01 HK$91
To Lavaur 03:10 HK$92
To Varilhes 03:10 HK$132
To Gaillac 03:10 HK$102
To Foix 03:19 HK$145
To Agde 03:24 HK$215
To Moissac 03:28 HK$127
To Lezignan Corbiere 03:34 HK$157
To Cahors 03:34 HK$150
To Gimont Cahuzac 03:35 HK$117
To Tarascon Sur Arie 03:35 HK$172
To Gourdon 03:37 HK$195
To Valence Dagen 03:38 HK$144
To Nimes 03:44 HK$150
To Perpignan 03:45 HK$230
To Marmande 03:46 HK$190
To Lannemezan 03:55 HK$203
To Aiguillon L E Gasonn 03:58 HK$179
To Auch 03:59 HK$152
To Ax Les Thermes 04:02 HK$205
To Tonneins 04:06 HK$191
To Souillac 04:14 HK$215
To Agen 04:21 HK$145
To Tarbes 04:23 HK$250
To Brive La Gaillarde 04:24 HK$150
To Sete 04:26 HK$235
To L'hospitalet Pres 04:35 HK$231
To Lourdes 04:41 HK$232
To Valence 04:50 HK$200
To Bordeaux 05:00 HK$150
To Latour De Carol 05:07 HK$256
To Collioure 05:07 HK$287
To Pau 05:11 HK$264
To Cerbere 05:23 HK$286
To Orthez 05:29 HK$254
To Aix En Provence Tgv 05:49 HK$300
To St Jean De Luz Cibou 05:50 HK$200
To Irun 05:59 HK$350
To Arles 06:02 HK$234
To Avignon 06:05 HK$322
To Marseille 06:07 HK$200
To Saintes 06:08 HK$290
To Angouleme 06:16 HK$350
To Montpellier 06:23 HK$150
To Geneve 06:26 HK$540
To Bayonne 06:27 HK$425
To Lyon 06:29 HK$250
To Biarritz 06:38 HK$442
To Toulon 06:54 HK$200
To La Rochelle 07:01 HK$200
To Chateauroux 07:05 HK$380
To Macon 07:16 HK$632
To Les Arcs Draguignan 07:30 HK$560
To Poitiers 07:34 HK$420
To Limoges 07:40 HK$150
To Les Aubrais Orleans 07:43 HK$410
To St Raphael 07:46 HK$610
To Clermont Ferrand 07:47 HK$403
To Dijon 07:48 HK$450
To La Roche Sur Yon 08:01 HK$515
To Cannes 08:11 HK$200
To Aeroport C De Gaulle 08:13 HK$550
To Antibes 08:22 HK$500
To Paris 08:30 HK$150
To Nice 08:42 HK$200
To St Pierre Des Corps 08:49 HK$350
To Nantes 10:14 HK$200
To Lille 11:14 HK$650
To Bruxelles 11:49 HK$810

While you're there

Toulouse, the capital of Midi-Pyrénées region

Toulouse is a French city located in the South West of France in the Midi-Pyrénées region. The region is well known for its sunny climate and gastronomy. As for Toulouse, the capital of the Midi-Pyrénées region, is a city with an exceptional heritage. From its beautiful private mansions, churches, museums and landmarks, the pink city, as it is also known (Ville Rose in French) will charm you. Toulouse is France’s 4th biggest city and as such is home to over 400,000 inhabitants. The city which can be easily reached from Paris of Bordeaux is also a well-known university town and the European aeronautical capital. Did you know that Toulouse is the iconic capital of Rugby. Its flagship team is Stade Toulousain, which is one of the most successful clubs in Europe with eighteen league titles in France, three cups of France and four cups of Europe.

Wander in the streets of Toulouse and let the pink city reveal all its charm. You will soon discover the joyful and relaxed nature of the inhabitants of the city. Indeed Toulouse knows how to entertain its guests. Toulouse is a human scale sized city. You can have a relaxed stroll or take a bike to discover the Capitole, which is located a few minutes away by foot from the Toulouse Matabiau railway station. The Capitole houses the Town Hall and the Théâtre National du Capitole. You will discover its remarkable façade with its eight pink marble columns, its Cour Henri IV and the Salle des Illustres. The square just in front has a unique and relaxing atmosphere which invites you to relax. Have a long aperitifs with tapas on terraces facing the square! Visit the Cloître du Jacobin which is a chef d’œuvre of monastic architecture. You will be amazed by the Palmier des Jacobins, an incomparable palm-tree vault with 22 ribs supporting the roof of the polygonal choir. Don’t miss the Saint Sernin Basilica, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the old quarters of the city, and a stroll along the banks of the River Garonne and the Canal du Midi.

Take time to discover the wonderful cuisine from the south of France. Take time to savour the famous foie gras,duck breast, cassoulet, Toulouse sausage, wine (Fronton, Gaillac, Armagnac), cheese (Roquefort).

Go to the Place Saint George, where you will find all the great designer shops alongside those of younger designers.

Toulouse Tourist Office
Donjon du Capitole. 31080 Toulouse.
Tel: +33 (0)5 40 13 15 31

The city’s tourist office has a helpful personnel, insider information and tips as well as handy maps and brochures. The city’s tourist office also arranges tours and excursions and is a focal point for local accommodation.

Train Station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Toulouse can be found.

Toulouse railway station(s)

Toulouse Matabiau Train Station

Toulouse Matabiau Train Station

Address: 64, Boulevard Pierre Sémard BP 35203 31079 Toulouse cedex 5

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 4:45am to 12:45am
Saturday and Sunday: 4:45am to 12:45am
Public holidays: 4:45am to 12:45am

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (TGV, Corail), Regional trains (TER Midi-Pyrenees), Intercity trains
SNCF rail agents, Lost and found, Business lounge & Waiting rooms, Tourist Information Office, Toilets, Luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet, Currency exchange, ATM and Public Phone cabins.

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Customer reviews

  • "Quick and easy"    
    The first class seat was a little cramped as I could not stretch my legs out or I would touch the man sitting opposite. Otherwise, the train was clean, fast and efficient.  
  • "The Best Way To Travel"    
    We travelled the 2 hours from Bordeaux to Toulouse via TGV and we could not believe how easy and quick it was. It stopped 3 times but we barely noticed. We sat 1st class with reserved seats and it was perfect. Our cabin was quiet and we were able to rest, read, and enjoy the beautiful French country side.  
  • "Second Leg"    
    All on time, all good  
  • "Train by night"    
    Comfortable and safe journey from Paris to Toulouse. I can really recommend it!  
  • "Train by day"    
    Very comfortable seats.  
  • "Homeward bound"    
    We enjoyed travelling on the train and would recommended it as a great way to travel on holiday, it was very relaxing, the trains were comfortable and always on time.  
  • "Journey to lourdes"    
    The trip itself was comfortable. The staff member ( lady) who helped us at the Montparnasse ticket station attended to our needs with utmost detail and patience when we needed to change a schedule on the return trip and booking for a car rental. The trip was delYed but they totally made up for the delay and made sure we were able to catch the connecting train to Lourdes on time. The only problem was there were no signages on the tracks to guide the passengers. A lot of confusion took place transferring from 1 coach to the other bearing the same coach and seat no. Conductors helped but some were confused too.  
  • "Tight connection"    
    Good Morning, thank you for the opportunity to write about my journey. Overall my experience was very good but some things caused stress. This is my first time travelling in France and travelling to Gaillac. I do not speak French and did not understand that there were two trains leaving about the same time; initially I got onto the wrong train - silly me; many of the carriages were in darkness and passengers had to use their phones as torches, rail staff were not in evidence to help. Confused I got off the train and eventually found staff I could ask for directions. They were polite, helpful and directed me to the correct train. The train was very comfortable, the food good and my journey was most enjoyable. We were 4 minutes late arriving in Toulouse and the connection between train to Albi only about 15 minutes. Realising the problem, I was almost first off the train, I rushed to the station and to my surprise there were three young, information people on the platform. They instantly realised the problem and immediately directed me to my connection. The Albi train was packed full, initially I couldn't get on but eventually some passengers moved just enough for me to squeeze into a foyer. I arrived in Gaillac on schedule, my friend was waiting. Without the information help at Toulouse I could not have made the connection, it was too tight and my friend would have been very inconvenienced. Thank you, Ken Adams  
  • "Easy travel, but not too cheap"    
    The trains from Toulouse to Cahors is one of the only modesign of transportation available. Not exactly cheap, but fast and reliable. Seats are comfortable, plenty of room for luggage. If no ride shares really available, it is a good fallback option.  
  • "Another great TGV experience"    
    5 hours 29 minutes of relaxing pleasure. Very efficient, punctual, quality seating, food and beverages.  
  • "Great train trip. "    
    Excellent experience very friendly staff. Always a pleasure. Train was on time and clean.  
  • "Fabulous French Trains II"    
    I love train travel in France! It has been my experience that the trains are consistently convenient, comfortable and dependable! It's so nice to just relax, look out the window and enjoy the landscape. Thanks for a great trip! Bonnie Davis Dallas, Texas  
  • "Great and easy way to travel"    
    The train was quiet and comfortable (: Very easy to travel with RailEurope and if you book in advance you get great prices too!  
  • "Toulouse-Lourdes"    
    Very good experience: well organized, quick answer and clear explanations, excellent service. Thanks! Antonella  
  • "Low Information Terminal !!"    
    The train was clean and in good shape, the meal was good, staff was very friendly and helpful. The Paris Montparnasse station, though, lacks sufficient directions and signs for someone new to France and to the train station to find their way to the proper exit to get a cab to one's destination. We were burdened with luggage and completely lost with literally no one in sight and no signs leading to anywhere until someone on duty left his assigned area to show us where we needed to go, for which we were very grateful. Seeing the trains running regularly even in rural small towns made us aware of how advanced France is in supporting people everywhere compared to the US, where rural people are left to their own devices. Thanks!  
  • 0 15