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About Germany

Getting there You can get to Stuttgart from Berlin, Munich and Zurich. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 03:39 HK$359
From Amsterdam 07:12 HK$267
From Frankfurt 01:30 HK$193
From Berlin 05:04 HK$303
From Munich 02:12 HK$193
From Zurich 03:05 HK$552
From Salzburg 04:00 HK$809
From Cologne 02:08 HK$303
From Hamburg 05:11 HK$303
From Dusseldorf 02:28 HK$193
From Nuremberg 02:14 HK$193
From Heidelberg 00:40 HK$193
From Strasbourg 01:17 HK$248
From Freiburg 02:06 HK$368
From Hanover 03:48 HK$303
From Mannheim 00:37 HK$193
From Bonn 03:08 HK$303
From Karlsruhe 00:43 HK$193
From Friedrichshafen 02:07 HK$303
From Schaffhausen 02:25 HK$423
From Fulda 02:20 HK$193
From Dortmund 03:31 HK$303
From Wolfsburg 04:27 HK$193
From Bischofshofen 04:55 HK$929
From Villach 06:44 HK$1,140
From Hildesheim 03:43 HK$303
From Feldkirch 03:43 HK$653
From Duisburg 02:51 HK$303
From Rosenheim 02:56 HK$303
From Lindau 02:50 HK$303
From Augsburg 01:40 HK$193
From Tubingen 00:43 HK$138
From Eutingen Im Gau 00:45 HK$129
From Horb 00:47 HK$138
From Aalen 00:50 HK$165
From Heilbronn 00:35 HK$129
From Schwaebisch Gmuend 00:34 HK$129
From Vaihingen 00:16 HK$110
From Boeblingen 00:22 HK$74
From Goeppingen 00:25 HK$129
From Pforzheim 00:32 HK$129
From Ulm 00:55 HK$193
From Baden Baden 01:00 HK$193
From Tuttlingen 01:33 HK$193
From Hanau 01:38 HK$193
From Plochingen 00:14 HK$92
From Ansbach 01:46 HK$193
From Mainz 01:28 HK$193
From Offenburg 01:18 HK$257
From Darmstadt 01:13 HK$193
From Ellwangen 01:02 HK$193
From Rottweil 01:16 HK$193
From Crailsheim 01:17 HK$193
From Singen 01:56 HK$193
From Reutlingen Hbf 00:34 HK$129

Getting around From Stuttgart, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Vaihingen 00:19 HK$110
To Boeblingen 00:23 HK$74
To Goeppingen 00:30 HK$129
To Plochingen 00:42 HK$92
To Heilbronn 00:49 HK$129
To Schwaebisch Gmuend 00:54 HK$129
To Reutlingen Hbf 01:21 HK$129
To Mannheim 01:25 HK$193
To Eutingen Im Gau 01:25 HK$129
To Heidelberg 01:30 HK$193
To Ulm 01:32 HK$193
To Rottweil 01:36 HK$193
To Tubingen 01:36 HK$138
To Karlsruhe 01:51 HK$193
To Frankfurt 02:00 HK$193
To Herrenberg 02:11 HK$193
To Hanau 02:20 HK$193
To Horb 02:23 HK$138
To Offenburg 02:36 HK$193
To Baden Baden 02:38 HK$193
To Mainz 02:42 HK$193
To Pforzheim 02:49 HK$129
To Friedrichshafen 02:51 HK$193
To Aalen 02:52 HK$165
To Augsburg 03:02 HK$193
To Darmstadt 03:04 HK$193
To Ellwangen 03:11 HK$193
To Bingen 03:13 HK$193
To Munich 03:15 HK$193
To Fulda 03:22 HK$303
To Crailsheim 03:37 HK$193
To Lindau 03:42 HK$193
To Singen 03:48 HK$193
To Strasbourg 03:53 HK$267
To Nuremberg 03:55 HK$193
To Feldkirch 04:01 HK$524
To Cologne 04:01 HK$303
To Dusseldorf 04:40 HK$303
To Salzburg 04:46 HK$726
To Schaffhausen 04:56 HK$340
To Bonn 05:24 HK$303
To Basel 05:26 HK$616
To Bischofshofen 05:49 HK$846
To Duisburg 05:59 HK$193
To Dortmund 06:05 HK$303
To Zurich 06:42 HK$469
To Freiburg 07:06 HK$193
To Tuttlingen 07:24 HK$193
To Villach 07:40 HK$873
To Erlangen 08:04 HK$193
To Rosenheim 08:19 HK$303
To Paris 08:45 HK$267
To Amsterdam 09:06 HK$267
To Hanover 09:10 HK$303
To Hamburg 09:19 HK$303
To Rothenburg O D Taube 09:28 HK$193
To Ansbach 09:33 HK$193
To Innsbruck 09:34 HK$818
To Berlin 09:58 HK$303
To Wolfsburg 09:59 HK$451
To Hildesheim 10:22 HK$193
To Prague 11:26 HK$708

Stuttgart city guide

Stuttgart, nature lovers will love this city!

Get used to the local Schwäbisch German dialect and mounds of tiny Spätzle dumplings in industrial Stuttgart, birthplace of the motorbike. Cycle along the vineyard-lined River Neckar then crank it up a gear at the Mercedes-Benz factory.

The capital of Baden-Württemberg displays many other facets than its industrial side. The town is litteraly surrounded by forests and vineyards are cultivated within the urban area.

Many fine beers are also brewed in Stuttgart. There are also mineral spas in the Bad Cannstatt district. Still, besides the relaxing side of Stuttgart, one can enjoy the Schlossplatz with its reconstructed castles, now turned into museums. One can also easily wander through countless parks, and enjoy many natural and artificial lakes. Nature is surprisingly and literally everywhere in this very industrial town.

From the TV tower to the Hegel museum and the Schillerplatz, there’s always something more to discover and experience in Stuttgart.

Stuttgart station(s)

Trains are convenient way to reach any town and city in Europe. All main towns have a railway station, while major cities have more than two railway stations. Nearly all railway stations are located in the city centre. Check our map to locate railway station(s) in Stuttgart.

Stuttgart Flughafen

Address: Flughafenstraße 51 70629 Stuttgart

Stuttgart Hbf

Address: Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof 70173 Stuttgart


Interactive Rail Map

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Customer reviews

  • "not that much"    
    We were three and the chairs were not beside each other  
  • "Trip to Paris"    
    Very convenient to arrive in the middle of Paris in stead of arriving in CDG or Orly. Only bad thing was that Stuttgart central station currently is undergoing heavy modifications which resulted in a 30 minutes delay.  
  • "first TGV"    
    A huge family group with 3 babies was next compartment. Long travel with baby's crying without nothing change at seat consecutively was painful for a single passenger even if it's fist class.  
  • "No Luggage space"    
    I travelled from Stuttgart to Paris and return during the weekend. Everything went very well even though I find unacceptable the total absence of a decent space for luggages. The space above the seats is almost useless, there's not enough space even for a little backpack. The rest of the space is ablsutely not enough, with lots of people that is required to put their luggages in the corridor or in a seat if it is free. As the train is expensive, this defect is totally unacceptable. Please give a look to Spanish or Italian hi-speed trains for understanding how to build a decent one. Second and last thing: in Stuttgart the train did not have the numbers of the wagons, so it was a mess understanding where to jump (the number was available only very few wagons, attached with a piece of paper, so I had to do my simple maths for calculating where to go). Unacceptable 2. Please note that when I say that the train is expensive I am comparing it with the Italian fares (at least 35% lower).  
  • "Going back in time"    
    the train was convenient, the staff was awesome and very helpful and attentive. I enjoyed the trip except for a couple of young kids between 15 and 17 years old, traveling in the same wagon and behaiving really ridiculous and being very annoying, for a 1st Class wagon it was disappointing  
  • "Seat Orientation"    
    It will be much better if all the seats can be orientated in such a way that all of them are always facing the same direction as the train moving. Personally, I find it very weird to be back facing the training moving direction for all my trip so far. thanks.  
  • "ICE HS Trains "    
    It became a fast learning curve how to handle trains that do not go to plan. ICE Train did not arrive at Amsterdam - we were left not knowing that this had happened - even though we had been waiting in the ICE first class lounge. The platform speaker system in Amsterdam could not be heard to allow you to understand the information being given. Luggage storage on the ICE Trains is limited which does not seem to accommodate long distance travel as we were undertaking. While we did eventually catch the train at another station we received little assistance from ICE towards knowing what was going on. Once on board all went well.  
  • "Excellent journey"    
    Clean, on time, great comfort and fast. What else one can ask for:)  
  • "TGV"    
    first time riding on this train and it was a great experience...just wish there was WIFI.  
  • "its Okie"    
    the seats are comfortable and there is not much noise during the whole journey. there is enough support from the reception in Paris.  
  • "perfect"    
    It was just perfect deal and very good experience ..and sure I will do it again soon. .thanks Raileurope  
  • "France _Stuttgart"    
    It was a nice trip! The train hit 319kmph. Throughout the yellow-green grass terrain. I had not much space for the baggage in the train. The check-in was very easy and not much crowd at the train stations. I was once asked to present the visa and the purpose of travel by a police officer and he then asked for an invitation of letter and purpose of visit in Germany- Stuttgart. Be ready to forward such documents. The food and beverages are cheaper at the train stations.  
  • "Comfortable and Scenic"    
    Comfortable and Scenic- beautiful countryside of Germany and France all along. Nice pantry. Could manage our heavy luggage in racks. Seating is good. Enjoyed  
  • "First class booking"    
    It was not possible to reserve a seat through Raileurope, but there were reserved seats. Finally found a compartment and it was comfortable.  
  • "AWESOME "    
  • 0 15