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St Pierre des corps, the train lovers city, in the middle of the Loire Valley! A lot of travellers know St Pierre des Corps for being an important train station between Paris and Bordeaux. Located in the Loire Vallée chateaux, near the beautiful city of Tours, St Pierre des Corps is indeed a very important railway (...)

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Getting there You can get to St Pierre des corps from Lyon, Marseille and Bordeaux. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 00:55 HK$136
From Paris Cdg Airport 01:38 HK$181
From Avignon 04:09 HK$687
From Lyon 02:59 HK$136
From Marseille 04:47 HK$687
From Bordeaux 02:35 HK$181
From Dijon 04:43 HK$506
From Lille 02:38 HK$307
From Strasbourg 03:58 HK$361
From Libourne 02:16 HK$181
From Champagne-ardenne 02:05 HK$262
From Bressuire 01:35 HK$190
From Alencon 01:28 HK$226
From Angouleme 01:32 HK$208
From Nantes 01:32 HK$181
From Saincaize 02:25 HK$298
From Nevers 02:02 HK$289
From Louvigny 02:45 HK$732
From Paray Le Monial 03:55 HK$407
From Roanne 04:19 HK$461
From Beaune 04:21 HK$470
From Valence 03:42 HK$650
From Moulins 02:54 HK$325
From Marne La Vallee 01:25 HK$253
From Le Croisic 02:48 HK$370
From Decize 02:50 HK$325
From Caen 02:36 HK$343
From Bourges 01:22 HK$208
From Blois 00:26 HK$90
From Veuves Monteaux 00:25 HK$81
From Montrichard 00:27 HK$81
From Chatellerault 00:28 HK$81
From Saumur 00:28 HK$81
From Chissay En Touraine 00:24 HK$81
From Onzain 00:20 HK$81
From Amboise 00:12 HK$81
From Blere La Croix 00:14 HK$81
From Langeais 00:17 HK$81
From Chenonceaux 00:19 HK$81
From Port Boulet 00:29 HK$81
From St Aignan Noyers 00:39 HK$90
From Le Mans 00:56 HK$154
From Vierzon 01:00 HK$172
From Ruffec 01:12 HK$172
From Thouars 01:12 HK$154
From Orleans 00:53 HK$172
From Tours 00:04 HK$81
From Poitiers 00:41 HK$108
From Beaugency 00:42 HK$136
From Angers 00:51 HK$117
From Massy 00:51 HK$136
From Ancenis 01:18 HK$235
From Les Aubrais Orleans 00:53 HK$172

Getting around From St Pierre des corps, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Tours 00:05 HK$81
To Amboise 00:17 HK$81
To Vendome 00:20 HK$117
To Chenonceaux 00:27 HK$81
To Chatellerault 00:28 HK$81
To Chissay En Touraine 00:30 HK$81
To Onzain 00:30 HK$81
To Montrichard 00:34 HK$81
To Blois 00:39 HK$90
To St Aignan Noyers 00:48 HK$90
To Poitiers 00:53 HK$108
To Langeais 01:00 HK$81
To Massy 01:04 HK$136
To Beaugency 01:11 HK$136
To Vierzon 01:26 HK$163
To Port Boulet 01:27 HK$81
To Marne La Vallee 01:28 HK$181
To Les Aubrais Orleans 01:34 HK$172
To Orleans 01:34 HK$172
To Paris Cdg Airport 01:44 HK$181
To Le Croisic 02:50 HK$370
To Thouars 03:02 HK$117
To Saumur 03:12 HK$81
To Ruffec 03:21 HK$262
To Angouleme 03:43 HK$208
To Paray Le Monial 03:45 HK$407
To Le Mans 04:05 HK$154
To Nantes 04:05 HK$190
To Saincaize 04:08 HK$298
To Angers 04:08 HK$117
To Bourges 04:17 HK$208
To Libourne 04:18 HK$181
To Alencon 04:20 HK$226
To Beaune 04:21 HK$470
To Nevers 04:21 HK$280
To Lille 04:22 HK$307
To Bordeaux 04:30 HK$181
To Tgv Haute Picardie 04:34 HK$515
To La Rochelle 04:47 HK$226
To Moulins 04:49 HK$271
To Paris 04:52 HK$136
To Champagne-ardenne 04:58 HK$316
To Louvigny 05:14 HK$641
To Arras 05:15 HK$343
To Caen 05:22 HK$271
To Brussels 05:42 HK$397
To Roanne 05:49 HK$461
To Lyon 05:57 HK$136
To Dax 06:04 HK$614
To Bayonne 06:56 HK$416
To Dijon 07:04 HK$479
To Pau 07:17 HK$425
To Lourdes 07:37 HK$316
To Valence 08:18 HK$614
To Geneva 08:50 HK$524
To Avignon 08:55 HK$316
To Aix En Provence Tgv 09:27 HK$361
To Toulouse 09:48 HK$316
To Strasbourg 10:32 HK$361
To Marseille 10:53 HK$316

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St Pierre des corps, the train lovers city, in the middle of the Loire Valley!

A lot of travellers know St Pierre des Corps for being an important train station between Paris and Bordeaux. Located in the Loire Vallée chateaux, near the beautiful city of Tours, St Pierre des Corps is indeed a very important railway junction.

St Pierre des Corps has a perfect location for the ones that want to visit the Touraine region and its castles. The area was the former cemetery of the romans living in Tours, 4 kilometres away, and it resulted this curious name meaning St Peter of the bodies…

Despite a long and rich story, St Pierre des Corps don’t keep an important heritage because it suffered a lot from the World War 2’s bombings (85% of the city disappeared). Train lovers should have a walk around the train station to admire the Pacific 231 E41 locomotive.

The Loire river banks (UNESCO listed part) offers to nature amateurs pleasant walks.

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  • "Excellent experience"    
    It was a brand new coach. Very clean and comfortable.  
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    Well worth the little extra (in my case!) to travel posh! Less people and bigger more comfy seating. You still get to travel backwards though... It is a train after all!  
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    buying tickets online was very convenient and the experience on the train was excellent.  
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    Very convenient at CDG to take trains elsewhere in France!  
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    The train is at time and for 20€ more we are in first class  
  • "great trip"    
    On time, as usual, service courteous but the food was very ordinary which one would not expect on a French train. Spanish trains have great food!!  
  • "Comfortable and efficient"    
    No problems, direct through Paris, chose this to avoid changing. First class very comfortable.  
  • "Train to Lausanne "    
    Fast trip because the two cities are near each other. We moved to Lausanne because we had to take another train very early next morning. If not we would stay at Montreux.  
  • "Comfortable Journey"    
    Very comfortable journey but the waiting time of trains at the station is less. So, people with lot of luggage should very plan and take into consideration the same.  
  • "Airport passenger"    
    Only concern about my rail travel experience was the fact that their was insufficient room for large baggage since this service is used by many people traveling to and from the airport and rail users ended up dumping all their luggage in the foyer causing the doors access to be blocked.  
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    No Complaining  
  • "My trip by TGV"    
    The trip was a fantastic experience. This was my first one on high speed train. Even though the bullet trains have been introduced in Japan much earlier, I did not have an opportunity to travel by that. The trip was excellent and thoroughly enjoyable.  
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    Everything was good, very good. It is a little too expensive.  
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