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St Pierre des corps, the train lovers city, in the middle of the Loire Valley! A lot of travellers know St Pierre des Corps for being an important train station between Paris and Bordeaux. Located in the Loire Vallée chateaux, near the beautiful city of Tours, St Pierre des Corps is indeed a very important railway (...)

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Getting there You can get to St Pierre des corps from Lyon, Marseille and Bordeaux. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 00:55 HK$137
From Paris Cdg Airport 01:38 HK$182
From Avignon 04:09 HK$693
From Lyon 02:59 HK$137
From Marseille 04:47 HK$693
From Bordeaux 02:35 HK$182
From Dijon 04:43 HK$511
From Lille 02:38 HK$310
From Strasbourg 03:58 HK$365
From Libourne 02:16 HK$182
From Champagne-ardenne 02:05 HK$264
From Bressuire 01:35 HK$191
From Alencon 01:28 HK$228
From Angouleme 01:32 HK$210
From Nantes 01:32 HK$182
From Saincaize 02:25 HK$301
From Nevers 02:02 HK$292
From Louvigny 02:45 HK$739
From Paray Le Monial 03:55 HK$410
From Roanne 04:19 HK$465
From Beaune 04:21 HK$474
From Valence 03:42 HK$657
From Moulins 02:54 HK$328
From Marne La Vallee 01:25 HK$255
From Le Croisic 02:48 HK$374
From Decize 02:50 HK$328
From Caen 02:36 HK$347
From Bourges 01:22 HK$210
From Blois 00:26 HK$91
From Veuves Monteaux 00:25 HK$82
From Montrichard 00:27 HK$82
From Chatellerault 00:28 HK$82
From Saumur 00:28 HK$82
From Chissay En Touraine 00:24 HK$82
From Onzain 00:20 HK$82
From Amboise 00:12 HK$82
From Blere La Croix 00:14 HK$82
From Langeais 00:17 HK$82
From Chenonceaux 00:19 HK$82
From Port Boulet 00:29 HK$82
From St Aignan Noyers 00:39 HK$91
From Le Mans 00:56 HK$155
From Vierzon 01:00 HK$173
From Ruffec 01:12 HK$173
From Thouars 01:12 HK$155
From Orleans 00:53 HK$173
From Tours 00:04 HK$82
From Poitiers 00:41 HK$109
From Beaugency 00:42 HK$137
From Angers 00:51 HK$119
From Massy 00:51 HK$137
From Ancenis 01:18 HK$237
From Les Aubrais Orleans 00:53 HK$173

Getting around From St Pierre des corps, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Tours 00:05 HK$82
To Amboise 00:17 HK$82
To Vendome 00:20 HK$119
To Chenonceaux 00:27 HK$82
To Chatellerault 00:28 HK$82
To Chissay En Touraine 00:30 HK$82
To Onzain 00:30 HK$82
To Montrichard 00:34 HK$82
To Blois 00:39 HK$91
To St Aignan Noyers 00:48 HK$91
To Poitiers 00:53 HK$109
To Langeais 01:00 HK$82
To Massy 01:04 HK$137
To Beaugency 01:11 HK$137
To Vierzon 01:26 HK$164
To Port Boulet 01:27 HK$82
To Marne La Vallee 01:28 HK$182
To Les Aubrais Orleans 01:34 HK$173
To Orleans 01:34 HK$173
To Paris Cdg Airport 01:44 HK$182
To Le Croisic 02:50 HK$374
To Thouars 03:02 HK$119
To Saumur 03:12 HK$82
To Ruffec 03:21 HK$264
To Angouleme 03:43 HK$210
To Paray Le Monial 03:45 HK$410
To Le Mans 04:05 HK$155
To Nantes 04:05 HK$191
To Saincaize 04:08 HK$301
To Angers 04:08 HK$119
To Bourges 04:17 HK$210
To Libourne 04:18 HK$182
To Alencon 04:20 HK$228
To Beaune 04:21 HK$474
To Nevers 04:21 HK$283
To Lille 04:22 HK$310
To Bordeaux 04:30 HK$182
To Tgv Haute Picardie 04:34 HK$520
To La Rochelle 04:47 HK$228
To Moulins 04:49 HK$274
To Paris 04:52 HK$137
To Champagne-ardenne 04:58 HK$319
To Louvigny 05:14 HK$647
To Arras 05:15 HK$347
To Caen 05:22 HK$274
To Brussels 05:42 HK$401
To Roanne 05:49 HK$465
To Lyon 05:57 HK$137
To Dax 06:04 HK$620
To Bayonne 06:56 HK$419
To Dijon 07:04 HK$483
To Pau 07:17 HK$429
To Lourdes 07:37 HK$319
To Valence 08:18 HK$620
To Geneva 08:50 HK$529
To Avignon 08:55 HK$319
To Aix En Provence Tgv 09:27 HK$365
To Toulouse 09:48 HK$319
To Strasbourg 10:32 HK$365
To Marseille 10:53 HK$319

While you're there

St Pierre des corps, the train lovers city, in the middle of the Loire Valley!

A lot of travellers know St Pierre des Corps for being an important train station between Paris and Bordeaux. Located in the Loire Vallée chateaux, near the beautiful city of Tours, St Pierre des Corps is indeed a very important railway junction.

St Pierre des Corps has a perfect location for the ones that want to visit the Touraine region and its castles. The area was the former cemetery of the romans living in Tours, 4 kilometres away, and it resulted this curious name meaning St Peter of the bodies…

Despite a long and rich story, St Pierre des Corps don’t keep an important heritage because it suffered a lot from the World War 2’s bombings (85% of the city disappeared). Train lovers should have a walk around the train station to admire the Pacific 231 E41 locomotive.

The Loire river banks (UNESCO listed part) offers to nature amateurs pleasant walks.

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Customer reviews

  • "Wonderful experitnce"    
    We went to Marseille from Paris by TGV train. We enjoyed the experience on the train.  
  • "Easy and very comfortable "    
    We just have one suggestion for the restaurant wagon, just serve fresh baguettes and forget about the hot meals. There was a wonderful young lady helping us but with so many people wanting something to eat and drink it was quite stressful for her and a very long wait for the passengers. Other then that we had a lovely journey.  
  • "Review of trip"    
    The only issue I had with the trip was that there was insufficient space to store my luggage once on the train. Otherwise, everything was to my satisfaction. Best Regards. GaryWard  
  • "Fast, efficient service"    
    Following a near 12-hour flight from Hong Kong to Paris CdG I appreciated the ease of transfer from the airport to the TGV terminal. The train departed ontime and arrived at my destination as scheduled. The first-class seating was very comfortable and spacious enough for my needs. I would definitely choose this method of transport again. Very satisfied.  
  • "Travel London to Saumur "    
    Travel was largely smooth and comfortable. Original booking allowed 65 minutes between arrival at Gare de Nord and departure from Montparnasse which was not enough. We were obliged to change our Paris departure to Saumur trip at significant additional cost which was unfortunate and not entirely fair  
  • "very good"    
    St Pierre de cors is a small station but difficult when carrying luggage. It was not clear at which pier I should stand.  
  • "Getting to Bordeaux"    
    The convenience of the train was the clear and made the journey easier. It is now a far better journey than 15 years ago. Some stations can do with some to point out where to stand before the trains arrive and easier access to get bags up and down from platforms, but these are usually relatively minor matters.  
  • "France Trip"    
    Our experience was wonderful with TGV, TER  
  • "Finding the right carriage"    
    Had trouble finding the right carriage until someone helped out .  
  • "Delayed but good trip"    
    They announced just before the departure that the train would be delayed by up to 45 minutes due to an accident/ person on the track outside of Lille. I would have prefered that they announced a new departure time so that people could get back off the train and then get back on when they thought it might depart. Apart from the delay everything else was fine.  
  • "trip on TGV train from CDG "    
    it was good and on time , but wish more frequent trains to suit assingers like me  
  • "Unnecessary Inconvenience "    
    SCNF trains had comfortable seats and were reasonably priced. Interestingly many coaches had seats facing opposite directions some forward some backward. We travelled light and found plenty of room for baggage. The train staff were helpful. We learnt from experience to get advice prior to leaving Tours because the SCNF train booking from Bordeaux to Tours had a change at St Pierre. The Tours and St Pierre Gare are only one stop and a few minutes apart. By the time you have sat down you are there. For us it was an unnecessary change because the train we were already on from Bordeaux went directly to Tours anyway. There was no need for us to change trains. When we left Tours for Paris the Accueil office advised us to get on the later Tours to Paris train and ignore the earlier booking for a change at St Pierre. This change for us would have been unnecessary as the Tours to Paris train stopped at St Pierre anyway. Taking the earlier train booking to St Pierre would have had us waiting at the platform for the later train that went directly from Tours to Paris.