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Spiez, another idea of Switzerland Bountiful vineyards, verdant hills, snowy mountains and the emerald Lake Thun attract nature lovers to the tiny Swiss town of Spiez. Take a gentle cruise on the lake, hike around the Bernese Highlands or take a peek inside Spiez Castle’s 13th-18th-century (...)

About Switzerland

Getting there You can get to Spiez from Interlaken, Basel and Bern. Best price and travel duration below.

From Milano 02:28 HK$320
From Frankfurt 04:41 HK$1,316
From Zuerich 01:32 HK$596
From Interlaken 00:21 HK$88
From Basel 01:31 HK$402
From Bern 00:27 HK$164
From Mannheim 03:55 HK$1,126
From Karlsruhe 03:31 HK$1,006
From Visp 00:25 HK$384
From Kandersteg 00:31 HK$146
From Frutigen 00:11 HK$72
From Stresa 01:32 HK$320
From Brig 00:33 HK$294

Getting around From Spiez, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Frutigen 00:13 HK$72
To Interlaken 00:25 HK$88
To Visp 00:26 HK$294
To Kandersteg 00:29 HK$146
To Bern 00:33 HK$164
To Brig 01:12 HK$294
To Stresa 01:33 HK$320
To Zuerich 01:33 HK$596
To Basel 01:39 HK$402
To Wengen(cff) 02:11 HK$202
To Gstaad 02:17 HK$244
To Montreux 02:30 HK$408
To Milano 02:30 HK$620
To Freiburg 02:36 HK$834
To Geneve 02:55 HK$470
To Karlsruhe 04:05 HK$1,006
To Frankfurt 04:46 HK$1,316
To Venezia 05:53 HK$995
To Firenze 07:30 HK$1,120
To Roma 12:12

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Spiez, another idea of Switzerland

Bountiful vineyards, verdant hills, snowy mountains and the emerald Lake Thun attract nature lovers to the tiny Swiss town of Spiez. Take a gentle cruise on the lake, hike around the Bernese Highlands or take a peek inside Spiez Castle’s 13th-18th-century rooms.

Go for a 14 kilometres hike on the coastal footpath which leads to Faulensee or get on the "Spiezer Zügli", the little train of Spiez, to appreciate a relaxing tour.

You can also discover the art and the history of the viticulture in Spiez in the homeland and vine Museum located in a charming old house. The sport lovers will feel like home here: in winter you can reach the most attractive ski resorts in the region and in summer you can try your hand at cycling, fishing or windsurfing.

Finally, let yourself be tempted by the fish specialities and a glass of local wine in a restaurant facing the lake.

Train Station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Spiez can be found.


Address: Bahnhofstrasse 14 3700 Spiez


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Customer reviews

  • "Good One"    
    The overall train was comfortable but it would have been better if i could use WIFI on the train. Mobile Network is not available in the tunnels and you face this issue quite often. Rest it was OK.  
  • "An American in Italy"    
    I am from the United States. The rail system you have in Europe is fantastic. I love it that dogs can travel too and people manage their animals wonderfully. I wish USA could take a lesson from you. The trains are relaxing and they ran on time, every single time. Great experience.  
  • "our journey "    
    if anyone wants to experience the benchmarks of comfort and cleanliness as well as ontime performance, one must travel by the Trains in europe....awesome experience for us, anytime better than flying!  
  • "Comfortable and Punctual Ride"    
    Comfortable and convenient ride from Switzerland to Milan. For the price of reservation ( 20 Euros for two people with 1st class eurail global pass) it was really nice. Trains are really good and clean. they have adequate space for luggage storage also. Information displays within the train were really informative about the next trains from the arriving stations. Really comfortable for the passengers who need to change trains at the stations.Overall very nice.  
  • "International Travel"    
    Overall it was a good experience.  
  • "Holiday in Europe with Eurail "    
    Recently we visited Switzerland and Italy on holiday and took a Global select four country Eurail pass for train travel. We travelled on trains for travelling between different places. It was a very good experience as it gave as a good view of the countryside. The journeys were comfortable and the Eurail pass provided us a lot of flexibility in planning our itinerary.  
  • "Milano Centrale-Spiez"    
    We had a comfortable ride from Milano Centrale - Spiez.  
  • "Cheap and fairly comfortable"    
    Seats is fairly comfortable. Luggages space is not big, but enough. 5mins interchange at Basel is alright. Just get luggages ready before the train stop.  
  • "Comfortable ride"    
    Comfortable ride and good convenient timing, however, I will appreciate if there can be devices to help passengers loading luggages onto the train rather than carry on.  
  • "Europe by Train"    
    Very good service.Internet booking was so simple and reliable.Everything was smooth. Thank you Dr.Mendis SriLanka  
  • "Nice Trip"    
    Nice Trip  
  • "INTERLAKEN OST - SPIEZ, On 201"    
    I found the trip very confortable. Infact all my trips were good, comfortable and convenient. I would say trains are a bit pricey in Eurpore but they are confortable for sure.  
  • "Poor activation process"    
    It took too much time to wait in queue to activate the rail pass in Milan Central Station, so need to allow at half an hour before train departure. The process could be improved if there was a separate counter or activation process could be done on trains. I almost missed the train due to waiting for pass activation.  
  • "Italy to Swiss"    
    Overall is acceptable and convenient. However during the booking, I have faced some difficulties about the computer. I have tried to ask assistance with the booking agent but can't get any help. Finally I have to solve the problem by myself whcih waste lots of time.  
  • "not so good"    
    move from city by train in Europe is something amazing, however the trip was good but I was expect more.  
  • 0 15