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Schaffhausen, home to a delightful Old Town

About Switzerland

Getting there You can get to Schaffhausen from Rottweil, St gallen and Ulm. Best price and travel duration below.

From Zurich 00:38 HK$155
From Stuttgart 02:13 HK$337
From Horb 01:30 HK$255
From Rottweil 01:01 HK$173
From St Gallen 01:49 HK$237
From Ulm 02:09 HK$365
From Friedrichshafen 01:01 HK$155
From Tuttlingen 00:43 HK$128
From Radolfzell 00:21 HK$73
From Stein Am Rhein 00:21 HK$55
From Winterthur 00:27 HK$73
From Bad Sackingen 00:40 HK$109
From Neuhausen 00:03 HK$18

Getting around From Schaffhausen, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Radolfzell 00:23 HK$73
To Stein Am Rhein 00:24 HK$55
To Zurich 01:16 HK$155
To Winterthur 01:21 HK$73
To St Gallen 01:43 HK$237
To Ulm 02:17 HK$365
To Tuttlingen 03:01 HK$128
To Olten 03:18 HK$274
To Rottweil 03:27 HK$173
To Horb 03:39 HK$255
To Stuttgart 05:01 HK$337
To Salzburg 07:14 HK$775

Schaffhausen city guide

Schaffhausen, home to a delightful Old Town

Schaffhausen is located in Switzerland, between the Lake Constance and Black Forest. It is a popular destination for vacations. Visitors will discover numerous vineyards that surround the town. The Old Town of Schaffhausen is found under the nose of the imposing Munot fortress.

Enjoy a stroll in the Old Town. Being traffic-free, you will enjoy the peacefulness of the place as well as its beautiful settings. The Old Town of Schaffhausen is in fact considered as one of the most beautiful in Switzerland. The Old Town is also a perfect place for shopping. Landmarks of Schaffhausen include the High Gothic St. Johann church.

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