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Santander, the elegant Spanish town

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Getting there You can get to Santander from Valladolid and Palencia.Best price and travel duration below.

From Valladolid 03:10 HK$166
From Palencia 02:36 HK$130

Getting around From Santander, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Palencia 02:50 HK$105
To Valladolid 03:35 HK$166

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Santander, the elegant Spanish town

Santander is an elegant Spanish town spreading over a long bay and facing the golf of Gascoigne. The town is located in the northern part of Spain and is an ideal place to stopover during a trip. Its spectacular bay and marine atmosphere will conquer you.

Discover the old town of Santander, where you will find noble buildings in a stunning natural setting. Its marine and commercial tradition is linked to a century-old tourist vocation. Do not miss a visit to the El Sardinero beach. Have a stroll on its promenade up to the La Magdalena peninsula. The cultural treasure of the city is enhanced by the Routes of Santiago de Compostela and all the nearby grottos.

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