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About Italy

Getting there You can get to Rome from Munich, Vienna and Pisa. Best price and travel duration below.

From Venice 03:20 HK$469
From Milan 02:55 HK$515
From Florence 01:20 HK$313
From Munich 12:14 HK$267
From Vienna 13:52 HK$910
From Pisa 02:03 HK$322
From Naples 01:07 HK$230
From Verona 02:50 HK$386
From Genoa 03:47 HK$386
From Innsbruck 10:17 HK$267
From Bologna 01:54 HK$395
From Turin 04:05 HK$460
From La Spezia 02:47 HK$377
From Padua 02:53 HK$441
From Bari 04:03 HK$423
From Levanto 04:42 HK$377
From Scalea S Domenica 04:49 HK$377
From Reggio Di Calab V 05:10 HK$460
From Brindisi 05:03 HK$607
From Villa S Giovanni 04:54 HK$460
From Conegliano 04:25 HK$441
From Ravenna 04:11 HK$524
From Trento 04:08 HK$441
From Treviso 04:04 HK$441
From Bella Muro 04:03 HK$313
From Chiavari 04:18 HK$423
From Sestri Levante 04:24 HK$405
From Potenza 04:34 HK$331
From Maratea 04:32 HK$377
From Rapallo 04:26 HK$423
From Fidenza 05:12 HK$451
From Bolzano 04:40 HK$460
From Lecce 05:27 HK$607
From Catania 09:51 HK$579
From Cefalu 10:36 HK$616
From Capo D'orlando Naso 09:37 HK$579
From Villach 09:16 HK$726
From Taormina 09:12 HK$552
From Jenbach 10:49 HK$634
From Syracuse 11:01 HK$653
From Bruck An Der Mur 11:57 HK$818
From Rosenheim 11:37 HK$267
From Palermo 11:29 HK$671
From Worgl 11:05 HK$267
From Gorizia 09:04 HK$487
From Milazzo 08:57 HK$552
From Lamezia 03:59 HK$451
From Gioia Tauro 05:41 HK$441
From Udine 05:25 HK$487
From Trieste 05:25 HK$506
From Vibo Valentia-pizzo 05:17 HK$469
From Savona 05:56 HK$441
From Molfetta 05:57 HK$405
From Messina 08:19 HK$533
From Monfalcone 07:16 HK$506
From San Remo 07:13 HK$496
From Asti 06:03 HK$441
From Grassano Gara Tri 05:16 HK$377
From Sapri 03:44 HK$349
From Benevento 01:49 HK$257
From Terontola 01:36 HK$193
From Cassino 01:32 HK$156
From Orbetello Monte 01:28 HK$156
From Assisi 01:53 HK$202
From Fabriano 01:53 HK$239
From Fossato Di Vico Gubb 02:07 HK$221
From Campiglia 02:00 HK$239
From Salerno 01:58 HK$257
From Follonica 01:58 HK$239
From Grosseto 01:25 HK$202
From Spoleto 01:19 HK$156
From Orvieto 00:55 HK$129
From Terni 00:41 HK$147
From Civitavecchia 00:41 HK$101
From Latina 00:35 HK$83
From Frosinone 01:00 HK$101
From Chiusi 01:06 HK$175
From Foligno 01:15 HK$175
From Formia 01:12 HK$156
From Arezzo 01:10 HK$221
From Caserta 01:09 HK$221
From Cecina 02:14 HK$267
From Perugia 02:16 HK$230
From Barletta 03:35 HK$377
From Rimini It 03:34 HK$460
From Agropoli 03:30 HK$303
From Paola 03:27 HK$432
From Brescia 03:35 HK$717
From Piacenza 03:36 HK$423
From Rovereto 03:53 HK$423
From Vallo Della Lucan 03:48 HK$313
From Ascea 03:48 HK$313
From Orte 00:30 HK$92
From Ancona 03:26 HK$303
From Viareggio 03:09 HK$349
From Falconara 02:39 HK$285
From Massa 02:27 HK$349
From Jesi 02:27 HK$257
From Livorno 02:17 HK$303
From Modena 02:39 HK$331
From Ferrara 02:45 HK$423
From Parma 03:09 HK$359
From Prato 03:00 HK$294
From Foggia 02:58 HK$349
From Ariano Irpino 03:57 HK$294
From Reggio Emilia 02:53 HK$359

Getting around From Rome, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Latina 00:37 HK$83
To Orte 00:39 HK$92
To Civitavecchia 00:48 HK$101
To Terni 00:57 HK$147
To Frosinone 00:59 HK$101
To Orvieto 01:13 HK$129
To Formia 01:17 HK$156
To Orbetello Monte 01:19 HK$156
To Spoleto 01:23 HK$156
To Chiusi 01:38 HK$175
To Grosseto 01:39 HK$202
To Cassino 01:40 HK$156
To Foligno 01:40 HK$175
To Terontola 01:48 HK$193
To Assisi 01:53 HK$202
To Follonica 02:00 HK$239
To Campiglia 02:10 HK$239
To Fossato Di Vico Gubb 02:10 HK$221
To Perugia 02:16 HK$230
To Naples 02:19 HK$230
To Arezzo 02:23 HK$221
To Cecina 02:24 HK$267
To Fabriano 02:28 HK$239
To Caserta 02:34 HK$221
To Florence 02:46 HK$313
To Livorno 02:49 HK$303
To Jesi 02:59 HK$257
To Pisa 03:03 HK$322
To Pesaro 03:11 HK$414
To Falconara 03:13 HK$285
To Salerno 03:14 HK$257
To Viareggio 03:20 HK$349
To Benevento 03:24 HK$257
To Ancona 03:25 HK$303
To Agropoli 03:33 HK$303
To Massa 03:33 HK$349
To Rimini It 03:35 HK$460
To Brescia 03:40 HK$717
To Ariano Irpino 03:45 HK$294
To Prato 03:49 HK$294
To Ascea 04:00 HK$313
To La Spezia 04:01 HK$377
To Bella Muro 04:07 HK$313
To Ravenna 04:13 HK$524
To Maratea 04:31 HK$377
To Levanto 04:34 HK$377
To Sapri 04:36 HK$303
To Potenza 04:36 HK$331
To Chiavari 04:40 HK$423
To Rapallo 04:49 HK$423
To Sestri Levante 04:51 HK$405
To Foggia 04:51 HK$313
To Scalea S Domenica 04:58 HK$377
To Bologna 04:59 HK$331
To Fidenza 05:11 HK$451
To Ferrara 05:12 HK$359
To Grassano Gara Tri 05:13 HK$377
To Genoa 05:24 HK$432
To Paola 05:31 HK$377
To Modena 05:36 HK$331
To Barletta 05:42 HK$331
To Reggio Emilia 05:53 HK$359
To Savona 05:57 HK$441
To Lamezia 06:08 HK$423
To Molfetta 06:10 HK$359
To Padua 06:13 HK$386
To Parma 06:15 HK$359
To Vibo Valentia-pizzo 06:25 HK$469
To Verona 06:30 HK$386
To Asti 06:33 HK$496
To Bari 06:36 HK$377
To Venice 06:45 HK$423
To Piacenza 06:47 HK$423
To Milan 06:53 HK$515
To Taranto 07:04 HK$441
To San Remo 07:10 HK$496
To Visp 07:26 HK$1,085
To Ostuni 07:30 HK$423
To Rosarno 07:35 HK$441
To Treviso 07:37 HK$441
To Gioia Tauro 07:45 HK$460
To Brindisi 07:53 HK$441
To Rovereto 07:55 HK$423
To Conegliano 08:00 HK$441
To Trento 08:12 HK$441
To Lecce 08:20 HK$441
To Bern 08:23 HK$1,085
To Villa S Giovanni 08:25 HK$460
To Messina 08:44 HK$533
To Reggio Di Calab V 08:48 HK$487
To Bolzano 09:05 HK$460
To Udine 09:05 HK$487
To Spiez 09:14 HK$1,361
To Innsbruck 09:27 HK$267
To Milazzo 09:31 HK$552
To Gorizia 09:51 HK$487
To Jenbach 09:54 HK$451
To Taormina 09:59 HK$552
To Ventimiglia 10:03 HK$524
To Turin 10:06 HK$506
To Capo D'orlando Naso 10:15 HK$579
To Monfalcone 10:18 HK$506
To Trieste 10:45 HK$506
To Rosenheim 10:46 HK$451
To Catania 10:47 HK$579
To Dijon 11:15 HK$1,379
To Cefalu 11:18 HK$616
To Bruck An Der Mur 11:35 HK$818
To Montreux 11:40 HK$736
To Lausanne 11:58 HK$1,067
To Syracuse 12:04 HK$653
To Palermo 12:31 HK$671
To Geneva 12:34 HK$736
To Munich 13:20 HK$451
To Zurich 14:16 HK$736
To Paris 15:03 HK$1,057
To Vienna 17:08 HK$938

While you're there

Rome, the capital of Italy

Rome is the capital city of Italy and one of the most popular destinations of Italy. Once the capital of the Roman Empire, is now a city which offers visitors a variety of things to do. From the remains of Roman Empire to the Renaissance and baroque riches of its historic centre, Rome is a simply a master work.

With landmarks such as the Spanish Steps, Pantheon, and Piazza Venezia located in the old city centre, Rome certainly lives up to the fact that it is one of the most remarkable cities of the world.
The modern Rome is full of restaurants, wine bars, night life spot and elegant shops. Perfect for a enjoyable getaway!

The Eternal City’s main sights include the Vatican City’s frescoed Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Square to Ancient Rome relics like the Forum, Pantheon and Colosseum. Stop by Piazza Navona’s ornate fountain, climb the Spanish Steps and throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain to guarantee your return. From Termini station, visit the majestic Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica. Stroll among the former Jewish Ghetto’s tiny streets and crumbling façades, across from Trastevere. Near the synagogue, find Forno del Ghetto (Burnt Bakery), renowned for its slightly-burnt, caramelised pastries, and one of the only bakeries preserving traditional Jewish Italian cooking.

Try local specialities like trippa alla Romana, tripe in tomato sauce and Pecorino cheese, and saltimbocca alla Romana, veal scallops with wine, sage and prosciutto in the trattorias of Trastevere and Testaccio districts. Wash down with Frascati wine and leave room for mouthwatering Roman gelato (ice cream). Don’t miss Piazza Campo de’ Fiori’s fruit and veg market.

Via dei Condotto is designer central, lined with Armani, Prada and the rest while pedestrianised Via del Corso is crammed with global brands. Art lovers love browsing the galleries and antique shops around Piazza Navona while Sunday’s Porta Portese flea market is a Roman institution.

Rome Tourist Board
Via Leopardi, 24 – 00185 Roma
Tel: +39 060608

The city’s tourist office has a helpful personnel, insider information and tips as well as handy maps and brochures. The city’s tourist office also arranges tours and excursions and is a focal point for local accommodation.

Our recommended Travel Extras

Train station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Rome can be found.

While trains are the convenient way to travel in Europe, planes are essential for bringing you from overseas. Major European cities are annexed to airports hubs, while important cities or towns are served by regional airports. Rome is annexed to Italy.

Rome railway station(s)

Roma Ostiense Train Station

Roma Ostiense Train Station

Address: Piazzale dei Partigiani, 25-36 154 Rome

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 6am to 10pm
Saturday and Sunday: 6am to 10pm

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains, Regional trains, Intercity trains
Ticket Office, Assistance for disabled persons, Lost and found, Railway Police, Toilets, Luggage storage, Waiting rooms and Public Phone cabins.

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Rome Termini Train Station

Rome Termini Train Station

Address: Via Giovanni Giolitti, 4-6 185 Rome

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 4:30am to 1:30am
Saturday and Sunday: 4:30am to 1:30am

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains, Regional trains
Ticket machine, Disabled Facilities, Wheelchairs Accessible, Newsstand, Business lounge, Waiting room, Lost and found, Railway Police, Tourist Information Office, Toilets, Luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet, Currency Exchange, ATM and Public Phone cabins.

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Roma Tiburtina Train Station

Roma Tiburtina Train Station

Address: Circonvallazione della Stazione Tiburtina 157 Rome

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 4:30am to 1:30am
Saturday and Sunday: 4:30am to 1:30am

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (Frecciarossa and Italo), Regional trains, Intercity trains
Tourist Information Point, Disabled Facilities, Currency Exchange, Cafeteria, Newsstand, Lost and found, Police station, Exchange Office, shopping centre, car Rental, Toilets, Luggage storage and Phone cabins.

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Nearest airport

Leonardo da Vinci/Fiumicino Airport

Leonardo da Vinci/Fiumicino Airport

Address: Via Portuense, 2365 54 Rome

Leonardo da Vinci airport, operating under the name of Fiumicino, is the most important airport in Rome. Fiumicino Airport eases your journey in Italy by providing fast and frequent transport to the Rome city centre and to Rome Termini central station.

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Interactive Rail Map

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Customer reviews

  • "Excellent trip"    
    Very relaxing journey between Florence and Rome. The staff on the train were very helpful and polite and the train was on time at every point. Station facilities were excellent and booking the trip online was very straightforward.  
  • "Rome to Venice"    
    The train was right on time in both leaving Rome and arriving in Venice.  
  • "Excellent Service"    
    Me and my family travelled to on Train from paris to London and Rome to Venice. Bought the tickets on line from Pakistan, every thing was very convenient and excellent service.  
  • "An experience"    
    The staff was great. The linens were fresh. The supplies were convenient. My suggestion would include an updated train car. Toilets were smelly. Berth was well designed but had seen better days. We paid for a first class berth, but felt more like a very used hotel room. Air conditioning was nonexistent. It was a good way to travel from Pome to Paris while viewing some of the countryside, but just had to keep focused on that rather than the accommodations.  
  • "A wonderful experience"    
    my family travelled in comfort and style from Firenze to Roma in a business class, and I paid for the tickets from special offers months ago, and these are worth it !  
  • "Train Journey"    
    The train journey was smooth and comfortable and one of the best way to enjoy the views of the country side. This is my second trip within 5 months from Rome to Florence by train and would do this again if ever I will be visiting Florence again  
  • "Relaxed "    
    We (myself and wife) traveled from Luzern to Rome and the trip was in two legs. First one was from Luzern to Milan and then from Milan to Rome. We chose the train as we were interested in the landscape of Switzerland and Italy on the way. It was a comfortable trip, nice and clean coaches, good seats and comfortable cabins with very less noise. Also the view was great - through the hillsides and valleys of Switzerland and the farms and houses of Italy. Overall - very good experience.  
  • "Rail trip from Firenze to Roma"    
    Getting to the train station in Firenze was a breeze as we were well connected by the bus services driving by directly outside the train station. The trains arrived a little behind time but since we were on holiday, that wasn't much bother. The journey on the train over all was smooth and without drama. The ride was comfortable and the view was quite nice. I will recommend the trains for a short distance as such. Its really quite a pleasure riding these high speed trains.  
  • "Nice trip"    
    Convenient to go long-distance without losing time (night train) 1st class cabin is still small for 2 people (Luxe cabin is bigger) Breakfast was not good (sandwich, jam...) 1st class bathroom was clean No board restaurant to go to if you are bored  
  • "2nd class trip"    
    I traveled to Pisa from Rome in a second class coach so you I had to share a cabin with other five passengers. . The train stops in every station on the line. If you can, take the fastest train and not this one. Considering the price I would said it was o.k though.  
  • "Train Trip - Rome to Venice"    
    The ride was very smooth, and the train personnel were very courteous. It was a great adventure!  
  • "A relaxing journey"    
    I am very glad I chose to go from Lecce to Rome by train instead of flying. The train was on time, and I had a comfortable seat from which to see the view. There were some complimentary refreshments, as well as a reasonable range of food in the dining carriage, with good coffee. It was a very pleasant trip.  
  • "Season Traveller"    
    This was my first time traveling on raileurope and will certInly not be the last. I travelled from London to Paris to Milan and to my final destination Rome. The journey was as good as the vacation. Comfortable and convenient. You certainly travel in style. Thumbs up to a fantastic company.  
  • "Nice way to travel"    
    we were travelling from Rome to Venice. The experience was very good, especially for non-Italian speakers like ourselves.  
  • "train from romw to venice"    
    the overall trip was very good. The train was on time. The ride was comfortable. Great view on the way.  
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