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Rimini, the capital of Italy’s Adriatic Riviera

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Getting there You can get to Rimini from Bologna, Turin and Bari. Best price and travel duration below.

From Rome 03:35 HK$452
From Venice 02:37 HK$343
From Milan 02:10 HK$298
From Bologna 00:52 HK$136
From Turin 04:02 HK$325
From Bari 04:37 HK$388
From Taranto 06:06 HK$524
From Lecce 06:02 HK$452
From Parma 01:48 HK$217
From Fano 00:38 HK$72
From Ravenna 00:34 HK$108
From Ancona 00:42 HK$108
From Falconara 00:46 HK$136
From Senigallia 00:52 HK$81
From Pesaro 00:16 HK$72

Getting around From Rimini, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Riccione 00:10 HK$72
To Pesaro 00:29 HK$72
To Forli 00:30 HK$72
To Ravenna 00:36 HK$108
To Fano 00:38 HK$72
To Falconara 00:45 HK$136
To Senigallia 00:50 HK$81
To Bologna 01:17 HK$136
To Ancona 01:18 HK$108
To Parma 02:23 HK$217
To Venice 02:52 HK$343
To Voghera 03:30 HK$280
To Rome 03:34 HK$452
To Milan 04:31 HK$298
To Turin 05:10 HK$325
To Bari 06:49 HK$388
To Taranto 08:25 HK$452

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Rimini, the capital of Italy’s Adriatic Riviera

Rimini is located the region of Emilia-Romagna, in Italy. The city faces the Adriatic sea and is one of the most popular seaside resorts in Italy. It is the perfect place to enjoy quality holidays. Rimini is also home to several landmarks, museums and parks.

There are of course many things you can do in Rimini. Start by walking over the 2000 year’s old Ponte di Tiberio bridge. Afterwards head to the Piazza Cavour, a lively place where you can enjoy the local atmosphere. Take time to look closely at monuments such as Palazzo dell’Arengo, Castel Sismondo and Arch of Augustus. To relax, simply head to the beach. Rimini has 15 km of sandy beaches, diverse restaurants, bars and hotels.

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