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Rennes, the gateway to Brittany

About France

Getting there You can get to Rennes from Lyon, Marseille and Montpellier. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 02:07 HK$181
From Paris Cdg Airport 02:58 HK$181
From Avignon 05:33 HK$316
From Lyon 04:19 HK$226
From Marseille 06:03 HK$316
From Montpellier 06:30 HK$334
From Lille 03:55 HK$226
From Aix En Provence Tgv 06:02 HK$461
From Strasbourg 05:30 HK$524
From Pontorson 00:47 HK$117
From St Lo 02:00 HK$244
From Massy 02:06 HK$181
From Rosporden 02:00 HK$244
From Quimper 02:05 HK$262
From Brest 01:58 HK$262
From Landerneau 01:54 HK$244
From Angers 01:57 HK$307
From Quimperle 01:45 HK$226
From Coutances 01:38 HK$208
From Caen 02:51 HK$325
From Tgv Haute Picardie 03:34 HK$551
From Valence 04:59 HK$696
From Nimes 06:02 HK$759
From Champagne-ardenne 03:31 HK$696
From Tours 03:05 HK$334
From Bayeux 02:34 HK$289
From Marne La Vallee 02:44 HK$181
From Morlaix 01:34 HK$217
From Lison 02:14 HK$271
From Hennebont 01:31 HK$244
From Laval 00:35 HK$90
From Redon 00:33 HK$99
From Besle 00:36 HK$90
From Lamballe 00:36 HK$99
From Masserac 00:43 HK$99
From Dol 00:30 HK$81
From Caulnes 00:28 HK$81
From Montreuil Sur Ill 00:16 HK$81
From Montfort Sur Meu 00:12 HK$81
From Messac Guipry 00:19 HK$81
From Vitre 00:19 HK$81
From Combourg 00:21 HK$81
From St Brieuc 00:44 HK$136
From Saint-malo 00:46 HK$99
From Mont St Michel 01:15 HK$108
From Nantes 01:14 HK$217
From Le Mans 01:16 HK$163
From Plouaret 01:19 HK$190
From Lorient 01:30 HK$208
From Auray 01:13 HK$181
From Chateaubriant 01:09 HK$99
From St Gildas Des Boi 00:53 HK$136
From Questembert 00:49 HK$154
From Vannes 01:00 HK$154
From Guingamp 01:03 HK$163
From Avranches 01:04 HK$154
From Bruz 00:07 HK$81

Getting around From Rennes, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Bruz 00:13 HK$81
To Montfort Sur Meu 00:19 HK$81
To Combourg 00:29 HK$81
To Vitre 00:35 HK$81
To Messac Guipry 00:38 HK$81
To Caulnes 00:38 HK$81
To Dol 00:43 HK$81
To Besle 00:48 HK$90
To Masserac 00:53 HK$99
To Laval 01:00 HK$90
To Redon 01:02 HK$99
To Lamballe 01:04 HK$108
To St Gildas Des Boi 01:05 HK$136
To Mont St Michel 01:15 HK$108
To Massy 02:25 HK$181
To Lorient 02:56 HK$199
To Marne La Vallee 03:00 HK$181
To Pontorson 03:08 HK$117
To Saint-malo 03:16 HK$99
To Chateaubriant 03:16 HK$99
To Auray 03:28 HK$163
To Angers 03:29 HK$226
To Avranches 03:30 HK$154
To Questembert 03:30 HK$126
To Vannes 03:35 HK$145
To Hennebont 03:36 HK$208
To St Brieuc 03:40 HK$126
To Morlaix 03:41 HK$208
To Paris Cdg Airport 03:48 HK$181
To Le Mans 03:48 HK$163
To Guingamp 03:51 HK$154
To Nantes 04:02 HK$172
To Coutances 04:03 HK$208
To Plouaret 04:13 HK$181
To Quimperle 04:21 HK$217
To Brest 04:22 HK$253
To Paris 04:26 HK$181
To Rosporden 04:37 HK$244
To Lison 04:48 HK$271
To Quimper 04:51 HK$253
To Bayeux 05:03 HK$289
To Lille 05:12 HK$226
To Caen 05:22 HK$280
To Champagne-ardenne 05:36 HK$452
To Louvigny 06:23 HK$759
To Valence 06:33 HK$696
To Tours 06:41 HK$244
To Lyon 06:43 HK$488
To Strasbourg 07:22 HK$551
To Aix En Provence Tgv 07:33 HK$831
To Marseille 07:48 HK$334
To Nimes 07:52 HK$912
To Avignon 08:14 HK$334
To Montpellier 08:20 HK$741

While you're there

Rennes is the capital of Brittany region in France. The city of Rennes can be reached by the high speed TGV from Paris in 2 short hours. Rennes is the perfect base to visit other towns of Brittany, namely the Mont Saint-Michel and Saint-Malo. The city of Rennes is a dynamic city with over 50,000 students. The city has a rich architectural heritage, convivial restaurants and quality shops. When in Rennes, check street posters to track down a fest-noz – a time-honoured ball where generations meet to dance to traditional music and to drink and snack on authentic French delicacies. Take a night out to enjoy one of these rather than a nightclub and you’ll experience the real Rennes.

In the historic centre, explore the narrow, winding streets. You’ll discover colourful half-timbered houses dating back to the 15th century, the Cathedral Saint-Pierre and the city’s defensive heritage. In Place des Lices, is held the second largest food market in France every Saturday. Other notable landmarksin Rennes are: the two royal squares, the City Hall designed by Gabriel, the architect of Louis XV, the Parliament of Brittany, the Champs Libres Centre designed by Christian de Portzamparc, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Jardin du Thabor considered as one of the most beautiful French gardens, and the Saint-Georges swimming pool with mosaics designed by Odorico.

In Rennes you are most likely to have a taste of local specialities such as galettes and crêpes, pâtés, parlementins (pastries) and cider. If you are an amateur of fine cuisine, don’t miss the Festival Gourmand.

Rennes has plenty of markets to keep your roving eye occupied. Every Saturday the central food market in the Place des Lices near the Medieval Quarter sells huge varieties of French specialties. For good value clothes, games and make-up visit the Galleries Lafayette Mall. Between Place Sainte Anne and Place de la Mairie, there are numerous pedestrian street, ideal to shop.

Office de tourisme de Rennes
11, rue Saint-Yves, 35064 RENNES CEDEX
Tel: +33 (0)2 99 67 11 11

The city’s tourist office has a helpful personnel, insider information and tips as well as handy maps and brochures. The city’s tourist office also arranges tours and excursions and is a focal point for local accommodation.

Train Station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Rennes can be found.

Rennes railway station(s)

Rennes Train Station

Rennes Train Station

Address: 19, Place de la gare BP 90527 35005 Rennes cedex

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 5am to 12:45am
Saturday: 5am to 12:45am
Sunday: 6am to 12:45am

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (TGV), Regional trains (TER), Intercity trains
SNCF rail agents, Assistance for disabled persons, Business lounges & Waiting rooms, Disabled facilities, Currency Exchange, Lost and found, Tourist Information Point, Toilets, Luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet, ATM and Phone cabins.

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Customer reviews

  • "Enjoyable trip by train"    
    This was part of my train journey from Munich to Rennes, changing train at Paris. The train journey from Paris to Rennes was quite pleasant but there was hiccup in respect of the train journey from Munich to Paris. Initially I used my 2nd class railpass to buy a train ticket re Munich to Paris but due to a mistake got a ticket for 1st class seat. I went to raileurope office and informed them of the error. Told by staff there that the ticket was invalid, and that I needed to buy another ticket, to return the first ticket and then to request for its refund. I thus bought another ticket, returned the first ticket and asked for its refund. But days later, told by raileurope that the refund was refused. Found this very unjust, unfair and unreasonable to a genuine and honest customer, though this experience did not disturb my journeys in Europe.  
  • " Paris here I come !!!"    
    I am glad that I didn,t have to change at Rennes as there were hundreds of people eager to board the TGV there.My seat was at the end of the car so access to a toilet was easy and not far from the cafe/bar. The TGV,s started precisely at the minute on the timetable and arrived within seconds of the appointed time.I was very impressed. Thankyou Rail Europe. Rowland.  
  • "Rowland,s wanderings."    
    When I arrived at St. Malo I discovered that I was in time to take a TGV direct from St. Malo to Paris.I went to the ticket office and changed my ticket accordingly and was refunded 2 euros !!!! I got a window seat as well.  
  • "The way to travel"    
    We took the train from Paris to Rennes for a quick break out of the main city the train ride was great we went 2nd class but were able to meals and drinks from the dinning cabin and we had very comfortable seat for the trip. Well done.  
  • "Trains in France"    
    As usual train on time and good prices if you book well in advance  
  • "fine"    
    very nice train  
  • "Easy for non-french speakers"    
    The train was stationed when I reached the Quimper station. The screen showed which platform it was on. Once I reached the train they had a sign with the coach directions. This was what I was worried about. They had a station master to assist. The cabin and seats were comfortable and had good air conditioning. The journey was a comfortable one for sure from Quimper to Rennes.  
  • "Wang"    
    Very timely and comfortable to travel via euro rail.  
  • "Delightful trip to Paris"    
    Lovely, clean cushy 1st class seats with power outlets - great views out the windows- great way to travel.  
  • "Birthday Treat"    
    Very enjoyable trip, departed on time and arrived at the estimated time. Very comfortable and clean.  
  • "Comfortable regional train"    
    No issue during trip. Very good facilities as well for a regional train (compared to other EU regional train)  
  • "Very comfy TGV train trip"    
    Overall, good trip with no issue. Very convenient TGV train.  
  • "France trip"    
    The TGV is a nice train. Be aware that if you are using the Eurorail pass, you must have them punch/stamp your pass for each day of use before you get on the train. Find the place in the train terminal to get this done before your train is ready to depart. Also, we had a hard time booking seat reservations for one of the trips. There were plenty of seats but they system indicated there weren't. It took a lot of emails/complaints (long before we headed to France) to get them to figure it out and get our seats reserved. They showed available before I bought the Eurail passes and then immediately were not right after I bought them. Just be careful. The pass is worthless if you can't get a seat on the train you need.  
  • "Excellent coffee!"    
    Excellent coffee and friendly service in the kiosk on the train!  
  • "Ok "    
    Glad we had allocated seats .. had to ask someone to move out of our seat.  
  • 0 15 30 45 60 75