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Poitiers, when romanesque art goes with amusement park In the heart of the Poitou-Charentes region in western France, the beautiful city of Poitiers is waiting for you. It is located 100 km south from Tours and the world-famous Loire Valley’s chateaux, and counts a little more than 80.000 (...)

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Getting there You can get to Poitiers from Lille, Strasbourg and La rochelle. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 01:37 HK$200
From Aeroport C De Gaulle 02:20 HK$270
From Bordeaux 01:49 HK$250
From Lille 03:20 HK$370
From Strasbourg 04:40 HK$480
From La Rochelle 01:30 HK$195
From Limoges 01:42 HK$227
From Massy 01:33 HK$270
From Marne La Vallee Ches 02:07 HK$430
From Arcachon 02:40 HK$300
From Libourne 01:28 HK$235
From Cognac 01:48 HK$270
From Surgeres 01:08 HK$165
From St Maixent Deux Sevr 00:31 HK$93
From St Saviol 00:30 HK$102
From Ruffec 00:28 HK$121
From Lusignan 00:16 HK$90
From Montmorillon 00:34 HK$102
From St Pierre Des Corps 00:38 HK$127
From Tours 01:03 HK$169
From Bellac 01:03 HK$168
From Angouleme 00:46 HK$165
From Niort 00:43 HK$122
From Chatellerault 00:15 HK$90

Getting around From Poitiers, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Lusignan 00:18 HK$90
To Chatellerault 00:31 HK$90
To St Saviol 00:38 HK$102
To St Maixent Deux Sevr 00:44 HK$93
To Ruffec 00:48 HK$104
To St Pierre Des Corps 00:52 HK$127
To Niort 01:01 HK$122
To Angouleme 01:14 HK$165
To Bellac 01:24 HK$168
To Massy 01:39 HK$450
To Paris 02:05 HK$200
To Marne La Vallee Ches 02:14 HK$430
To Aeroport C De Gaulle 02:29 HK$270
To Montmorillon 02:58 HK$105
To Tours 03:22 HK$136
To Bordeaux 03:29 HK$250
To Surgeres 03:37 HK$159
To Limoges 03:52 HK$232
To Libourne 03:57 HK$235
To La Rochelle 04:02 HK$186
To Cognac 04:15 HK$217
To Arcachon 05:12 HK$300
To Lille 05:20 HK$350
To Dax 05:30 HK$350
To Bayonne 06:09 HK$400
To Bruxelles 06:27 HK$970
To Toulouse 06:42 HK$420
To Hendaye 06:46 HK$420
To Strasbourg 06:53 HK$500
To Lourdes 06:56 HK$430

While you're there

Poitiers, when romanesque art goes with amusement park

In the heart of the Poitou-Charentes region in western France, the beautiful city of Poitiers is waiting for you. It is located 100 km south from Tours and the world-famous Loire Valley’s chateaux, and counts a little more than 80.000 inhabitants

The whole region of Poitou-Charente is known for its multitude of religious romanesque style buildings. Poitiers presents many of remarkable examples of this beautiful architecture.

Among them, head the Notre-Dame-la-Grande’s church with its amazing sculpted facade, or visit the UNESCO listed Saint-Hilaire-le-Grand’s church, dating back from the 11th century. Several meters away from Notre-Dame-la-Grande’s church, you will discover another pearl of Poitiers’ cultural heritage : the "angevin gothic " style Saint Peter’s cathedral. If the cultural heritage of Poitiers is really rich, many other activities are available, such as the nearby Futurscope amusement park...

Whatever you do in Poitiers, you will enjoy this multifaceted and pleasant historic city.

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Customer reviews

  • "Very nice, quick journey"    
    Very nice, fast and comfortable trains. I love travelling by TGV. I live in Lezay, about 50 mins drive from Poitiers so is there a station closer and what is planned for the new train line close to where I live? Also, I don't understand the pricing. My ticket cost 79.50 Euros and the advertising says "from € 20". I have pasted the text from a Google search: Train Poitiers Paris from € 20 - Timetable  
  • "Excellent experience"    
    It was a brand new coach. Very clean and comfortable.  
  • "Timely delivery to CDG"    
    Travelled 2nd class on TGV, upstairs in a relatively new train. Very comfortable and on time with delivery to CDG Aeroport in time for our flight home.  
  • "I’d use it again"    
    On-time, great value if you book well in advanced. Easy to navigate and staff were very friendly.  
  • "ticket machine"    
    I got my ticket at the train station from the machines. I tried to follow your instructions, but I had some difficulties. Machine asked my name although it was not written in your instructions. When I entered my full name, I ve got error message. After many trials I found that I shouls enter just my family name. Instructions should me more clear especially for the new users.  
  • "Delayed by well over one hour"    
    TGV delayed due to technical problems on separate occasions and lack of luggage space in first class coaches which severely inconvenienced us  
  • "Delayed 2 hours"    
    This train was stuck for two hours and as a non French speaking tourist it was extremely disappointing that none of the announcements were in English to inform what was going on. When you've been traveling from New Zealand for the best part of a day, rude French staff is all you need. I'll hire a car next time, it would have been cheaper as well.  
  • "A great way to travel"    
    I learned that I could take the train direct to Charles de Gaulle Airport and had no trouble changing my ticket at the station. The day was dark and foggy, and as the morning skies lightened, the countryside began to roll past swathed in mists. It was intensely beautiful. A magnificent way to end a vacation. Clean. Fast. Comfortable. Convenient. Relaxing. The change of train in Poitiers couldn't have been easier. Plenty of space to stow luggage. I wish we had high-speed trains in the US!  
  • "TGV online booking"    
    We have booked through online booking system. The system is easy to use, and the print@station option is good. But there are not enough print station at CDG airport, always a long queue for the few station. And we travel in a group of 3, but we have to make the booking separately as this is business trip. We can't sit together as there is no option to choose seat. Would appreciate seats selection to be implemented for online booking  
  • "Holiday in France"    
    Unfortunately the air conditioning was not working well. As the train was packed the trip was uncomfortable.  
  • "ticket problem but good trip "    
    i purchased the tickets for this trip online months before and didn't think much until i had to print them at the station. i didn't receive a confirmation number and only had a booking number. needless to say i was trying to print at the station and was having a really hard time. i went to the ticket line to speak to someone and the man there was incredibly rude (this is in the gare of poitiers). he was giving me a hard time asking why i didn't receive the email and so forth. fortunately he was able to find my reservation and i was able to board on time. but that experience was not pleasant. FYI, please tell people, especially the ones who don't speak french, that is just easier to print the tix at home. the trip on the train was great though. fast and easy  
  • "TGV CdG to Poitiers Excellent"    
    Train arrived on time, at the correct place. Seat was allocated, comfortable, plenty of luggage space available, at this time. Plug available for laptop. Excellent service!  
  • "None"    
    I have no complaint with RAILEUROPE, but I do with the SNCF and I will make a complaint to them.  
  • "Luggage impeded"    
    Very convenient having the station in the airport but it means that there is always a crowd of people jostling to get on the train, often with large suitcases. This creates issues with luggage storage particularly for upstairs seats on the double decker coaches as lugging 20 kg suitcases up the narrow stairs is no picnic. Other than that we cannot fault the trip, ticket issuing efficient, seats very comfortable and arrival on time.  
  • "Trip CDG-Poitiers"    
    The trains were on time.There were no problems to find our seats and everything worked well. But in the buffet-coach the menucard promised more than it could keep. It was rather poor.  
  • 0 15