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South of France, in reach of Spain

About France

Getting there You can get to Perpignan from Avignon, Lyon and Marseille. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 04:53 HK$177
From Brussels 07:25 HK$1,398
From Paris Cdg Airport 05:44 HK$1,044
From Avignon 02:17 HK$133
From Lyon 03:31 HK$327
From Marseille 03:46 HK$416
From Toulouse 02:17 HK$204
From Montpellier 01:26 HK$150
From Lille 06:39 HK$1,257
From Aix En Provence Tgv 02:39 HK$354
From Valence 02:47 HK$177
From Nimes 01:54 HK$186
From Vierzon 07:36 HK$920
From Limoges 05:52 HK$389
From Marne La Vallee 05:31 HK$1,044
From Nancy 10:44 HK$451
From Gourdon 04:06 HK$363
From Castelnaudary 01:54 HK$150
From Banyuls Sur Mer 00:30 HK$80
From Narbonne 00:32 HK$88
From Port La Nouvelle 00:28 HK$80
From Port Vendres 00:25 HK$80
From Argeles Sur Mer 00:16 HK$80
From Collioure 00:21 HK$80
From Cerbere 00:37 HK$80
From Prades 00:40 HK$80
From Marseillan-plage 01:22 HK$168
From Carcassonne 01:34 HK$133
From Sete 01:19 HK$195
From Agde 01:03 HK$133
From Beziers 00:44 HK$115
From Villefranche Vern 00:48 HK$80
From Rivesaltes 00:05 HK$80

Getting around From Perpignan, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Rivesaltes 00:06 HK$80
To Argeles Sur Mer 00:19 HK$80
To Collioure 00:26 HK$80
To Port La Nouvelle 00:31 HK$80
To Port Vendres 00:32 HK$80
To Banyuls Sur Mer 00:39 HK$80
To Prades 00:44 HK$80
To Cerbere 00:48 HK$80
To Narbonne 00:48 HK$88
To Villefranche Vern 00:53 HK$80
To Marseillan-plage 01:27 HK$177
To Beziers 01:50 HK$115
To Agde 01:55 HK$133
To Montpellier 02:39 HK$150
To Nimes 02:48 HK$177
To Sete 02:50 HK$133
To Carcassonne 03:23 HK$133
To Castelnaudary 04:10 HK$177
To Toulouse 04:14 HK$186
To Avignon 04:37 HK$133
To Valence 05:05 HK$221
To Gourdon 05:06 HK$460
To Aix En Provence Tgv 05:22 HK$265
To Marseille 05:53 HK$239
To Valencia 06:08 HK$611
To Lyon 06:22 HK$177
To Marne La Vallee 07:31 HK$522
To Paris Cdg Airport 07:45 HK$540
To Alicante 08:06 HK$761
To Limoges 08:10 HK$469
To Vierzon 08:30 HK$487
To Bern 08:36 HK$929
To Zurich 09:43 HK$1,080
To Paris 11:04 HK$177
To Milan 11:44 HK$796
To Lille 12:41 HK$611
To Nancy 12:43 HK$451
To Brussels 13:16 HK$673

While you're there

Perpignan, between Spain and France, it’s a whole culture!

In 1963, Salvador Dali declared that the railway station of Perpignan was indeed the centre of the whole universe. Is it real or not, nobody knows. Yet one thing is for sure: Perpignan, capital of the Pyrénées Orientales department, is definitely a pleasurable city.

Perpignan used to belong to the counts of Barcelona and became french only after the Thirty Years’ War in 1659. Thus, you should not be surprised to find there a pretty interesting mixture of catalan and french cultures.

Wonders like the cathedral of Saint John the Baptist or the Palace of the Kings of Majorca, as well as many places and ballads along the river Basse are not to be missed.
Together with tasty wines from the Roussillon area, you might also enjoy the traditionnal boles de picolat (delicious catalan meatballs served with beans).

In Perpignan and around, you will find all you were looking for!

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Customer reviews

  • "French rail pass FC"    
  • "euro trip by train"    
    excellent in all aspects. full 5 *s  
  • "ok"    
    Everything was good)) Quietly, comfortable and very fast)) Thanks)  
  • "Trip to the South!"    
    This was a wonderful experience! The seats were more comfortable than on the airplane flying back to Paris! The food on the train was excellent but a bit on the expensive side. I will however, recommend the TGV.  
  • "Baggage and announcements"    
    We found the lack of enough suitcase storage space very annoying. This meant we had to drag our suitcases down the aisle sideways as there was not enough space in the aisle to wheel them along. People were forced to leave their suitcases near exit doors, which made it difficult and dangerous to get on and off the train. The racks above the seats were also too small to store anything larger than a small backpack. In all the countries we traveled through on previous trips to Europe, announcements on the trains were made first in that country's language and then in English. EXCEPT in France..Tthis is still the case!!!..the only announcement made in English was which carriage had the cafeteria. The French need to realise that English is the universal language!!!!!!!!!!!  
  • "Outstanding "    
    Thank you for a wonderful trip and making my holiday in France such a great experience.  
  • "a delightful journal"    
    My husband and I are from the US and thoroughly enjoyed our train trip. Our seats were comfortable; the food service was great; we arrived on time. Our only difficulty was that announcements were of course, in French, so we sometimes weren't sure of what was going on (like when the food was to be served). I was not thrilled with the on-line ordering process and the cost of shipping my tickets from Mumbai - but that is for another survey.  
  • "Going Home"    
    This was the second last leg of our France Trip. We boarded on time and found our seats, which were at the back of the carriage. As there were 4 of us, we were conveniently seated behind a little petition. The train ride was very pleasant indeed. We bought a coffee after a couple of hours and enjoyed the scenery. The trip went fast and we would certainly travel again with TGV. We wish they had trains like this in Australia !