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Noted for academic and artistic achievement

About Italy

Getting there You can get to Padua from Milan, Florence and Munich. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 13:07 HK$742
From Rome 02:52 HK$390
From Venice 00:14 HK$139
From Milan 02:07 HK$325
From Florence 01:37 HK$362
From Munich 05:39 HK$362
From Vienna 10:17 HK$640
From Geneva 06:30 HK$975
From Naples 04:37 HK$891
From Verona 00:43 HK$167
From Innsbruck 03:59 HK$269
From Bologna 00:57 HK$130
From Orvieto 04:15 HK$381
From Pescara 04:22 HK$548
From Foggia 05:57 HK$659
From Vicenza 00:16 HK$139
From Ancona 03:11 HK$427
From Brescia 01:19 HK$260
From Desenzano G Sirmi 01:05 HK$195
From Peschiera Del Garda 00:59 HK$195
From Monfalcone 01:43 HK$139
From Trieste 02:06 HK$176
From Treviso 00:44 HK$84
From Ferrara 00:35 HK$93
From Chiusi 03:50 HK$353

Getting around From Padua, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Vicenza 00:15 HK$139
To Venice 00:30 HK$74
To Rovigo 00:35 HK$74
To Verona 00:43 HK$167
To Ferrara 00:55 HK$93
To Peschiera Del Garda 00:59 HK$195
To Desenzano G Sirmi 01:08 HK$195
To Treviso 01:22 HK$84
To Bologna 01:23 HK$130
To Brescia 01:25 HK$260
To Florence 01:37 HK$362
To Milan 02:18 HK$325
To Chiusi 03:58 HK$353
To Monfalcone 04:03 HK$139
To Trieste 04:30 HK$176
To Naples 04:42 HK$891
To Rome 05:35 HK$445
To Innsbruck 06:35 HK$269
To Geneva 07:09 HK$390
To Munich 09:49 HK$362
To Paris 13:40 HK$742
To Vienna 14:11 HK$631

Padua city guide

Padua is a city of art. Donatello left a legacy of sculptures and Giotto a masterpiece fresco. Pilgrims flock to Saint Anthony’s corpse in the 14th-century basilica. Padua university is one of Europe’s oldest, dating back to 1222, lending the city a spirit of scholarly youthfulness.

Padua station(s)

Trains are convenient way to reach any town and city in Europe. All main towns have a railway station, while major cities have more than two railway stations. Nearly all railway stations are located in the city centre. Check our map to locate railway station(s) in Padua.


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Customer reviews

  • "L.Wheeler : Paddington/Taunton"    
    The train was very quiet despite its speed and my seat was comfortable. I didn't have the need to get any refreshments from the facility available. The train (as far as Taunton) was reasonably empty which made the journey nice and peaceful.  
  • "smooth trip good service"    
    The train from Padova to Plorence was clean and organizrd, very pleasant rip. I wish ther could be a way of knowing whether the seat faces forward or back when the reservation is made. I can not ride facing back  
  • "Overcharged "    
    Rail Europe charged me 41 euros for his ticket but I discovered that buying in on the day should have cost more like 12 euros  
  • "A bit late but fine"    
    The train was fine, but looking at how much it should have cost if I'd bought it from the train company it was overpriced, the toilet was broken on one end of the carriage and had no paper in the other, and somehow lost time in the last few stops so instead to having 15min to get from this to my connecting train I ran and only just made it onto my next train as the doors closed behind me. So it wasn't ideal.