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About Norway

Getting there You can get to Oslo from Kristiansand, Myrdal and Voss. Best price and travel duration below.

From Stockholm 05:55 HK$726
From Gothenburg 03:49 HK$681
From Katrineholm 04:52 HK$221
From Kristiansand 04:29 HK$726
From Myrdal 04:35 HK$814
From Voss 05:17 HK$894
From Sodertalje 05:35 HK$283
From Stavanger 07:46 HK$1,115
From Bergen 06:29 HK$1,000
From Trondheim 06:09 HK$1,027
From Hallsberg 04:22 HK$301
From Dombas 04:02 HK$814
From Lillehammer 01:33 HK$398
From Tonsberg 01:22 HK$239
From Fredirikstad 01:08 HK$212
From Halden 01:42 HK$301
From Sandefjord 01:43 HK$292
From Otta 03:28 HK$655
From Karlstad 03:04 HK$460
From Gjovik 01:56 HK$274
From Drammen 00:32 HK$106

Getting around From Oslo, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Fredirikstad 01:15 HK$212
To Tonsberg 01:23 HK$239
To Halden 01:52 HK$301
To Sandefjord 01:53 HK$292
To Gjovik 02:00 HK$274
To Drammen 02:24 HK$106
To Lillehammer 02:34 HK$398
To Karlstad 03:03 HK$460
To Gothenburg 04:03 HK$681
To Otta 04:08 HK$761
To Hallsberg 04:15 HK$531
To Katrineholm 04:45 HK$327
To Dombas 04:58 HK$708
To Myrdal 05:12 HK$814
To Stockholm 05:54 HK$726
To Voss 06:01 HK$894
To Bergen 07:28 HK$894
To Trondheim 07:54 HK$1,027
To Kristiansand 08:29 HK$726
To Stavanger 09:04 HK$1,115

While you're there

Oslo, enjoy the Norwegian fresh air!

Oslo is a breath of fresh air, offering culture and green spaces in equal measure. Opt for the clean, tree-lined streets of the centre with its eclectic galleries, bars and restaurants, or head to the Oslo Marka forest for fishing, skiing and hiking.

The largest and most famous park in the capital of Norway, the "Vigelandspark", hides 200 amazingly realist sculptures that the artist Vigeland created all along his life.

A visit of the Munch Museum will help you understand the great work of the world-known Norwegian painter Edvard Munch. Let yourself be tempted by the Viking Museum and its extraordinary Viking boats and other Viking collections and textiles. Discover the "Holmenkollen", a place entirely dedicated to the history and the practice of skiing.

To taste most of the Norwegian specialties, order a "koldtbord", a copious buffet offering all the typical meals and try carefully the local flavoured spirit "aquavit".

Train Station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Oslo can be found.

While trains are the convenient way to travel in Europe, planes are essential for bringing you from overseas. Major European cities are annexed to airports hubs, while important cities or towns are served by regional airports. Oslo is annexed to Norway.

Nearest airport

Gardermoen Oslo Lufthavn Airport

Gardermoen Oslo Lufthavn Airport Oslo-Gardermoen Airport is located about 35 km to the northeast of Oslo city. It is the second busiest airport of the Nordic countries with 30 domestic flights and over 110 international flights. Over a hundred destinations can be reached from Oslo-Gardermoen Airport.

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Oslo S

Address: Christian Frederiks plass 2 154 Oslo

Oslo V

Address: Filipstadveien 4 270 Oslo


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Customer reviews

  • "Feedback of trip."    
    Actually, it was the first time I take the Europe trains. It was much comfortable than China. However, During this trip. The free wifi is not consistent. When I use the internet to watch movie, it always break. So maybe you can improve your internet stability. Others are well enough. Thanks.  
  • "Oslo to Stockholm"    
    Oslo train station is very easy to navigate as well as Stockholms. The business class coach was very comfortable and had plenty of room. If you are traveling with large pieces of luggage make sure to get there early so you can get on first and get your luggage stored. The trains are definitely the way to travel through Europe.  
  • "Exciting "    
    We received our tickets three days before the journey but all the trip was perfect  
    Comfort and easy to go between !  
  • "Oslo-Stockholm Trip"    
    We travelled as a group of six - everything went off without a hitch. The train was timely and comfortable. It was both convenient and easy to book online (from Canada). Tickets arrived quickly. Questions answered. Excellent customer service. Will do this again when circumstances permit.  
  • "Great"    
    It was a nice ride with wifi, proper amenities and I had a good trip.  
  • "Train on time is excellent."    
    We are glad to see the train on time to platform and departure very soon within 5 minutes, that is very good experience for us . Everything is in order and nice coffee as well .  
  • "Vikings on Rails"    
    I travelled the 3 nordic Countries NOR; SVE and DAN by Rail and was more than impressed, especially also in Relation to the Railway System we have here in Germany Price, Service and everything was super and made my Trip a real Success.  
  • "Complicated trip"    
    The trip begin well, The train was quite confortable, but just in the mid-way between Stockholm and Olso the rain make the train to stop and we have to follow the trip by bus, moving lugages and waiting more than half un hour under the rain in a very small rural rail station. Very inconfortable trip because of meteo conditions.  
  • "Ac is poor"    
    The performance of air condition is poor due to high ambient temperature  
  • "A disatisfied experience"    
    train was very old, seats very uncomfortable, it was very hot inside and the worst issue is that almost 2/3 of the bathrooms were out of order. The later is totally unacceptable for a trip which last almost 6 hs. Very disatified with the experience. Being Sweeden such a developed country, I expected a train with the highest standards of quality.  
  • "Cheap but inconvenience"    
    The train broadcast was conducted in Swedish only, giving me, who can only speak English among all European languages, a very hard time. I had no other means, such as electronic showboard, to know if I had arrived in Lund or not. The train had some delay, and I ended up getting off at an incorrect station.  
  • "Not Good"    
    The children from the other family is playing in the corridor and no crew to stop them.  
  • "Stockholm to Oslo"    
    The ride from Stockholm to Oslo was very nice. We enjoyed the travel through the countryside seeing new things. Arrival in Oslo was on time. We wished that the windows would have been cleaned for better picture taking. In addition, there could have been a greater selection of food items available for purchase.  
  • "From Norway to Sweden"    
    Train left Oslo and reached Stockholm on time  
  • 0 15