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Getting there You can get to Nuremberg from Vienna, Cologne and Copenhagen. Best price and travel duration below.

From Frankfurt 02:05 HK$186
From Berlin 04:58 HK$186
From Munich 01:15 HK$186
From Vienna 04:33 HK$975
From Cologne 03:41 HK$293
From Copenhagen 11:34 HK$1,232
From Stuttgart 02:09 HK$186
From Hamburg 04:23 HK$293
From Dusseldorf 03:37 HK$293
From Hanover 02:58 HK$293
From Bonn 04:10 HK$186
From Karlsruhe 03:10 HK$293
From Bremen 04:36 HK$293
From Linz 03:08 HK$638
From Siegburg 03:12 HK$186
From Plzen 03:18 HK$213
From Leipzig 03:37 HK$293
From Osnabruck 06:49 HK$293
From Essen 04:05 HK$293
From Duisburg 03:51 HK$293
From Hagen 05:27 HK$293
From Koblenz 03:36 HK$293
From Mainz 02:43 HK$293
From Regensburg 00:56 HK$186
From Schwandorf 01:05 HK$204
From Augsburg 01:07 HK$186
From Wurzburg 00:52 HK$186
From Ingolstadt 00:38 HK$186
From Ansbach 00:26 HK$115
From Bamberg 00:38 HK$186
From Weiden 01:08 HK$204
From Marktredwitz 01:12 HK$257
From Passau 01:59 HK$186
From Goettingen 02:22 HK$293
From Erlangen 00:16 HK$115
From Lichtenfels 01:49 HK$319
From Hof 01:40 HK$328
From Fulda 01:24 HK$293
From Aschaffenburg 01:34 HK$186
From Wels 02:53 HK$674

Getting around From Nuremberg, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Erlangen 00:13 HK$115
To Ansbach 00:31 HK$115
To Bamberg 00:36 HK$186
To Wurzburg 01:40 HK$186
To Schwandorf 01:41 HK$204
To Ingolstadt 01:47 HK$186
To Fulda 01:57 HK$293
To Lichtenfels 01:57 HK$319
To Weiden 02:04 HK$204
To Regensburg 02:08 HK$186
To Augsburg 02:19 HK$186
To Hof 02:37 HK$328
To Frankfurt 02:51 HK$230
To Munich 02:59 HK$186
To Coburg 03:31 HK$239
To Goettingen 03:37 HK$186
To Passau 03:43 HK$186
To Mainz 03:44 HK$293
To Stuttgart 04:06 HK$186
To Leipzig 04:29 HK$293
To Hanover 04:43 HK$293
To Karlsruhe 05:07 HK$293
To Bonn 05:08 HK$293
To Siegburg 05:18 HK$293
To Wels 05:19 HK$674
To Plzen 05:21 HK$213
To Cologne 05:31 HK$293
To Essen 06:01 HK$293
To Dusseldorf 06:11 HK$293
To Duisburg 06:12 HK$186
To Koblenz 07:04 HK$293
To Basel 07:32 HK$940
To Osnabruck 07:41 HK$293
To Prague 07:43 HK$559
To Linz 08:08 HK$638
To Bremen 08:47 HK$186
To Hagen 08:50 HK$186
To Innsbruck 09:05 HK$1,011
To Naumburg Saale 09:42 HK$293
To Zurich 09:45 HK$904
To Hamburg 09:46 HK$293
To Chemnitz 09:52 HK$293
To Vienna 10:28 HK$833
To Dresden 10:33 HK$293
To Berlin 10:50 HK$293
To Copenhagen 13:19 HK$816

While you're there

Nuremberg, the historic touch.

History has left its mark on Bavarian city Nuremberg, with medieval castles and Baroque churches alongside museums dedicated to the post-war Nuremberg Trials. Come December, a homely feel fills the air for the world-famous Christmas market – refuel with the local Drei im Weggla sausages.

Start your unforgettable journey in Nuremberg by admiring a splendid view onto the old city from the top of the keep of the 15th and the 16th centuries imperial castle .

Then reach the Marketplace where stands the magnificent gothic "Belle Fontaine" decorated with 40 interesting figures. At the foot of the city walls, you will discover a splendid house from the 15th century: the famous artist Dürer’s house. The Resource Centre has a rich collection of formats about the rising of the Nazism and its history in Nuremberg.

Finally, go to the "Hauptmarkt", the main square, to savour the "Lebkuchen", the traditional German gingerbread.

Train Station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Nuremberg can be found.

Nuernberg Hbf

Address: Hinterm Bahnhof 35 90459 Nuremberg


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