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Nice, a combination of sea, city and mountains

About France

Getting there You can get to Nice from Avignon, Geneva and Lyon. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 05:37 HK$319
From Brussels 08:16 HK$1,295
From Paris Cdg Airport 06:35 HK$957
From Avignon 02:56 HK$182
From Geneva 06:23 HK$538
From Lyon 04:27 HK$228
From Marseille 02:31 HK$210
From Bordeaux 08:50 HK$182
From Toulouse 06:43 HK$182
From Montpellier 04:30 HK$182
From Monaco 00:14 HK$82
From Dijon 06:12 HK$401
From Luxembourg 14:13 HK$447
From Lille 07:30 HK$1,085
From Ventimiglia 00:39 HK$82
From Aix En Provence Tgv 02:39 HK$264
From Strasbourg 13:27 HK$182
From Mulhouse 12:15 HK$182
From Beaulieu Sur Mer 00:05 HK$82
From Cagnes Sur Mer 00:05 HK$82
From Eze 00:09 HK$82
From Colmar 12:48 HK$182
From Thionville 13:33 HK$921
From Belfort 11:28 HK$547
From Culmont Chalindre 09:42 HK$1,286
From Metz 09:29 HK$465
From Nancy 08:48 HK$465
From Antibes 00:13 HK$82
From Breil Sur Roya 01:02 HK$82
From Les Arcs 01:07 HK$119
From Grasse 01:00 HK$82
From St Raphael 00:52 HK$91
From Cannes 00:25 HK$82
From Menton (localite) 00:27 HK$82
From Toulon 01:37 HK$182
From Tende 01:59 HK$109
From Carnoles 00:22 HK$82
From Chalon Sur Saone 05:38 HK$638
From Macon 05:13 HK$839
From Villefranche Mer 00:01 HK$82
From Valence 03:52 HK$228
From Arles 03:54 HK$264
From Marne La Vallee 06:22 HK$848

Getting around From Nice, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Villefranche Mer 00:16 HK$82
To Beaulieu Sur Mer 00:19 HK$82
To Eze 00:23 HK$82
To Cagnes Sur Mer 00:24 HK$82
To Cap D'ail 00:27 HK$82
To Monaco 00:32 HK$82
To Antibes 00:36 HK$82
To Cannes 00:50 HK$82
To Menton (localite) 01:16 HK$82
To Breil Sur Roya 01:21 HK$82
To St Raphael 01:27 HK$91
To Frejus (localite) 01:31 HK$100
To Les Arcs 01:44 HK$119
To Ventimiglia 01:59 HK$82
To Toulon 01:59 HK$182
To Carnoles 02:11 HK$82
To Marseille 02:49 HK$210
To Grasse 02:52 HK$82
To Aix En Provence Tgv 03:20 HK$264
To San Remo 03:27 HK$164
To Tende 03:38 HK$109
To Imperia 03:42 HK$119
To Alassio 04:12 HK$137
To Savona 04:44 HK$210
To Genoa 05:20 HK$255
To Avignon 05:36 HK$182
To Arles 05:48 HK$264
To Voghera 06:21 HK$310
To Nimes 06:48 HK$292
To Montpellier 06:52 HK$182
To Macon 07:10 HK$292
To Sete 07:16 HK$337
To Milan 07:17 HK$82
To Valence 07:25 HK$228
To Agde 07:34 HK$511
To Chalon Sur Saone 07:39 HK$319
To Beziers 07:48 HK$365
To Narbonne 07:56 HK$374
To Carcassonne 08:00 HK$419
To Dijon 08:22 HK$328
To Lyon 08:34 HK$274
To Bellegarde 08:40 HK$520
To Marne La Vallee 08:42 HK$802
To Beaune 08:52 HK$839
To Paris Cdg Airport 08:55 HK$684
To Toulouse 09:01 HK$182
To Geneva 09:10 HK$538
To Culmont Chalindre 09:29 HK$502
To Besançon 09:44 HK$547
To Agen 10:17 HK$584
To Marmande 10:23 HK$565
To Bordeaux 11:07 HK$182
To Belfort 11:43 HK$547
To Bayonne 12:11 HK$885
To Hendaye 12:50 HK$903
To Paris 12:57 HK$182
To Mulhouse 13:28 HK$182
To Nancy 13:58 HK$465
To Biarritz 14:22 HK$775
To Luxembourg 14:32 HK$447
To Colmar 15:01 HK$255
To Lille 15:15 HK$675
To Brussels 15:24 HK$447
To Metz 15:30 HK$182
To Strasbourg 15:36 HK$182
To Nantes 16:11 HK$1,030
To Thionville 16:21 HK$584
To Moscow 47:38 HK$2,836

Nice city guide

Nice, the capital of the French Riviera

Nice, capital of the French Riviera, is the place to be whether you are an art lover, a shopping addict, night clubber or just fond of the Dolce Vita lifestyle. Nice is a creative, dynamic and cosmopolitan city. The city is a symbol of Mediterranean art of living, with a perpetual invitation to travel and relaxation. Its surroundings also provide various opportunities for cultural discoveries. Nice has an exceptional microclimate, open to the sea and protected from the winds by the surrounding hills.

Dedicate two days in Nice to tour the old city which is the most picturesque area of Nice. Its exceptional baroque architecture, famous flower market, Place Rossetti, trompe-l’œil façades and numerous churches are some of the highlights not to be missed! Make a detour to the Cours Saleya and discover its local products. The French Riviera is a favourite destination for the perfume makers. Take time to visit the small perfume museum in the old town. Later, climb the steps that lead to the magnificent park of the Castle Hill with a stunning view over the old town, the Baie des Anges and the harbour.

Try local specialities like Socca (chickpea pancake) or Pissaladière (anchovy-cream-based tart with a soft layer of onions and olives). Dishes are always accompanied by the rich flavour of Cailletier, a special olive tree typical of Nice. Enjoy the sweet Mediterranean lifestyle by tasting a glass of Vin de Bellet.

Head to Place Massena for a unique shopping experience. Then move to the nearby Golden Square, which is renowned for its luxurious, elegant and refined boutiques.

Nice Tourist Office
5 Promenade des Anglais
Tel: +33 (0)8 92 70 74 07

The city’s tourist office has a helpful personnel, insider information and tips as well as handy maps and brochures. The city’s tourist office also arranges tours and excursions and is a focal point for local accommodation.

Nice station(s)

Trains are convenient way to reach any town and city in Europe. All main towns have a railway station, while major cities have more than two railway stations. Nearly all railway stations are located in the city centre. Check our map to locate railway station(s) in Nice.

Nice railway station(s)

Nice St Augustin Train Station

Nice St Augustin Train Station

Address: Avenue Edouard Grinda 6000 Nice

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 6am to 8:40pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9:15am to 5:20pm
Public holidays: 9:15am to 5:20pm

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (TGV), Regional trains (TER)
SNCF rail agents, Lost and found, Toilets, Phone cabins.

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Nice Ville Train Station

Nice Ville Train Station

Address: Avenue Thiers BP 1463 6008 Nice cedex 1

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 5am to 12:30am
Saturday and Sunday: 5am to 12:30am
Public holidays: 5am to 12:30am

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (TGV), Regional trains (TER)
SNCF rail agents, Assistance for disabled persons and junior travellers, Lost and found, Police station, Tourist Information Point, Toilets, Luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet, ATM and Phone cabins.

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Nice Riquier

Address: 4 bis, Rue Alfred Binet 6000 Nice


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Customer reviews

  • "Be Flexible"    
    The ride was fairly comfortable but for the same price, we could have travelled by air and save 4 hours of transit. We have accidentally booked a normal ticket and called up almost immediately after the online purchase hoping to pay for the price difference to upgrade to first class. We were told this is not possible as the ticket is restricted. While it makes sense to disallow cancellation on discounted tickets, why not allowing upgrade when clients are happy to pay for the price differences?  
  • "Delay 2 hrs Trip to Marseille"    
    We had been delayed for 2 hours from Paris to Marseille due to bad weather. SNFC compensated us a supplement box which contains some food.  
  • "Long ride to Paris"    
    We enjoyed the push from Nice riding between the sea and mountains and onto wine countryside. However the ride turned out to be too long for us. We ll probably fly when train is longer than 3 hours. TGV was fast and efficient. Food choice was limited. Class 2 upper level sitting was comfy.  
  • "Great train travel!"    
    It was easy to find the seats, the entire ride was extremely comfortable. Recommended!  
  • "thank you"    
    thank you very much for this opporinuty staff was really help full but there could be meal service ( a selection or the menu back of the seats ) instead of us going to the restaurant.  
  • "nice ville station"    
    nice ville station was a total disgrace with no escalators and construction work everywhere. very difficult to find a taxi and then extremely expensive.  
  • "Review"    
    Everything was smooth and efficient.  
  • "Trip to the sunny south"    
    TGV run a very efficient service. The trip in 2nd class was quite comfortable and the company was friendly. The views of the countryside were a bonus. TGV staff passed through the carriage to check tickets, so we were confident that there were no free-loaders.  
  • "tgv"    
    very good fast trip  
  • "Good Experience"    
    Our trip from Paris to Nice was memorable - easy and fuss free and most of all comfortable! It would be good to be given more time to board though because of the crowd and people were pushing and rushing especially those with big suitcases to get on! Way to go to see the countryside.  
  • "Average"    
    My journey from Nice to Paris can be termed as an average experience for the following reasons. 1/ We were two couples who were given different coupes. 2. The coach conductor was very rude. When by mistake we closed the middle berth , he would refuse to open it. He made some racial comments such as asking 'where are you coming from". 3. There were many passengers with no reservation who were standing outside the cabins.  
  • "OK trip"    
    The trip was fine all things considered...I have no complaints about the comfort or ease of an English speaking person there were no problems figuring out trains or times etc....I had read about great scenery but did not find it as inspiring as I had hoped...I have heard you can get a flight for about the same price so if that is true I would consider that as a better option if you have limited time.  
  • "Lovely experience "    
    We really enjoyed our trip from Paris to Nice by TGV.It was comfortable.  
  • "To Sete"    
    A good way to get to Sete but, the food cart ran out before getting to us and the change of trains at Montpellier was not as easy as we expected. However that part of the trip was very short and we got in on time.  
  • "not so luxury"    
    we have travelled on some other TGV. this one was second class. The carriage - business - was old  
  • 0 15 30 45 60