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The golden tweet of Germany

About Germany

Getting there You can get to Munich from Venice, Milan and Florence. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 06:02 HK$267
From Rome 11:26 HK$451
From Amsterdam 07:42 HK$267
From Venice 06:08 HK$359
From Milan 08:55 HK$451
From Florence 08:21 HK$451
From Frankfurt 03:23 HK$303
From Berlin 06:22 HK$303
From Zurich 04:12 HK$552
From Vienna 03:55 HK$267
From Budapest 07:01 HK$267
From Salzburg 01:29 HK$331
From Verona 05:06 HK$359
From Cologne 04:30 HK$303
From Innsbruck 01:45 HK$359
From Stuttgart 02:12 HK$193
From Bologna 06:18 HK$267
From Hamburg 05:49 HK$303
From Zagreb 08:50 HK$359
From Dusseldorf 04:56 HK$303
From Nuremberg 01:14 HK$193
From Heidelberg 02:56 HK$303
From Strasbourg 03:40 HK$506
From Freiburg 04:28 HK$193
From Padua 05:52 HK$359
From Hanover 04:23 HK$303
From Mannheim 02:55 HK$303
From Bonn 05:34 HK$405
From Fussen 01:46 HK$276
From Graz 05:56 HK$1,021
From Karlsruhe 02:59 HK$303
From Bremen 05:41 HK$303
From Linz 02:38 HK$579
From Utrecht 07:14 HK$267
From Siegburg 04:15 HK$303
From Arnhem 06:20 HK$267
From Goettingen 03:46 HK$303
From Brescia 08:05 HK$451
From Dobova 08:03 HK$267
From Trento 04:11 HK$359
From Spittal Millstaetter 04:01 HK$267
From Udine 07:23 HK$451
From Mainz 03:47 HK$340
From Villach 04:24 HK$267
From Hof 03:36 HK$533
From Munster Westf Hb 06:26 HK$1,085
From Winterthur 03:46 HK$745
From Rovereto 04:27 HK$359
From Leipzig 05:01 HK$303
From Solingen 05:00 HK$193
From Essen 05:25 HK$303
From Duisburg 05:10 HK$303
From Jesenice 05:20
From Bolzano 03:36 HK$359
From Klagenfurt 04:59 HK$791
From Bochum 05:37 HK$303
From Paderborn 04:31 HK$708
From Lutherstadt 05:40 HK$193
From Dortmund 05:38 HK$193
From Portschach 04:46 HK$772
From Koblenz 04:54 HK$405
From Braunschweig 04:54 HK$496
From St Poelten 05:17 HK$267
From Hanau 03:12 HK$193
From Traunstein 01:16 HK$193
From Landau Isar 01:19 HK$257
From Ulm 01:13 HK$193
From Treuchtlingen 01:13 HK$193
From Memmingen 01:13 HK$193
From Regensburg 01:23 HK$294
From Kempten 01:24 HK$276
From Freilassing 01:33 HK$193
From Mittenwald 01:39 HK$257
From Plattling 01:32 HK$303
From Klais 01:31 HK$239
From Jenbach 01:26 HK$303
From Garmisch 01:11 HK$221
From Worgl 01:04 HK$267
From Landshut 00:46 HK$165
From Murnau 00:47 HK$165
From Buchloe 00:43 HK$138
From Rosenheim 00:38 HK$138
From Ingolstadt 00:35 HK$193
From Donauwoerth 00:49 HK$193
From Kufstein 00:52 HK$211
From Gunzburg 01:00 HK$193
From Prien A Chiemsee 00:57 HK$193
From Muhldorf 00:57 HK$193
From Kaufbeuren 00:55 HK$193
From Erlangen 01:41 HK$469
From Immenstadt 01:41 HK$322
From Bruchsal 02:52 HK$193
From Aschaffenburg 02:53 HK$303
From Schwarzach 02:50 HK$267
From Fulda 02:47 HK$303
From St Margrethen 02:46 HK$542
From Fortezza 02:55 HK$359
From Bressanone Brixen 03:06 HK$359
From Schladming 03:21 HK$607
From Baden Baden 03:22 HK$515
From Bensheim 03:20 HK$193
From Augsburg 00:29 HK$138
From St Gallen 03:09 HK$616
From Weiden 02:34 HK$423
From Lindau 02:34 HK$386
From Schwandorf 02:03 HK$359
From Passau 02:08 HK$377
From Bamberg 02:03 HK$662
From Plochingen 02:02 HK$193
From Goeppingen 01:50 HK$193
From Bad Gastein 03:24 HK$616
From Brennero 02:10 HK$359
From Bregenz 02:33 HK$432
From Oberstdorf 02:17 HK$349
From Seefeld In Tirol 02:11 HK$322
From Wurzburg 02:10 HK$303
From Weissenburg Bay 02:10 HK$313
From Lesce Bled 05:34 HK$267

Getting around From Munich, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Ingolstadt 00:37 HK$193
To Augsburg 00:47 HK$138
To Rosenheim 00:48 HK$138
To Buchloe 01:10 HK$138
To Landshut 01:12 HK$165
To Kaufbeuren 01:12 HK$193
To Murnau 01:14 HK$165
To Prien A Chiemsee 01:35 HK$193
To Nuremberg 01:39 HK$193
To Garmisch 01:48 HK$193
To Kempten 01:52 HK$193
To Donauwoerth 01:55 HK$193
To Worgl 01:56 HK$267
To Traunstein 01:57 HK$193
To Freilassing 01:58 HK$193
To Gunzburg 02:02 HK$193
To Klais 02:08 HK$239
To Ulm 02:11 HK$193
To Salzburg 02:11 HK$331
To Regensburg 02:14 HK$193
To Landau Isar 02:15 HK$257
To Jenbach 02:16 HK$303
To Kufstein 02:18 HK$211
To Mittenwald 02:21 HK$257
To Treuchtlingen 02:21 HK$193
To Memmingen 02:23 HK$193
To Seefeld In Tirol 02:24 HK$322
To Brennero 02:24 HK$359
To Muhldorf 02:33 HK$193
To Oberammergau 02:33 HK$211
To Weissenburg Bay 02:38 HK$193
To Kitzbuhel 02:40 HK$322
To Plochingen 02:54 HK$193
To Erlangen 02:56 HK$193
To Schwandorf 02:59 HK$303
To Plattling 03:02 HK$303
To Fortezza 03:06 HK$359
To Passau 03:07 HK$193
To Bamberg 03:23 HK$303
To Lindau 03:28 HK$193
To Bressanone Brixen 03:29 HK$359
To Weiden 03:32 HK$303
To St Gallen 03:37 HK$616
To Wurzburg 03:44 HK$303
To Bolzano 03:49 HK$359
To Radstadt 03:51 HK$487
To Schwarzach 03:55 HK$349
To Bischofshofen 03:56 HK$322
To Bad Gastein 03:57 HK$533
To Stuttgart 04:04 HK$193
To Schladming 04:07 HK$524
To Winterthur 04:13 HK$745
To Hof 04:17 HK$303
To St Margrethen 04:17 HK$542
To St Poelten 04:19 HK$754
To Zell Am See 04:31 HK$423
To Trento 04:32
To Spittal Millstaetter 04:34 HK$699
To Kehl 04:34 HK$588
To Mannheim 04:37 HK$303
To Bregenz 04:39 HK$432
To Goeppingen 04:49 HK$193
To Innsbruck 04:51 HK$359
To Konstanz 05:03 HK$303
To Saalfeld 05:03 HK$303
To Villach 05:09 HK$662
To Jesenice 05:15 HK$745
To Baden Baden 05:26 HK$303
To Verona 05:29 HK$267
To Frankfurt 05:32 HK$303
To Heidelberg 05:35 HK$303
To Freiburg 05:36 HK$193
To Klagenfurt 05:41 HK$359
To Strasbourg 05:43 HK$267
To Bruchsal 05:55 HK$303
To Oberstdorf 06:00 HK$349
To Bensheim 06:01 HK$303
To Karlsruhe 06:14 HK$303
To Ljubljana 06:22 HK$956
To Padua 06:34 HK$359
To Hanau 06:38 HK$193
To Linz 06:43 HK$579
To Bonn 06:55 HK$303
To St Anton Am Arlberg 06:56 HK$533
To Mainz 07:02 HK$303
To Aschaffenburg 07:02 HK$303
To Metz 07:02 HK$1,250
To Bad Reichenhall 07:03 HK$239
To Koblenz 07:04 HK$303
To Weimar 07:08 HK$303
To Graz 07:20 HK$708
To Basel 07:20 HK$487
To Cologne 07:25 HK$303
To Fussen 07:30 HK$276
To Berchtesgaden 07:36 HK$257
To Goettingen 07:41 HK$303
To Fulda 07:56 HK$303
To Feldkirch 07:59 HK$506
To Dobova 07:59 HK$745
To Dusseldorf 08:01 HK$193
To Leipzig 08:13 HK$303
To Hanover 08:16 HK$303
To Duisburg 08:20 HK$303
To Solingen 08:29 HK$303
To Zurich 08:36 HK$552
To Geneva 08:37 HK$1,379
To Vienna 08:40 HK$267
To Venice 08:45 HK$359
To Essen 08:46 HK$303
To Bologna 08:47 HK$267
To Siegburg 08:55 HK$303
To Budapest 08:58 HK$1,094
To Luxembourg 08:59 HK$1,011
To Friedrichshafen 09:03 HK$193
To Florence 09:10 HK$579
To Bochum 09:13 HK$303
To Zagreb 09:13 HK$1,021
To Dortmund 09:24 HK$303
To Rijeka 09:37 HK$1,177
To Arnhem 09:39 HK$267
To Rovereto 09:47 HK$349
To Munster Westf Hb 10:02 HK$303
To Milan 10:04 HK$506
To Bremen 10:10 HK$303
To Udine 10:15 HK$432
To Lutherstadt 10:32 HK$303
To Naumburg Saale 11:01 HK$303
To Brescia 11:09 HK$451
To Hamburg 11:09 HK$303
To Paris 11:25 HK$359
To Braunschweig 11:44 HK$303
To Berlin 11:55 HK$303
To Paderborn 12:02 HK$303
To Dresden 12:07 HK$303
To Kolding 13:47 HK$1,177
To Rome 14:22 HK$267
To Rostock 14:40 HK$515
To Prague 15:46 HK$267
To Copenhagen 16:04 HK$1,177
To Utrecht 16:20 HK$267
To Amsterdam 16:51 HK$267

While you're there

Munich is one of the most popular destination in Europe and Germany. The city is the capital of the Bavaria state. Munich is world known for its beer and the famous Oktoberfest. Home to the BMW Welt and the FC Bayern, Munich is a city with something for everyone! More than that, Munich is an important centre for art, culture and international affairs. The city is clean, safe and has an efficient transport system. Being an open and joyful city, Munich is a leisure paradise with a splendid view over the alps. Munich is easily reached by train from Paris, Berlin and Zurich.

When in Munich, wander around the town centre to see the unmistakable landmarks: Marienplatz, Frauenkirche, the Hofbrauhaus and the Rezidenz Palace. The beautiful Englischer Garten park shouldn’t be missed either, and make sure you see the Eisbach surfers in action there. Art fans are spoilt for choice - the best museums in town include the three Pinakothek art museums and the Bavarian National Museum.

Visit the most famous tavern in the world, the Hofbräuhaus beer hall. Every day it serves around 10,000 litres of beer. The Gothic Church of Our Lady is the definitive Munich landmark; the design is fascinating as are the views from the top of the towers. The Renaissance Hofgarten Palace Garden offers great views of the Theatinerkirche church. Wander through the 125 arches that make up the arcaded walkways and check out the timetable for upcoming concerts and festivals

Munich is the best place to be to have a taste of the Bavarian cuisine, which is tasty and particularly filling. Drop in a Gaststatten (restaurant), and order a local speciality such as Weisswurst, a boiled white veal sausage usually served with a pretzel or bread and sweet mustard or try Leberkase, a spicy meatloaf served in very thick slices. Marzipan is a must in Munich, as is the Bavarian traditional biscuit Lebkuchen, and make sure you stock up on Stollen for the festive period. Beer is best drank in a garden for full flavour, and preferably alongside a knuckle of pork and some sauerkraut, a cabbage dish.

Exclusive boutiques line the streets of Maximilianstrasse and Theatinerstrasse; Head to the department stores and international chains of Neuhauserstrasse and Kaufingerstrasse for Lederhosen, woodcarvings and beer steins for grateful friends.

Munich Tourist Office
Sendlinger Str. 1, 80331 München
Tel: +49/(0)89-233 96 500

The city’s tourist office has a helpful personnel, insider information and tips as well as handy maps and brochures. The city’s tourist office also arranges tours and excursions and is a focal point for local accommodation.

Train station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Munich can be found.

While trains are the convenient way to travel in Europe, planes are essential for bringing you from overseas. Major European cities are annexed to airports hubs, while important cities or towns are served by regional airports. Munich is annexed to Germany.

Munich railway station(s)

Munchen Hauptbahnhof Train Station

Munchen Hauptbahnhof Train Station

Address: Bayerstr. 10a 80335 Munich

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 3am to 1:30am
Saturday and Sunday: 3am to 1:30am

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains, Regional trains, International trains
Tourist Information Point, Customer Service, Lost and found, Business lounges and waiting rooms, Banks and currency exchange, Toilets, Luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet, ATM and Phone cabins.

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Munchen Ost Train Station

Munchen Ost Train Station

Address: Orleansplatz 10 81667 Munich

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 6am to 12am
Saturday and Sunday: 6am to 12am
Public holidays: 6am to 12am

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains, Regional trains
Railway staff, Lost and found, Luggage storage, Assistance for disabled persons, Internet access.

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Munchen Pasing Train Station

Munchen Pasing Train Station

Address: Pasinger Bahnhofsplatz 9 81241 Munich

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 6am to 12am

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains, Regional trains
Railway staff, Phone cabins, Toilets.

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Nearest airport

Munich Flughafen International Airport

Munich Flughafen International Airport

Address: MUC II Terminal 85435 Munich

Munich Flughafen International Airport is located 28 km northeast from Munich. It comprises of two terminals interconnected by Munich Airport Center (MAC). Whether you’re arriving, connecting or departing, you’ll find all the assistance you need here to make your journey easier and pleasant.

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Interactive Rail Map

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Customer reviews

  • "Munich - Amsterdam"    
    Couch was incredible small - felt a bit suffocated sharing with six people. Journey was generally very noisy - don't expect to get much sleep on this train. Highly convenient that the train stopped at Utrecht. Timing was good too. Very accessible journey, just not at all comfortable.  
  • "Nice holidays"    
    My family had a very nice trip through Rail Europe service. Thanks  
  • "Very Good!"    
    The staff was amazing and accomidating. The heat was broken but we were given many coffees to make up for it!  
  • "Good, recommended! !"    
  • "Europe Trip 2013"    
    Took night train between Paris and Munich. The connection was convenient and comfortable.  
    Overall it was a good trip. Only lack of information I experienced.  
  • "Overnight Train"    
    my fiancee and I booked the "Economy Sleeper" for her first overnight train experience. The coach "assistant" was very helpful after boarding, when she introduced our room, process, and times to us. Although small, the room had enough storage space - we placed one suitcase in the space above the bed, and the other under the bottom bunk, together with smaller luggage. The washbasin area was very well laid out, clean and efficient, with everything we needed. we had a good night's sleep (obviously allowing for the movement of the train), and received our breakfast box in the morning, which was fine, but not plentiful. All in all a good experience!  
  • "CNL Bolgona to Munich"    
    The train arrived late by 15 min. But the journey was awesome. It was really great comfort after having a exhaustive day. In morning I was served good veg breakfast with coffee. I would love to travel again by the City Night line.  
  • "It was different"    
    As a couple, I would have expected getting a nicer cabin for my husband and myself without having to upgrade to a better class. Why can't we book 2 people in a cabin of 3? It was the same price  
  • "Uncomfortable and expensive"    
    The couchettes were by no means comfortable. There were 6 people in our cabin and there was barely any room to move while sleeping. The price of the ticket was ridiculously high for what was offered. Service was good, no complaints.  
  • "Need more clear signages"    
    Overall, it's still easy to find your right train inside the station (except the coach no.) The arrival time is quite on time and it's just few minutes delay which it will be informed to passengers in advance when you are on the platform and waiting for the train. However, we have difficulties in figuring out how to locate the exact coach no. because it's not really easy to find our coach on the poster shown in the platform as well as it's hardly find a DB assistant to ask around. When we found out that we are not standing in front of the right coach (which we think we did), we have to carry our luggages and then run run run on the platform to get to the right coach  
  • "Time"    
    It's not on time.  
  • "Munich to Salzburg"    
    I pre-booked this trip from Singapore. I was able to collect the ticket from their Singapore office immediately after booking. Arriving in Munich, finding my seat number was easy and it was reserved for me. The train left and arrived on time and the entire trip was smooth. The staff who check the tickets were also polite.  
  • "city night line"    
    although i don't mind the setup of 6 pax with single beds dorm style, i wish there is an option of just taking a seat through the overnight destination ( like on the plane). for me, that is more comfortable and safe.  
  • "Nice trip"    
    Convenient to go long-distance without losing time (night train) 1st class cabin is still small for 2 people (Luxe cabin is bigger) Breakfast was not good (sandwich, jam...) 1st class bathroom was clean No board restaurant to go to if you are bored  
  • 0 15 30 45 60 75