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Known for “grace,” sophistication and style

About France

Getting there You can get to Monaco from St raphael, Grasse and Les arcs draguignan. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 06:03 HK$540
From Nice 00:14 HK$90
From Avignon 03:22 HK$280
From St Raphael 01:20 HK$122
From Grasse 01:31 HK$121
From Les Arcs Draguignan 01:50 HK$182
From Cannes 00:54 HK$90
From Antibes 00:44 HK$90
From Menton (localite) 00:07 HK$90
From Villefranche Mer 00:10 HK$90
From Cagnes Sur Mer 00:36 HK$90
From Eze 00:07 HK$90
From Biot 00:44 HK$90
From Vintimille Fr 00:20 HK$90

Getting around From Monaco, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Eze 00:08 HK$90
To Menton (localite) 00:16 HK$90
To Nice 00:34 HK$90
To Cagnes Sur Mer 00:43 HK$90
To Biot 00:51 HK$90
To Antibes 00:55 HK$90
To Cannes 01:08 HK$91
To St Raphael 01:45 HK$145
To Vintimille Fr 01:56 HK$90
To San Remo 02:54 HK$180
To Toulon 03:33 HK$214
To Grasse 04:08 HK$121
To Les Arcs Draguignan 04:32 HK$159
To Aix En Provence Tgv 04:41 HK$310
To Genova 04:47 HK$280
To Milano 06:31 HK$390
To Paris 14:40 HK$686

While you're there

Monaco, a small country, a lot to experience

The Principality of Monaco is a sovereign city state which counts more than 35.000 inhabitants, it is the second smallest country in the world, but the most densely populated! It is also a charming place overlooking the mediterranean sea, between France and Italy.

Beyond the world famous automobile race "grand prix", Monaco offers you an amazing landscape, perfect to have a walk and to enjoy the view on the sea.

Stroll along the Port Hercule, hop on the Aquavision boat to have another view on Monaco. Visit the 11th century Ste Dévote Church, discover the sculptures displayed in the city, head Princess Grace Rose Garden to smell the 4.000 rose trees...

Do not miss the changing of the guard in front of the Prince’s Palace; performed by the Carabiniers, in is an unavoidable show to see. Monaco is also a place where you can have fun in the numerous casinos.

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Customer reviews

  • "Monaco to Paris"    
    I thought the entire process was extremely easy to plan and execute. The train was clean, comfortable, and on time. We were a group of 4, no complaints. I'd travel this system again without hesitation.  
  • "Quiet "    
    A very nice clean and comfortable train journey down to the French Riviera! It was so quiet the family and I were able to take a nice nap before our next part of our trip! Would recommend to anyone to take this high speed train!  
  • "***** "    
    It was lifetime experience for ourselves as we are Indian never used this types of facilities can get in running train.your all staff are very very helpful and friendly. We are further planning for another trip with your railway and you please advise how we can get plans for Switzerland trip from Paris.  
  • "Very comfortable to Paris"    
    Very comfortable trip but no wifi was the only problem...  
  • "Great"    
    It was a great way to commute between Nice and Monte Carlo.  
  • "Delayed..."    
    The train was delayed more than 20 minutes. Alongside that, everything was so ok.  
  • "Paris to Nice Ville"    
    Spent most of the trip in the dining car to take advantage of the views from there. Could not fault the service or cleanliness. Great trip.  
  • "mrs"    
    time between nice to Monaco a long , since the train going more often the person could use alternative train more over no seat given it will improve convenience aspect , the rest is perfect  
  • "Crowded"    
    it was so crowded so i couldn't find a place to sit.