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Fashionable Milan might have shortcomings—but it’s worth the trip

About Italy

Getting there You can get to Milan from Nice, Florence and Zurich. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 07:02 HK$319
From Rome 02:55 HK$511
From Venice 02:10 HK$347
From Nice 00:47 HK$82
From Florence 01:58 HK$456
From Zurich 03:41 HK$647
From Vienna 14:00 HK$812
From Geneva 03:53 HK$292
From Pisa 04:03 HK$301
From Basel 04:04 HK$821
From Naples 04:15 HK$620
From Lucerne 04:03 HK$292
From Verona 01:15 HK$201
From Cologne 08:39 HK$821
From Genoa 01:29 HK$182
From Innsbruck 10:25 HK$629
From Bern 03:01 HK$647
From Dijon 07:19 HK$584
From Bologna 01:00 HK$237
From Turin 01:00 HK$237
From La Spezia 03:04 HK$246
From Como 00:33 HK$119
From Lausanne 03:17 HK$292
From Padua 02:07 HK$319
From Bari 07:47 HK$574
From Portogruaro Caorle 03:22 HK$392
From Prato 03:23 HK$274
From Chambery 04:01 HK$264
From Monfalcone 03:52 HK$447
From Udine 04:00 HK$474
From Bordighera 03:44 HK$274
From San Remo 03:35 HK$274
From Pordenone 03:31 HK$401
From St Jean De Maurienne 03:27 HK$237
From Olten 03:36 HK$757
From Forte Dei Marmi 03:44 HK$274
From Carrara Avenza 03:26 HK$246
From Trieste 03:44 HK$492
From Viareggio 03:46 HK$274
From Pescara 05:10 HK$620
From Brindisi 08:49 HK$912
From Mainz 08:11 HK$647
From Foggia 06:45 HK$392
From Civitavecchia 06:09 HK$602
From Lecce 09:12 HK$930
From Villach 09:24 HK$629
From Bruck An Der Mur 12:05 HK$720
From Rosenheim 11:45 HK$447
From Kufstein 11:23 HK$447
From Assisi 06:07 HK$438
From Perugia 05:40 HK$419
From Chiusi 05:05 HK$419
From Terontola 04:45 HK$383
From Livorno 04:20 HK$319
From Zug 03:19 HK$292
From Grosseto 05:18 HK$419
From Orvieto 05:30 HK$438
From Salerno 05:28 HK$848
From Macon 05:25 HK$264
From Arezzo 04:20 HK$383
From Arth Goldau 03:00 HK$292
From Modena 01:33 HK$201
From Bellinzona 01:25 HK$264
From Fidenza 01:21 HK$128
From Piacenza 00:29 HK$91
From Vicenza 01:50 HK$255
From Brig 01:51 HK$264
From Diano Marina 03:10 HK$255
From Visp 02:03
From Forli 02:02 HK$356
From Lodi 00:30 HK$73
From Peschiera Del Garda 01:08 HK$191
From Vercelli 00:46 HK$137
From Brescia 00:46 HK$191
From Voghera 00:42 HK$82
From Gallarate 00:31 HK$119
From Tortona 00:50 HK$100
From Stresa 00:56 HK$155
From Parma 01:03 HK$155
From Desenzano G Sirmi 01:03 HK$191
From Lugano 01:02 HK$210
From Camogli 02:09 HK$191
From Santa Margherita 02:11 HK$191
From Monterosso 02:55 HK$237
From Alassio 02:54 HK$237
From Levanto 02:48 HK$219
From Albenga 02:46 HK$237
From Modane 02:56 HK$146
From Montreux 02:59 HK$292
From Ancona 03:10 HK$337
From Conegliano 03:06 HK$374
From Pavia 00:25 HK$73
From Pesaro 02:44 HK$474
From Treviso 02:43 HK$356
From Chiavari 02:23 HK$201
From Sion 02:22 HK$264
From Savona 02:17 HK$191
From Rapallo 02:14 HK$201
From Rimini It 02:26 HK$301
From Castelfranco 02:28 HK$328
From Thun 02:41 HK$292
From Sestri Levante 02:31 HK$219
From Spiez 02:30 HK$565
From Novara 00:32 HK$119
From Lyon St Exupery Airport 05:02 HK$264
From Reggio Emilia 01:19 HK$182
From Domodossola 01:18
From Chiasso It 00:39 HK$128

Getting around From Milan, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Pavia 00:28 HK$73
To Lodi 00:31 HK$73
To Gallarate 00:32 HK$119
To Como 00:33 HK$119
To Chiasso It 00:39 HK$128
To Novara 00:40 HK$119
To Voghera 00:45 HK$82
To Brescia 00:46 HK$191
To Stresa 00:55 HK$155
To Tortona 00:56 HK$100
To Vercelli 00:58 HK$137
To Piacenza 00:58 HK$91
To Desenzano G Sirmi 01:01 HK$191
To Peschiera Del Garda 01:07 HK$191
To Lugano 01:11 HK$210
To Fidenza 01:16 HK$128
To Domodossola 01:18 HK$191
To Verona 01:22 HK$201
To Parma 01:29 HK$155
To Bellinzona 01:39 HK$264
To Genoa 01:42 HK$182
To Turin 01:44 HK$237
To Reggio Emilia 01:46 HK$182
To Vicenza 01:49 HK$255
To Brig 01:51 HK$264
To Florence 01:58 HK$456
To Visp 02:01 HK$292
To Padua 02:07 HK$319
To Camogli 02:12 HK$191
To Modena 02:12 HK$201
To Santa Margherita 02:18 HK$191
To Savona 02:21 HK$191
To Sion 02:23 HK$264
To Rapallo 02:25 HK$201
To Spiez 02:28 HK$292
To Castelfranco 02:31 HK$328
To Chiavari 02:33 HK$201
To Venice 02:35 HK$347
To Thun 02:38 HK$292
To Sestri Levante 02:41 HK$219
To Bologna 02:44 HK$237
To Treviso 02:53 HK$356
To Albenga 02:55 HK$237
To Bern 02:58 HK$292
To Montreux 02:59 HK$292
To Levanto 03:00 HK$219
To Alassio 03:04 HK$237
To Forli 03:04 HK$283
To Monterosso 03:06 HK$237
To Modane 03:08 HK$146
To Conegliano 03:11 HK$374
To Lausanne 03:17 HK$620
To Diano Marina 03:18 HK$255
To La Spezia 03:26 HK$246
To Portogruaro Caorle 03:27 HK$392
To Arth Goldau 03:28 HK$292
To Pordenone 03:30 HK$401
To Prato 03:32 HK$274
To Carrara Avenza 03:32 HK$246
To St Jean De Maurienne 03:33 HK$146
To Olten 03:35 HK$292
To Forte Dei Marmi 03:39 HK$274
To San Remo 03:45 HK$274
To Rimini It 03:48 HK$301
To Zug 03:50 HK$292
To Bordighera 03:56 HK$274
To Riccione 03:58 HK$328
To Udine 04:00 HK$474
To Lucerne 04:02 HK$292
To Basel 04:04 HK$292
To Viareggio 04:08 HK$274
To Monfalcone 04:08 HK$447
To Pesaro 04:13 HK$310
To Chambery 04:16 HK$264
To Zurich 04:19 HK$292
To Trieste 04:33 HK$492
To Pisa 04:33 HK$301
To Arezzo 04:37 HK$383
To Livorno 04:55 HK$319
To Ancona 04:59 HK$337
To Terontola 05:02 HK$383
To Orvieto 05:18 HK$438
To Ventimiglia 05:21 HK$292
To Menton (localite) 05:26 HK$356
To Lyon St Exupery Airport 05:26 HK$264
To Chiusi 05:26 HK$419
To Perugia 05:31 HK$419
To Geneva 05:40 HK$292
To Macon 05:42 HK$264
To Assisi 05:51 HK$438
To Civitavecchia 06:06 HK$602
To Nice 06:15 HK$374
To Grosseto 06:30 HK$419
To Rome 06:53 HK$511
To Pescara 06:55 HK$429
To Innsbruck 06:56 HK$447
To Dijon 07:40 HK$584
To Mainz 08:08 HK$821
To Rosenheim 08:15 HK$447
To Frankfurt 08:28 HK$1,486
To Karlsruhe 08:34 HK$1,067
To Foggia 08:54 HK$492
To Mannheim 08:59 HK$292
To Naples 08:59 HK$620
To Bruck An Der Mur 09:04 HK$720
To Salerno 09:53 HK$647
To Perpignan 10:18 HK$684
To Bari 10:33 HK$574
To Paris 10:35 HK$264
To Villach 11:08 HK$447
To Cologne 11:32 HK$1,997
To Munich 11:35 HK$447
To Brindisi 12:57 HK$602
To Lecce 13:25 HK$620
To Vienna 14:53 HK$812
To Amsterdam 15:46 HK$857

Milan city guide

Milan, the second largest city in Italy

Milan is a main Italian city and regarded as the fashion capital of Europe. Milan is also an transport hub for Italy. The city has an important stake in the finance, commerce, media and sport of Italy. Two of its football teams, Inter Milan and Milan AC, are known throughout the world. Milan is located in the north west of Italy and is home to a number of museums, designers factory shops, churches and other landmarks. Those who love street style would love the Navigli area. In Piazza XXIV Maggio, shoppers will find brands such Custo-Barcellona, Diesel, Miss Sixteen, Gas and Fornarina, alongside second-hand clothes shops, handmade clothes and accessory stores made from silk and other precious materials.

The main railway stations of Milan are Milan Centrale and Milan Porta Garibaldi. The two stations are about 1.5 kilometres away from each other.

There are a number of things to do and to see in Milan. Visit the Saint Ambrose basilica, a fine example of pure romanesque style and wander through the medieval streets of the district to the San Lorenzo basilica, with its mosaics of gold. Go to La Sala delle Asse to see the renowned frescos by Leonardo and the very last masterpiece of Michelangelo – The Rondanini Pieta.

Wandering around the merchants square, you will discover traces of the ancient city – from Broletto, the largest and most famous of the medieval public palaces of Lombardy to the Duomo, a fine example of Gothic art.

In Milan you will find distinct flavours that will make you discover the origins of the Lombard cuisine: Risotto alla milanese, cotoletta, panetton... Savour these old fashioned traditional Milanese dishes accompanied by the best wines in one of the many restaurants of the city.

Go to the heart of the luxury shopping area in Milan: Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga and Via Sant’Andrea are streets that together with Via Manzoni, Via Borgospesso and Via Santo Spirito are best known for shopping sprees. The most prestigious boutiques are there. You will also find unique jewels created by the most famous name, clothes and accessories to die for, and shoes that are works of art. The factory shops or atelier showrooms of Gucci, Versace, Luis Vuitton, Prada and Cartier are found there. In Via Sant’Andrea you can find brands like Fendi, Armani, Moschino, Kenzo, Cesare Paciotti, Hermés, Prada and Trussardi. The elegant Via Manzoni is home to the Giorgio Armani store.

Milan Tourism
Piazza Castello, 1 angolo Via Beltrami
Tel: +39 02 7740 4343

The city’s tourist office has a helpful personnel, insider information and tips as well as handy maps and brochures. The city’s tourist office also arranges tours and excursions and is a focal point for local accommodation.

Milan station(s)

Trains are convenient way to reach any town and city in Europe. All main towns have a railway station, while major cities have more than two railway stations. Nearly all railway stations are located in the city centre. Check our map to locate railway station(s) in Milan.

Milan railway station(s)

Milano Centrale Train Station

Milano Centrale Train Station

Address: Piazza Duca d'Aosta, 1 20124 Milan

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 7am to 9pm
Saturday and Sunday: 7am to 9pm

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (TGV, Le Frecce), Regional trains (Trenitalia), City Night Line
Tourist Information Point, Assistance for disabled persons, Railway police, Lost and found, Toilets, Luggage storage, Waiting rooms, Wi-Fi Internet, ATM, Currency exchange, and Phone cabins.

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Milan Porta Garibaldi Train Station

Milan Porta Garibaldi Train Station

Address: Piazza Sigmund Freud 20124 Milan

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 6:30am to 9:30pm
Saturday and Sunday: 6:30am to 9:30pm

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (TGV, Italo), Regional trains
Railway staff, Self-service baggage carts, Waiting rooms, Luggage services, Cash machines (ATMs), Foreign exchange bureaux, Car rental offices, Tourist information, Assistance for disabled persons, and Phone cabins.

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Milano Lambrate

Address: Piazza Enrico Bottini, 3 20133 Milan

Milano Rogoredo

Address: Via Gian Battista Cassinis, 83 20139 Milan


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Customer reviews

  • "TGV Trip Milan-Paris"    
    Train left Milan on time, however, due to technical problems we had to change trains half way and therefore ended up arriving over 1 hour late into Paris. The first class seating was fairly disappointing, the carriage looked like it hadn't been cleaned for quite some time. Staff were very polite and helpful.  
  • "Shabby premium service"    
    We travelled First Class from Milan to Paris. The SNCF TGV train was very disappointing. The carriage was dirty and needed to be thoroughly cleaned. There was no Wi Fi service which I think is unacceptable in this day and age. Furthermore no food or drink was offered as part of the service - it had to be paid for on top of the ticket; this is very poor compared to similar services such as EuroStar. There was also very little food on offer to purchase for an 8-hour train ride. Staff demonstrated very little interest in providing customer service for Premium travellers.  
  • "Italian train-Gibbs Family"    
    We were very pleased with the state of the train, clean comfortable seats and space for all our luggage. It was on time. We did the booking via the internet and managed to save a lot on travel agent fees. The e ticket was all that was necessary to produce to the conductor. Many thanks for a pleasant trip.  
  • "Good Service"    
    We enjoy very much, the train was on time and clean  
  • "cont’d"    
    we could only find seats together for part of the family so the children had to sit on our laps. this is a long trip.  
  • "Informative and easy to book"    
    Hi, You have great staffs that are very friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks again for the great service  
  • "Comfortable trip"    
    It will be much better if have free wifi on the train.  
  • "Paris to Milan"    
    this was a pretty cool trip with relative ease and comfort. nothing much to complain about really..  
  • "Satisfactory."    
    Comfortable. Satisfactory.  
  • "As Pleasant As We Hoped For"    
    Traveled in early December not much before the winter solstice. Wanted to travel during daylight as much as possible to enjoy the country we were passing through. So booked the 10:45 departure from Paris. All went well. Gare de Lyon is lovely. Instructions to train, specific car and seat worked fine. Departure was on time. Certainly a smooth ride. And quick too (to Lyon). Slower through the mountains after Lyon, but who cares? More time to enjoy the countryside. Sun set after we left Torino, Italy. Arrival in Milano was on time. We each had a large-ish roller suitcase, and there was plenty of room to store them at one end of the car. A thoroughly pleasant travel experience. Will do it again when we can... P.S. Was unable to print our tickets using Rail Europe's Print@Home feature. Sent an e-mail to their support site and received our tickets as .pdf files in response. A slight hiccup, but not a bit deal...  
  • "It was ok "    
    The rate can be improve really, I got only suprised by tow things 1. WC 2.Chairs ... it was a pitty that you couldn't find a clean wc and about the chair it wasn't eanough comftable for a long distance (2nd class) but the rest was ok ... Thanks for your attention Regards  
  • "Comfortable ride"    
    Comfortable ride and good convenient timing, however, I will appreciate if there can be devices to help passengers loading luggages onto the train rather than carry on.  
  • "Very Good"    
    Train was on time and comfortable  
  • "Very Convenient"    
    it is very convenient for traveler to purchase the ticket online and print it at home.  
  • "Geneve CFF to Milano Centrale"    
    As the case with every trip I make to Europe from Dubai, I booked my train trip from Geneve to Milan via Rail Europe  
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