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Metz, where art goes with history Metz is a North-eastern city of France, in the Lorraine region. Birthplace of the Caroligian’s dynasty, Metz has a 3.000 years story and kept a part of this great cultural heritage. It is a more than 120 000 inhabitants city.

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Getting there You can get to Metz from Avignon, Lyon and Marseille. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 01:24 HK$200
From Nice 09:47 HK$200
From Bruxelles 03:42 HK$626
From Avignon 06:01 HK$580
From Lyon 04:38 HK$250
From Marseille 06:34 HK$890
From Basel 02:50 HK$90
From Montpellier 06:40 HK$360
From Dijon 02:51 HK$150
From Luxembourg 00:40 HK$90
From Strasbourg 01:17 HK$90
From Mulhouse 02:56 HK$264
From Trier 01:36 HK$174
From Colmar 02:01 HK$264
From Culmont Chalindre 02:08 HK$200
From Charleville 01:50 HK$277
From Verdun 01:12 HK$146
From Nancy Ville 00:32 HK$92
From Forbach 00:45 HK$127
From Morhange 00:23 HK$90
From Thionville 00:18 HK$90
From Pont A Mousson 00:17 HK$90
From Champagne-ardenne 00:48 HK$275
From Reims 00:48 HK$275
From Saarbruecken 01:00 HK$125
From Lutzelbourg 01:08 HK$179
From Saverne 00:58 HK$193
From Saareguemines 00:58 HK$149
From Sarrebourg 00:48 HK$152
From Hagondange 00:11 HK$90

Getting around From Metz, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Hagondange 00:21 HK$90
To Morhange 00:29 HK$90
To Thionville 00:33 HK$90
To Forbach 01:04 HK$127
To Lutzelbourg 01:15 HK$179
To Nancy Ville 01:17 HK$92
To Saverne 01:22 HK$199
To Verdun 01:37 HK$146
To Luxembourg 01:57 HK$90
To Sedan 02:52 HK$247
To Saarbruecken 02:58 HK$127
To Saareguemines 03:04 HK$149
To Charleville 03:08 HK$272
To Trier 03:41 HK$171
To Bruxelles 03:42 HK$626
To Strasbourg 03:58 HK$207
To Sarrebourg 04:13 HK$152
To Culmont Chalindre 04:23 HK$246
To Colmar 04:32 HK$255
To Reims 04:34 HK$225
To Champagne-ardenne 04:48 HK$225
To Mulhouse 04:55 HK$264
To Paris 04:57 HK$200
To Dijon 05:01 HK$150
To Basel 05:05 HK$90
To Epernay 05:20 HK$312
To Zuerich 05:29 HK$661
To Chalon Sur Saone 05:50 HK$316
To Lyon 06:56 HK$200
To Muenchen 08:55 HK$902
To Berlin 08:56 HK$790
To Avignon 10:24 HK$700
To Marseille 11:27 HK$680
To Montpellier 12:06 HK$730
To Hannover 13:21 HK$345
To Nice 14:49 HK$510

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Metz, where art goes with history

Metz is a North-eastern city of France, in the Lorraine region. Birthplace of the Caroligian’s dynasty, Metz has a 3.000 years story and kept a part of this great cultural heritage. It is a more than 120 000 inhabitants city.

Metz has the "Ville d’art et d’histoire" label (City of Art and History),so you will have a lot to see during your trip. You can book a tour at the Tourism Office to visit the city walking with a guide or an audio-guide, or explore it by mini-train or boat. Go to the museum "Metz métrople La cour d’or" where you will see the gallo roman, medieval and Fine arts collections. Do not miss the Centre Pompidou-Metz, and wow in front of its contemporary architecture. Of course, visit the huge and impressive gothic St Etienne cathedral, housing the largest stained glass windows collection of Europe (about 6.500 m²).

Train Station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Metz can be found.


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  • "In Safe Hands"    
    I booked my onward rail trips to Luxembourg and Frankfurt through RailEurope, with the option to print the tickets at home. However, when I booked this particular trip, the ONLY option I was given was ticket delivery to my home address! Imagine my horror, as I had only booked it four days before the trip, and I live ten of thousands of miles from France where the tickets were meant to be issued! I panicked, but still proceeded with the purchase. What I didn't know was, RailEurope has a regional representative in Singapore near where I live! Fair enough, I got my tickets two days before I traveled to France! I was overjoyed! The train trip itself was problem-free, and it departed on schedule. I have always had faith in the European rail system, and this has been fortified many folds when RailEurope handled my purchases with no trouble at all! Will I buy rail tickets through RailEurope again in future? Of course I will! In fact, I will encourage others to do it! Bravo, RailEurope!  
  • "Review"    
    The train is really cool. New, clean and very fast! Fascinating.  
  • "good experience"    
    no problems, on time, effectiv  
  • "Crowded"    
    this is 2nd part of my trip from Strasbourg to Paris East, it is a high speed Train, might be each Coach only 1 door for get on  
  • "Comfortable"    
    This is 1st part of my trip from Strasbourg to Paris East, it is not high speed train, but quite spacious of seat, lots of space for putting belongings, feeling is better than 2nd part of this trip  
  • "Smooth trip"    
    ... quiet, smooth trip in reserved seats ... nobody talking in the whole coach - lovely!  
  • "Memorable Trip"    
    It was a great experience travelling by TGV. Comfortable Journey . Real value for money. Convenience of booking ticket online. Perfect.  
  • "Good trip spoiled by delays"    
    Our journey was delayed several hours by industrial action but otherwise the joumey was comfortable and enjoyable.  
  • "No direct train to CDG Airport"    
    There is no direct train from Reims to Charles de Gaulle Airport. We had to take the train from Reims to Paris East Station and walked for 10 minutes with luggage to Paris North Station. Taxi at such peak hours is not an option. It was raining and the streets were full of traffic and people. Finding the right counter to buy a ticket from Paris North Station to the airport is very testing. Having queued for half an hour, we were told that we needed to go to a counter at the corner of the big ticket hall. Why you cannot get all kinds of ticket from any ticket sale counter? There were no English signs on this. The train from Paris North Station to the airport was fully loaded with commuters. The particular train that we took stopped abruptly short of two stations. All passengers were told to leave the train and wait for the next train to the airport. We did not understand the French announcement but followed those surprised looking passengers to disembark. Again, we had to take our luggage and braced the rains to take shelter, and waited for another train to come. Why there was not a better way to go from Reims to Charles de Gaulle Airport? Or there was one but not shown up when we booked online? I would like to have some feedbacks so that we can be smarter travellers next time.  
  • "TGV to Metz from Paris"    
    Too many seats face opposite the train's direction of travel. Arrival in Paris in the rain left the passengers far from the covered section of the Gare de L'Est.  
  • "Metz Ville - Paris Est"    
    I'm not sure why the fare was so expensive. It costs almost the same amount as traveling from Paris to Frankfurt. Although Wifi is is indicated, the service was not operational on our trip. The journey itself was comfortable.  
  • "rerouting"    
    At the CDG airport I changed the route from CDG to Lorraine, a good decision though the extra price was quite too high.  
  • "TGV ***** small limitations"    
    timeliness: fantastic, parted and arrived on schedule minute comfort: 1 class seats train noise: not perceptible but noisy family next to us (regroup differently?) GSM's are a curse toilet was inundated  
  • "paris metz"    
    everything ok just one suggestion for be able to selct an option for the seat. I have trouble travelling on the opposite way of the road. I would love to be able to fslect a seat which faces the road thanks  
  • "Enjoyable trip"    
    We drove from Nancy to Metz to catch this train. There were many road works around the city which made it difficult to find the station car rental return point. Anyway we got there finally. We had purchased 'print at station' tickets. I tried to retrieve them using a machine but it didn't work. I went to the only counter that was open and he was able to print them out for me. We boarded the train, a group were sitting in our seats but were happy to move for us. ( we had pre-allocated first class seats around a table). The train journey was very comfortable and enjoyable. Nobody came to check our tickets. We couldn't get any wifi which was disappointing.