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Marseille, the oldest city of France

About France

Getting there You can get to Marseille from Barcelona, Brussels and Paris CDG Airport. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 03:05 HK$228
From Nice 02:32 HK$210
From Frankfurt 07:45 HK$447
From Barcelona 04:32 HK$447
From Brussels 05:06 HK$812
From Paris Cdg Airport 03:45 HK$365
From Avignon 00:29 HK$128
From Geneva 03:37 HK$502
From Lyon 01:38 HK$182
From Basel 05:18 HK$784
From Bordeaux 05:40 HK$182
From Toulouse 03:33 HK$182
From Montpellier 01:30 HK$137
From Dijon 03:21 HK$182
From Luxembourg 11:04 HK$930
From Lille 04:43 HK$538
From Rennes 06:15 HK$337
From Aix En Provence Tgv 00:11 HK$82
From Strasbourg 05:17 HK$182
From Rouen 05:31 HK$1,021
From Mannheim 07:06 HK$538
From Mulhouse 04:40 HK$182
From Karlsruhe 06:33 HK$447
From Vienne 03:14 HK$410
From Marne La Vallee 03:33 HK$274
From Bellegarde 03:05 HK$228
From Bourg En Bresse 02:38 HK$456
From Veynes 02:36 HK$283
From Narbonne 02:38 HK$137
From Chalon Sur Saone 02:48 HK$264
From Perpignan 03:06 HK$246
From Gap 02:59 HK$310
From Carcassonne 03:08 HK$137
From Montauban 04:22 HK$365
From Laval 05:32 HK$720
From Agen 05:00 HK$328
From St Pierre Des Corps 04:47 HK$374
From Marmande 05:33 HK$447
From Angers 05:40 HK$702
From Le Havre 06:26 HK$1,021
From Nantes 06:18 HK$465
From Nancy 06:00 HK$328
From Colmar 04:46 HK$903
From Le Mans 04:44 HK$720
From Argeles Sur Mer 04:08 HK$447
From Montdauphin Guill 03:56 HK$365
From Massy 03:49 HK$666
From Collioure 04:14 HK$456
From Belfort 04:17 HK$182
From Briancon 04:24 HK$392
From Metz 06:41 HK$620
From Besançon 03:48 HK$301
From Agde 02:29 HK$310
From Martigues 00:51 HK$82
From Meyrargues 00:51 HK$100
From Ollioules Sanary 00:45 HK$91
From Toulon 00:43 HK$91
From Arles 00:43 HK$119
From Salon 00:53 HK$100
From Port De Bouc 00:58 HK$82
From La Garde 01:02 HK$119
From Valence 01:00 HK$137
From Pertuis 01:00 HK$109
From Tarascon Sur Rhon 00:59 HK$155
From Bandol 00:39 HK$82
From Carry Le Rouet 00:34 HK$82
From Cassis 00:19 HK$82
From Simiane 00:16 HK$82
From Marseille Vitrolles Aeroport 00:15 HK$82
From Aubagne 00:11 HK$82
From Rognac 00:21 HK$82
From Niolon 00:23 HK$82
From St Cyr Les Lecques 00:32 HK$82
From Miramas 00:30 HK$82
From Aix-en-provence 00:30 HK$82
From La Ciotat 00:26 HK$82
From Nimes 01:02 HK$137
From Senas 01:04 HK$119
From Frejus (localite) 01:39 HK$228
From Bollene La Croisiere 01:40 HK$246
From St Raphael 01:36 HK$155
From Gadagne 01:29 HK$155
From Orange 01:27 HK$219
From Sete 01:58 HK$191
From Cannes 02:01 HK$219
From Beziers 02:21 HK$219
From Antibes 02:13 HK$228
From Laragne 02:08 HK$255
From Montelimar 02:02 HK$274
From La Brillanne Orai 01:26 HK$182
From Le Thor 01:25 HK$155
From Hyeres 01:10 HK$119
From Orgon 01:09 HK$128
From Carnoules 01:06 HK$146
From Macon 02:25 HK$720
From Istres 01:11 HK$100
From Lisle Fontaine D 01:20 HK$146
From Cavaillon 01:13 HK$137
From Les Arcs 01:20 HK$155
From Manosque Greoux Lb 01:14 HK$155
From Versailles 04:10 HK$957
From Mantes Jolie 04:43 HK$830
From Belfort-montbeliard Tgv 04:17 HK$182

Getting around From Marseille, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Aix En Provence Tgv 00:17 HK$82
To Niolon 00:23 HK$82
To Aubagne 00:25 HK$82
To Cassis 00:27 HK$82
To Simiane 00:29 HK$82
To La Ciotat 00:34 HK$82
To Gardanne 00:34 HK$82
To Carry Le Rouet 00:34 HK$82
To St Cyr Les Lecques 00:40 HK$82
To Aix-en-provence 00:44 HK$82
To Bandol 00:46 HK$82
To Ollioules Sanary 00:52 HK$91
To Martigues 00:54 HK$82
To Port De Bouc 00:59 HK$82
To Meyrargues 01:04 HK$100
To Toulon 01:04 HK$91
To Carnoules 01:06 HK$155
To Istres 01:16 HK$100
To St Raphael 01:41 HK$155
To Cannes 02:07 HK$219
To Avignon 02:16 HK$128
To Les Arcs 02:21 HK$137
To Nice 02:43 HK$210
To Tarascon Sur Rhon 02:46 HK$146
To Gadagne 02:57 HK$155
To Le Thor 03:08 HK$155
To Frejus (localite) 03:10 HK$191
To Antibes 03:11 HK$182
To Salon 03:12 HK$100
To Pertuis 03:14 HK$109
To La Garde 03:24 HK$109
To Paris 03:25 HK$228
To Valence 03:38 HK$137
To Hyeres 03:38 HK$109
To Sete 03:39 HK$191
To Manosque Greoux Lb 03:46 HK$155
To Cavaillon 03:50 HK$137
To Orgon 03:56 HK$128
To La Brillanne Orai 03:57 HK$182
To Lyon 03:58 HK$182
To Senas 04:01 HK$119
To Versailles 04:11 HK$666
To Miramas 04:16 HK$82
To Arles 04:17 HK$119
To Nimes 04:22 HK$137
To Sisteron 04:23 HK$219
To Ales 04:28 HK$182
To Laragne 04:40 HK$255
To Lunel 04:41 HK$164
To Agde 04:51 HK$219
To Montpellier 04:52 HK$137
To Macon 04:57 HK$301
To Orange 05:01 HK$182
To Beziers 05:03 HK$210
To Veynes 05:08 HK$283
To Bollene La Croisiere 05:12 HK$246
To Rognac 05:21 HK$82
To Vienne 05:22 HK$401
To Bourg En Bresse 05:24 HK$292
To Besançon 05:25 HK$182
To Marseille Vitrolles Aeroport 05:26 HK$82
To Chalon Sur Saone 05:30 HK$383
To Castelnaudary 05:34 HK$310
To Montelimar 05:34 HK$210
To Gap 05:42 HK$310
To Lyon St Exupery Airport 05:48 HK$401
To Narbonne 06:02 HK$137
To Montdauphin Guill 06:05 HK$365
To Toulouse 06:06 HK$182
To Perpignan 06:08 HK$237
To Collioure 06:12 HK$456
To Dijon 06:13 HK$228
To Carcassonne 06:14 HK$137
To L'argentiere L. Bess 06:19 HK$392
To Baden Baden 06:23 HK$538
To Bellegarde 06:26 HK$392
To Briancon 06:34 HK$392
To Barcelona 06:34 HK$866
To Marne La Vallee 06:44 HK$337
To Karlsruhe 06:47 HK$356
To Le Mans 06:48 HK$885
To Montauban 06:48 HK$274
To Argeles Sur Mer 06:55 HK$328
To Paris Cdg Airport 06:57 HK$274
To Lille 07:18 HK$447
To Mannheim 07:19 HK$356
To Mantes Jolie 07:22 HK$711
To Agen 07:25 HK$182
To Massy 07:29 HK$784
To Laroche 07:54 HK$547
To Marmande 07:56 HK$438
To Frankfurt 07:59 HK$356
To Bordeaux 08:11 HK$182
To Rouen 08:14 HK$456
To Geneva 08:18 HK$456
To Clermont Ferrand 08:18 HK$392
To Rennes 08:27 HK$319
To Madrid 08:35 HK$1,286
To Brussels 08:37 HK$538
To Le Havre 09:08 HK$502
To Laval 09:18 HK$875
To Amsterdam 09:28 HK$1,049
To Mulhouse 09:29 HK$182
To Belfort 09:50 HK$410
To Belfort-montbeliard Tgv 09:50 HK$419
To Nancy 10:23 HK$401
To Bayonne 10:27 HK$547
To Biarritz 10:38 HK$675
To Hendaye 10:47 HK$675
To La Rochelle 10:47 HK$957
To St Pierre Des Corps 10:49 HK$365
To Angers 11:31 HK$520
To Luxembourg 11:33 HK$401
To La Roche Sur Yon 12:01 HK$802
To Colmar 12:02 HK$356
To Basel 12:07 HK$474
To Nantes 12:14 HK$657
To Metz 12:31 HK$620
To Strasbourg 12:37 HK$182

Marseille city guide

Marseille, the capital of Provence region

Marseille is the oldest French city and the second most important city in France after Paris. Marseille is located on the southeast coast of France in the Provence region. The city is known for its harbour, sunny climate and beautiful coastline. The natural beauty of Marseille is reflected by its parks and calanques. This explains why Marseille has retained a particular village feel. From the historic Panier district to the Romanesque churches, the city is full of treasures. The famous Notre Dame de la Garde, which overlooks the city from the top of a hill, is not be missed.

Any visit to Marseille should start with the Notre Dame de la Garde. You will be able to admire the extend of this magnificent French city. Afterward head to the Abbey of Saint Victor to see its fortified tower, then go the Old Port and relax on the sunny terraces watching the fishing boats. While you are in the Old Port, go to the fish market and have a look at the variety of fish. The Old Port is just in front of the Panier district (Old Marseille). This was where the Greeks first laid the foundations of the city some 2,600 years back. Discover the city hall, museums, the Place du Moulin and the Accoules church. On the next day head to the Corniche and admire the beautiful beaches at its foot.

One word – Bouillabaisse! Try this local speciality, a fish-based stew served with garlic and saffron sauce. The Panier area is a great place to enjoy a glass of Provençal rosé on a terrace before heading to Rue La Maronnaise for cocktails at a beachside bar.

The city centre is filled with shopping areas. You can go to Paradis, Grignan, Montgrand and Sainte street, which are semi pedestrian streets. Trendy shops are in Saint-Ferreol street. Le Cours Julien and Place Jean Jaurès are great places to pick up some interesting books, visit the colourful markets while you’re there.

Marseille Tourist Office
4, La Canebière, 13001 Marseille
Tel: +33 (0) 826 500 500

The city’s tourist office has a helpful personnel, insider information and tips as well as handy maps and brochures. The city’s tourist office also arranges tours and excursions and is a focal point for local accommodation.

Marseille station(s)

Trains are convenient way to reach any town and city in Europe. All main towns have a railway station, while major cities have more than two railway stations. Nearly all railway stations are located in the city centre. Check our map to locate railway station(s) in Marseille.

Marseille railway station(s)

Marseille Saint Charles Train Station

Marseille Saint Charles Train Station

Address: Square Narvik 12232 Marseille cedex 1

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 4:30am to 1am
Saturday and Sunday: 4:30am to 1am

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (TGV), Regional trains (TER), Intercity trains (Téoz)
SNCF rail agents, Lost and found, Luggage storage, Bank and Currency Exchange, Lockers, Police office and SOS Voyageurs, Travellers’ Aid facility, Air-conditioned waiting room, Tourist Information Point, Assistance for disabled persons, Car Parking, Toilets, Wi-Fi Internet, ATM and Phone cabins.

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Interactive Rail Map

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Customer reviews

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    We had been delayed for 2 hours from Paris to Marseille due to bad weather. SNFC compensated us a supplement box which contains some food.  
  • "Sladjana"    
    It was my first time to travel by TGV and my experience was more than expected. Right on time, however with a short delay on return (the train was 30 min late), but disregarding this fact it was very convenient and pleasant.  
  • "Travelling France via Rail"    
    It was a pleasant journey in general. We appreciated the speed of the train. Yet, we hope the hygiene of the toilets could be improved. On our journey from Marseilles to Bordeaux, all the toilets on the train was extremely filthy. It was a long journey and we needed to go to toilet quite often. Thanks for reading my review. Carol  
  • "thank you"    
    thank you very much for this opporinuty staff was really help full but there could be meal service ( a selection or the menu back of the seats ) instead of us going to the restaurant.  
  • "Great way to travel"    
    Absolutely tops for comfort, convenience and value for money. We got a great fare by booking in advance. We thoroughly enjoyed the high-speed parts of the journey - it was great to be kept informed by the cabin monitor of the high speeds we were achieving. Our 'picnic' bags were fresh and tasty, and we enjoyed the drinks options. We arrived rested and relaxed.  
  • "Marseille to Gare De Lyon "    
    It will be good if the announcement can be in English in addition to the French like in most Airline.  
  • "Good in general"    
    Fast, convenient, but getting old. It is time to renew.  
  • "Segment 1"    
    Very good scheduling  
  • "tgv experience"    
    The only drawback i can say is that for a traveller with heavy luggages, it is difficult to carry them upstairs . It is better if there will be easier way to lift the luggages at the upper deck.  
  • "so not tgv LOL"    
    We expected the air condition comfort of tgv, and got RER _ we made the most of it with the great family atmosphere and chatting to everyone in our compartment - it was hot though - that is life!!  
  • "Paris to Marseille TGV"    
    Online booking was fast and hassle-free. Train staff were very helpful and friendly. Easy, on-time, clean, train travel from Paris to Marseille. Would definitely recommend to others.  
  • "Wonderful experitnce"    
    We went to Marseille from Paris by TGV train. We enjoyed the experience on the train.  
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    got us to Marseille pretty quick. no complaints  
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    TGV was great comfy and fast! Recommend first class. Would use raileurope again made the trip much easier having all sorted before we left.  
  • "satisfied"    
    Convenient, comfortable, mild prices when buying in advance (3 months). However, was very surprised, when revealed a lot of first class seats, while I was suggested only 2nd class, thus, more expensive tickets. The only complain- the web site was not user friendly- was forced to contact hot line to purchase the tickets and later to print them (the tickets were sent to my email)  
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