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Getting there You can get to Manchester from Barrow in furness, Lancaster and Liverpool. Best price and travel duration below.

From London 02:07 HK$160
From Bristol 02:54 HK$390
From Edinburgh 03:08 HK$340
From Barrow In Furness 01:54 HK$110
From Lancaster 01:16 HK$110
From Liverpool 00:37 HK$40

Getting around From Manchester, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Liverpool 02:48 HK$190
To London 03:50 HK$160
To Edinburgh 05:34 HK$330

While you're there

Manchester, the typical English town

Gritty but glamorous, Manchester has a re-emerging bar and club scene, a well-documented musical heritage and a happy clash of Victorian and 21st-century architecture.

During the industrial revolution, Manchester developed an important textile industry: you can still see numerous old cotton factories outside the town centre. The magnificent carved stalls inside the gothic cathedral of Manchester are worth a detour.

Admire the most important public edifice in England from the Victorian period: the City Hall in neo-gothic style, situated on Albert Square. You will also be amazed by the extraordinary skyscrapers from the 1960’s and 1970’s. Manchester offers a lot of fascinating museums and art galleries. The Manchester Art Gallery invites you to discover an interesting collection of artworks from European artists and the largest Pre-Raphaelite collection of the United-Kingdom.

Don’t miss the world-famous gay village with its lively pubs and its gay supermarket, the first one opened in the United-Kingdom.

Train Station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Manchester can be found.

Manchester Oxford

Address: Station Approach M1 Manchester

Manchester Picc

Address: 38 London Rd M1 Manchester

Manchester Airpor

Address: 4007 Chicago Ave M90 3DQ Manchester


Address: 2 Victoria Station Approach M3 Manchester


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Customer reviews

  • "Lovely station-nice journey"    
    We reached Euston well in time , only to realize that it was a good decision . Enjoyed our cuppa coffee and lunch in the nice sunny weather. The journey to Manchester was nice and comfortable and value for money. Getting my tickets printed at the station was a breeze....  
  • "London To Manchester"    
    A virgin ride on the train  
  • "Smooth journey"    
    Smooth journey from Manchester to London. Train on time.  
  • "Take the Train"    
    It's clean, comfortable, and a smooth ride. The service on board is good. Watching the fields, and towns go by with ease. A pleasant experience. The train arrived on time.  
  • "ALAWADHI"    
    Very good  
  • "Tons of luggage but no space"    
    I had my very first experience with RAILeurope. It was easy to navigate at the train station with luggage and easy instruction by the information counter officer. However, had a lot of difficulty to carry out big luggage up to the train. We bought this big luggage because we were heading to london then to paris before we head home to Singapore. Lucky thing, we had a 63year old man in our tour group to help us load those luggage. And the best part was, the train manager in the coach was kind enough to give us the space to put our luggage at the side of their bar. Overall, it was satisfying experience, thank you train manager and RAILeurope.  
  • "71 year old couple"    
    The 9.34am from Zurich on a Friday was crowded but comfortable. Travelling at up to 199MPH, and punctual, it enabled us to travel from Zurich to Manchester in one day. Pretty good. We had come from Budapest to Vienna and Vienna to Zurich via the Arlberg pass earlier in the week with a full day in both Vienna and Zurich. Good hotels near the main stations. A great journey home by rail! Only East Coast let us down!  
  • "Good but expensive "    
    Thank you  
  • "My trip to Manchester"    
    Good. The train is comfortable.  
  • "Good Job"    
    Very helpful staff during purchasing group tix tho not managed to resolve the issue. Had to procure it elsewhere. Should look into it. Otherwise the trip itself is excellent. We had a wonderful journey. Thank you.  
  • "great trip on virgin trains"    
    It was fast n clean. Good food sold. Those selling food were friendly. Great job!! Easy purchase of tickets. Couldn't print at home but did it easily at St pancras railway station.  
  • "Good train ride"    
    Very fast and convenient. Clean too. A little confused about booking seats. Especially when asked if I wanted odd or even numbers when I'm traveling as a couple n whether we want forward facing seats. People selling food and drinks very friendly.  
  • "Save time and no distress"    
    After driving from Manchester to London 2 days earlier and taking nearly 6 hours , with major traffic problems, what a relief to be able to get to Manchester from London in just over 2 hours, no stress, no worries. We had booked tickets for a football game at Etihad Stadium and had a lovely relaxing day, why, because we caught the train. I wish we had a train service in Australia this good.  
  • "Trip to Manchester"    
    it was very good but probebly becuse of the football game the train was overbook  
  • "reasonable price"    
    I checked other ticketing websites, but you made me save much money. And when I was in small ticketing trouble in London because I brought a new card whose expire date has been renewed, one lady telephone operator was very kind to respond quickly and explain me how to get tickets actually. Thanks to her, I was able to got all of tickets smoothly.