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Spanish sunshine, cubed

About Spain

Getting there You can get to Malaga from Barcelona, Madrid and Seville. Best price and travel duration below.

From Barcelona 05:45 HK$508
From Madrid 02:20 HK$272
From Seville 01:55 HK$368
From Cordoba 00:48 HK$105

Getting around From Malaga, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Cordoba 01:05 HK$175
To Ronda 01:51 HK$123
To Seville 01:55 HK$368
To Madrid 02:50 HK$202
To Barcelona 05:47 HK$403

While you're there

Malaga,the city of Picasso.

The capital of Spain’s Costa del Sol is a traditional Andalucian city where an exotic blend of Moorish citadels, Roman ruins and Renaissance landmarks sit side-by-side. Visit the Picasso museum, then join young party-goers enjoying the balmy summer nights at Málaga’s popular beach bars.

Enjoy a panoramic view onto Málaga from the top of the castle which was rebuilt by the Moors and is now a traditional parador.

Málaga owns one of the largest Muslim military building in Spain, "La Alcazaba" fort from the 11th century, which houses the archaeological museum. To discover the typically Andalousian architecture, reach the "Buenavista" Palace. In 2003, it became an extraordinary museum dedicated to Málaga’s world-known’s son, Pablo Picasso. Enjoy shopping in the "Calle Larios" and its smart shops, next to the picturesque Renaissance cathedral.

Let yourself be tempted by a tasting of "pescaito frito", a little fried fishes assortment, with a glass of "fino".

Train station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Malaga can be found.

Malaga Maria Zambrano

Address: Explanada de la Estación 29002 Malaga


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Customer reviews

  • "Travel comfort and convenience"    
    I recently made the journey from Glasgow Scotland to Seville Spain. Because there is no direct flight between the two Cities, I decided to try making the journey Glasgow - Malaga - Seville using flights and trains, This was an excellent way to go and I will always use this mode of travel in the future. Rail Europe was superb in comfort and above all punctuality. Everyone was friendly and helpful, the trains were clean and roomy and a very enjoyable journey was had. I will certainly recommend this mode of travel to my friends. I did mymbookingnon line and this, too, was very efficient and easy. Thank you.  
  • "Impressed"    
    Just a shame there was no wifi  
  • "Malaga to Cordoba and back "    
    Brilliant. So easy to book and print tickets. The journey itself was very comfortable and on time. The perfect way to travel. We shall definately go on more train journeys from now on, and will certainly use Rail Europe again - it was worth every penny of the booking fee. Thank you!  
  • "My experience"    
    I loved everything in the train. one comment i have is that when i tried to get something to eat from the cafeteria the guy who was working in there was not speaking english, so i had a hard time trying to order.  
  • "The neighbours"    
    Mainly i travelled alone and my neightbour was a young women with a baby. During the whole way (3 ways) the baby distirbed me and I cannot sleep. I think that the client should have a possibility with whom to sit. I suppose that 2 women with babies would feel more comfortable together and would not distirb to anyone. Therefore to provide better service the system should have an access to choose the right place for each client.  
  • "excellent "    
    booked on line very easy to understand was given clear instructions regarding the carriage and seat number train very clean and comfortable-would use rail-europe again and recommended to family and friends  
  • "Splendid journey "    
    Very nice trains, punctual, fast and clean. Not much to complain about. Although it was a surprise for us that we had to go to a security check as in the airports. Luckily we arrived early, but it could have been informed on the ticket that we should incorporate 20 minutes to security check point. In most European trainstations, security checkpoints is not common, so it must come as a surprise to many travellers not familiar with RENFE stations.  
  • "Spain adventure"    
    We took the train from Malaga to Madrid and from Madrid to Toledo. The journey by train is awesome and we rather do that than fly. We have traveled a lot over the years and its the best way as far as well are concerned. Clean, good scenery, and very spacious. Any awesome experience. Hope to do this again next summer in Italy, France.  
  • "Good connecting train"    
    I enjoyed the services in the train very much, they are clean, tidy and very comfortable, very ideal for a single traveler before I joined my friend in Malaga. I booked my ticket in the internet from Madrid Atocha to Malaga stations. However, I did not have any information regarding the connecting train from airport to Atocha. They are not available in the website I used in booking my ticket. Upon arrival, I learnt that there are more trains with less stops and shorter time. When I arrived, I tried to use Metro and paid 5 euros. Before entered to the gate, I saw the entrance of Renfe station, the customer services guided me for a free connection ticket. In fact, on my way return, I found the Renfe Line, C-1 is more convenient and cheaper than Metro line. I paid only 2.5 euros for one way to Sol and Principle Cio stations which are great for tourists. The other point I would like to raise is the time of train. As I have no idea for the travelling mode and time between the two stations that I booked, so I allowed plenty of time upon my arrival and departure from Madrid Airport. After I resolved the connecting train problem, I arrived early than my reserved train and i asked for taking an earlier train if there was available seat. However, the customer services told me that no change of train within the date is allowed even if there is available seat in an earlier train. So I struck in the station for two hours.  
  • "Business train travel Spain"    
    From booking the tickets via rail europe world to watching the world go by on the train the whole process was straight forward and pleasurable!  
  • "Madrid to Malaga"    
    The train it self was fine and comfortable enough. But it was an expensive trip that we only made due to there being no other viable option. We had distinct problems with the tickets and were only able to obtain e tickets which had to be emailed, which was not pratical as we infrequently had access to a computer. I even called them to see if we could have them printed at the station but no we had to wait and find a computer. However once we had the tickets everything ran soomthly.  
  • "Day trip to cordoba"    
    Our main concern was that we paid for first class return tickets which were advertised as including newspapers, drinks  
  • "Sit back and relax"    
    Simply the best way to travel from Madrid to Malaga.  
  • "Travel from Malaga to Seville "    
    Superb service. I initially booked for the wrong day and as the refund section on the web site didn't work I reluctantly phoned India and it was sorted out extremely efficiently within less than a minute and the refund came back within a couple of days. Having used British trains it was wonderful to have a reserfed seat as a matter of course. The train ran on time, was clean and although not particularly cheap, was still good value for money. Only slight problem was that the ticket just said "Malaga". We travelled from the airport by train and we assumed it would be Malaga Central but it was the stop before, Malaga M Z. It would have been helpful to have this on the confirmation as we had to go back a stop to get the Seville train.  
  • "A Málaga"    
    This train travelling in "preferente" was well worth the cost. The comfort, speed and attention of the staff was excellent.  
  • 0 15