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Lyon, the culinary capital of France

About France

Getting there You can get to Lyon from Frankfurt, Barcelona and Brussels. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 01:56 HK$230
From London 04:41 HK$837
From Nice 04:27 HK$276
From Frankfurt 05:55 HK$451
From Barcelona 04:59 HK$506
From Brussels 03:20 HK$451
From Paris Cdg Airport 01:59 HK$230
From Avignon 01:02 HK$138
From Geneva 01:46 HK$267
From Marseille 01:36 HK$184
From Basel 03:27 HK$579
From Bordeaux 06:13 HK$441
From Toulouse 04:00 HK$230
From Montpellier 01:48 HK$184
From Dijon 01:34 HK$202
From Lille 02:57 HK$230
From Rennes 04:29 HK$496
From Aix En Provence Tgv 01:20 HK$184
From Strasbourg 03:33 HK$184
From Rouen 03:41 HK$717
From Mannheim 05:16 HK$451
From Mulhouse 02:50 HK$230
From Karlsruhe 04:43 HK$451
From Aime La Plagne 02:59 HK$285
From Tours 05:21 HK$138
From Colmar 03:02 HK$230
From Baume Les Dames 03:03 HK$340
From Nevers 03:02 HK$331
From Miramas 03:00 HK$386
From Arras 02:56 HK$359
From Moutiers 02:41 HK$267
From Arles 02:43 HK$349
From St Michel Valloir 02:40 HK$267
From Toulon 02:37 HK$276
From Tgv Haute Picardie 02:35 HK$772
From Narbonne 02:46 HK$184
From Thonon Les Bains 02:50 HK$285
From Modane 02:56 HK$285
From Reignier 02:33 HK$267
From Le Mans 02:55 HK$423
From Montbard 02:51 HK$349
From St Pierre Des Corps 02:57 HK$138
From Carcassonne 03:16 HK$184
From Nancy 04:05 HK$184
From Antibes 04:08 HK$276
From Cannes 03:56 HK$276
From Joigny 03:53 HK$441
From Bourges 03:51 HK$138
From Sens 04:10 HK$478
From Vierzon 04:13 HK$432
From Agen 05:08 HK$671
From Le Havre 04:36 HK$827
From Montauban 04:30 HK$671
From Nantes 04:27 HK$230
From Angers 03:49 HK$230
From Laval 03:46 HK$616
From Tonnerre 03:17 HK$395
From Metz 04:46 HK$184
From Bourg St Maurice 03:16 HK$294
From Les Arcs 03:15 HK$230
From Marseille Vitrolles Aeroport 03:19 HK$414
From Bons En Chablais 02:32 HK$267
From Laroche 03:43 HK$432
From Perpignan 03:33 HK$184
From St Raphael 03:31 HK$276
From Neufchateau 03:22 HK$303
From Landry 03:07 HK$285
From Belfort 02:27 HK$202
From Tain Lhermitage 00:55 HK$138
From Chalon Sur Saone 00:58 HK$175
From St Vallier 00:51 HK$120
From Amplepuis 00:49 HK$110
From Bourg En Bresse 00:46 HK$110
From Pont De Beauvoisi 00:46 HK$129
From Firminy 01:00 HK$120
From Voiron 01:02 HK$156
From Chambery 01:18 HK$165
From Rives 01:18 HK$147
From Bellegarde 01:17 HK$239
From Tournus 01:04 HK$165
From Roanne 01:03 HK$147
From St Rambert D'albon 00:42 HK$101
From St Etienne 00:41 HK$83
From Meximieux Perouges 00:23 HK$83
From Macon 00:24 HK$101
From Bourgoin 00:23 HK$83
From Villefranche Saone 00:22 HK$83
From La Verpilliere 00:18 HK$83
From Vienne 00:20 HK$83
From Amberieu 00:32 HK$83
From Belleville Sur Sa 00:32 HK$83
From St Chamond 00:36 HK$83
From Le Creusot Mo Tgv 00:39 HK$211
From Le Peage De Rouss 00:36 HK$92
From Valence 00:34 HK$129
From Tarare 00:33 HK$92
From Grenoble 01:19 HK$193
From Grenoble U.gieres 01:19 HK$193
From Riom 02:12 HK$294
From Arc Et Senans 02:17 HK$267
From Albertville 02:12 HK$230
From Sete 02:08 HK$184
From Orange 02:06 HK$276
From Digoin 02:07 HK$211
From Clermont Ferrand 02:21 HK$313
From Moulins 02:23 HK$276
From St Jean De Maurienne 02:29 HK$248
From Beziers 02:30 HK$184
From Montbeliard 02:27 HK$138
From Venissieux 00:09 HK$83
From Agde 02:25 HK$386
From Annemasse 02:05 HK$248
From Besançon 02:04 HK$175
From Montelimar 01:30 HK$230
From Beaune 01:40 HK$230
From Chagny 01:29 HK$211
From Lons Le Saunier 01:26 HK$175
From Nimes 01:21 HK$138
From Pierrelatte 01:45 HK$248
From Marne La Vallee 01:47 HK$230
From St Germain Des Fosse 01:58 HK$239
From Massy 02:01 HK$230
From Paray Le Monial 01:55 HK$193
From Bollene La Croisiere 01:54 HK$257
From Vichy 01:50 HK$248
From Dompierre Sept Fons 02:30 HK$248
From Belfort-montbeliard Tgv 02:27 HK$138

Getting around From Lyon, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Venissieux 00:10 HK$83
To La Verpilliere 00:29 HK$83
To Meximieux Perouges 00:30 HK$83
To Vienne 00:32 HK$83
To Le Peage De Rouss 00:36 HK$92
To Bourgoin 00:39 HK$83
To Villefranche Saone 00:39 HK$83
To Amberieu 00:47 HK$83
To St Chamond 00:48 HK$83
To Belleville Sur Sa 00:50 HK$83
To St Rambert D'albon 00:52 HK$101
To Pont De Beauvoisi 00:54 HK$129
To Le Creusot Mo Tgv 01:01 HK$211
To St Vallier 01:03 HK$120
To St Etienne 01:09 HK$83
To Tain Lhermitage 01:13 HK$138
To Amplepuis 01:19 HK$110
To Bellegarde 01:19 HK$239
To Rives 01:37 HK$147
To Valence 01:43 HK$129
To Voiron 01:46 HK$156
To Roanne 01:47 HK$147
To Geneva 01:50 HK$267
To Marne La Vallee 01:55 HK$276
To St Germain Des Fosse 02:01 HK$248
To Aix En Provence Tgv 02:08 HK$184
To Paris Cdg Airport 02:09 HK$276
To Annemasse 02:20 HK$303
To Grenoble U.gieres 02:21 HK$193
To Grenoble 02:21 HK$193
To Paray Le Monial 02:25 HK$193
To Rumilly 02:27 HK$211
To Arc Et Senans 02:33 HK$257
To Culoz 02:35 HK$156
To Dompierre Sept Fons 02:46 HK$248
To Chagny 02:48 HK$175
To Bourg En Bresse 02:49 HK$110
To Thonon Les Bains 03:05 HK$340
To Montelimar 03:10 HK$175
To Chambery 03:10 HK$165
To Tournus 03:17 HK$138
To Evian Les Bains 03:27 HK$359
To Massy 03:33 HK$230
To Firminy 03:34 HK$101
To Saincaize 03:47 HK$331
To Chalon Sur Saone 03:47 HK$156
To Macon 03:50 HK$101
To Beaune 03:54 HK$184
To Aix Les Bains 03:57 HK$138
To Nimes 04:00 HK$138
To Lons Le Saunier 04:03 HK$147
To Marseille 04:06 HK$184
To Pierrelatte 04:06 HK$239
To Dijon 04:11 HK$211
To Albertville 04:11 HK$221
To Besançon 04:12 HK$138
To Neufchateau 04:13 HK$487
To Digoin 04:14 HK$202
To Bollene La Croisiere 04:14 HK$248
To Sallanches 04:14 HK$248
To Arras 04:20 HK$414
To Sens 04:20 HK$478
To Orange 04:26 HK$221
To Lille 04:27 HK$322
To Baden Baden 04:28 HK$359
To St Jean De Maurienne 04:29 HK$248
To Montpellier 04:36 HK$184
To Tgv Haute Picardie 04:36 HK$607
To Moutiers 04:41 HK$257
To St Michel Valloir 04:42 HK$267
To Annecy 04:42 HK$175
To Brussels 04:43 HK$451
To Reignier 04:49 HK$267
To Vichy 04:51 HK$248
To Moulins 04:54 HK$276
To Avignon 04:54 HK$138
To Modane 04:56 HK$276
To Marseille Vitrolles Aeroport 04:57 HK$221
To Aime La Plagne 04:59 HK$276
To Riom 04:59 HK$294
To Sete 04:59 HK$230
To Mulhouse 05:01 HK$184
To Arles 05:02 HK$276
To Montbard 05:06 HK$276
To Landry 05:07 HK$285
To Nancy 05:08 HK$230
To Agde 05:13 HK$267
To Bourg St Maurice 05:15 HK$285
To Paris 05:18 HK$230
To Colmar 05:23 HK$184
To Beziers 05:25 HK$230
To Nevers 05:26 HK$276
To Miramas 05:29 HK$313
To Tonnerre 05:31 HK$359
To Turin 05:38 HK$542
To Toulon 05:39 HK$184
To Montbeliard 05:40 HK$202
To Narbonne 05:40 HK$184
To Belfort-montbeliard Tgv 05:40 HK$138
To Belfort 05:40 HK$138
To Baume Les Dames 05:44 HK$340
To London 05:47 HK$818
To Clermont Ferrand 05:49 HK$221
To Carcassonne 05:56 HK$230
To Joigny 06:08 HK$359
To Basel 06:19 HK$239
To Perpignan 06:30 HK$331
To Rennes 06:41 HK$230
To Strasbourg 06:43 HK$184
To Bourges 06:45 HK$138
To St Raphael 06:49 HK$294
To Toulouse 06:58 HK$276
To Montauban 07:08 HK$386
To Orleans 07:16 HK$496
To Rouen 07:21 HK$506
To Karlsruhe 07:23 HK$359
To Metz 07:26 HK$230
To Antibes 07:26 HK$230
To Les Arcs 07:36 HK$359
To Le Mans 07:36 HK$230
To St Pierre Des Corps 07:45 HK$138
To Agen 08:01 HK$524
To Frankfurt 08:11 HK$359
To Cannes 08:16 HK$230
To Mannheim 08:22 HK$359
To Vierzon 08:25 HK$423
To Tours 08:25 HK$138
To Angers 08:31 HK$230
To Nantes 08:36 HK$230
To Saumur 08:44 HK$405
To Nice 08:47 HK$230
To Lourdes 08:51 HK$533
To Bordeaux 09:04 HK$276
To Biarritz 09:27 HK$919
To Coutras 09:35 HK$1,149
To Le Havre 09:50 HK$524
To Limoges 10:09 HK$460
To Perigueux 11:36 HK$552

Lyon city guide

Lyon, the capital of French gastronomy

Proud of its history – Lyon was once the capital of the Gauls – the city offers an original trip back in time and through cultures. Gastronomy, culture, fêtes, nature, silk, light... you name it! Lyon has it! Besides being known for its culinary and architectural heritage, Lyon is also renowned for its effervescent cultural scene. The most appealing event of the city is the Festival of Lights, which takes place during four nights in December.

You can enjoy a show in the beautiful National Opera which offers prestigious ballets all year round. Discover museums that exist nowhere else in the world (Fabric Museum, Fine Arts Museum and Lumière Institute). If you are in Lyon in December, during the Festival of Lights, you will witness monuments, rivers and buildings being turned into a vast playground for the most gifted lighting designers of the world. The festival attracts millions of visitors every year making it one of Europe’s major events. The city also hosts other events throughout the year, such as the Nuits Sonores (electronic music festival) and the Grand Lyon Film Festival which looks back on the history of cinema.

Lyon is a benchmark in culinary arts. Indeed, in Lyon, gastronomy is considered an art. The chefs make sure that the high quality cuisine is up to its reputation. The city of Lyon has a dozen Michelin-starred restaurants and more than 1,600 restaurants: bouchons (typical restaurants), bars, etc.

You will find everything in Lyon, no matter what you are looking for: luxury, high street fashion, exclusive and original creations of up and coming designers, antique or modern items, furnishings, silk…

Lyon Tourist Office
Place Bellecour - BP 2254, 69214 Lyon cedex 02.
Tel: +33 (0)4 72 77 69 69

The city’s tourist office has a helpful personnel, insider information and tips as well as handy maps and brochures. The city’s tourist office also arranges tours and excursions and is a focal point for local accommodation.

Lyon station(s)

Trains are convenient way to reach any town and city in Europe. All main towns have a railway station, while major cities have more than two railway stations. Nearly all railway stations are located in the city centre. Check our map to locate railway station(s) in Lyon.

Lyon railway station(s)

Lyon Part Dieu Train Station

Lyon Part Dieu Train Station

Address: 5, Place Charles Béraudier 69003 Lyon

Opening hours: Monday to Wednesday : 5:15am to 10pm
Thursday to Friday: 5:15am to 11pm
Saturday: 5:15am to 10pm
Sunday: 5:15am to 11pm

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (TGV), Intercity trains, Regional trains (TER)
SNCF rail agents, Lost and found, Police station, Lockers, Information Point, Toilets, Luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet, ATM and Phone cabins.

Learn more

Lyon Perrache Train Station

Lyon Perrache Train Station

Address: 14, cours de Verdun 69286 Lyon cedex 02

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 5am to 12:45am
Saturday and Sunday: 5am to 12:45am

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (TGV), Regional trains (TER)
SNCF rail agents, Tourist Information Office, Lost and found, Toilets, Waiting rooms, ATM and Public Payphone.

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Interactive Rail Map

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Travel forum

Customer reviews

  • "happy to use railway"    
    i and my mother-in-law who is 74 years old traveled from lyon to strasbourg by train and back to lyon again. it was wonderful. the only thing, maybe it is me who couldn't get it, although it was said that we could get our online tickets from the machines in the station, i couldn't make it. but thanks to person in the ticket office at gare de la part dieu, he helped a lot, thanks again to him. and also when we got to strasbourg it was late and no tourist information, the person at the ticket info at central gare de strasbourg found a map and helped us to find our hotel, thanks to him. every stuff we asked their help were very nice, system is nice, trains are comfortable. thank you very much for making our journey easy and comfortable. evrim balçık - istanbul - turkey  
  • "Train great, booking not so"    
    We booked the train long in advance. We chose the "Print at Home" option. When we tried to print it initially the website could not be accessed. On contacting RailEurope a .pdf file of the ticket was e-mailed. We printed the .pdf file and all was well except that the Coach and Seat number was printed on top of each other making it illegible. An e-mail to the local agent about the matter stayed un-answered. A phone call to the same person a few weeks later confirmed the correct seat information but no correction of the faulty .pdf file. We were basically told to live with it. We did and the ticket was accepted by TGV  
  • "slow"    
    it takes 2 hr to go from geneve to lyon is too slow using TGV.  
  • "fast"    
    very satisfy  
  • "The only way to fly"    
    Paris to Lyon: TGV is the only way to travel. It is convenient, comfortable, quiet, spacious and reasonably priced. What more can one say?  
    We bought our tickets online before our trip, as it was essential for our itinerary. We had no problems whatsoever. We arrived at CDG airport, and “fairly” easily located the TGV train station. We had our tickets stamped at the ticket office as we bought the TGV tickets with a 5-day France Pass, which we also had validated at the same time. When the train arrived, we located our coach, put our luggage in the back of the coach and located our seats. It was comfortable and clean. Because of the comfort provided, it was a good time to catch up on lost sleep. I’ll do it again for essential trips. It takes the “worry” out of buying tickets and more importantly, if seats will be available.  
  • "Corchevel ski holiday -5 stars"    
    Was an extremely efficient way of travelling to the snow. Was easy although we spoke no French. I had unfortunaely misplaced by boarding passes. Although all seemed hopless for a long while and it appeared we would have to purchase 3 new first class tickets, the manager on that day had organised for replacement tickets at the last minute when boarding the train. This was much appreciated.  
  • "Fairly comfortable"    
    With little signs in english on the train platform it was slightly hard to find my way around, but it was manageable. Trains were comfortable.  
  • "Comfortable trip"    
    The stations and train platforms were easy to find - journey was also very comfortable  
  • "Train trips in Europe- Dec201"    
    Travelled by trains (second class) from Paris to Lyon as well as from Lyon to Geneva during our recent holiday in Europe. Both the journeys were pleasant. Will certainly use the trains to travel within Europe in the future  
  • "Comfortable way to travel"    
    Train is a comfortable way of travelling in France. It's not the cheapest though, but the convenience of leaving from city centre and arriving to Montpellier city centre is definitely worthwhile. Also, I enjoyed the punctuality and the leg room on the seats.  
  • "Thank you"    
    This is my first TGV ride. At first I was overwhelmed by the complexity of the station. Fortunately there were several signs that directed me to the correct platform as well as kind hearted Frenchmen and ladies that offered to provide me with directions. It was definitely a pleasant experience. Thank you very much.  
  • "Convenience"    
    Not so bad. Is quickly  
  • "Track problem delayed us "    
    Bought the ticket for the speed train but had to take a common train due to breakdown of the train track. We missed our connecting train to Milan as a result.  
  • "resume"    
    French, I used to travel by train, the ticket was expensive, but I had no choice. Train on time, good point. But there is not enough space for luggage. From a station at the airport, they know that people have a lot of luggage.  
  • 0 15 30 45 60 75 90