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Getting there You can get to Luxembourg from Marseille, Basel and Montpellier. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 02:08 HK$350
From Nice 14:32 HK$495
From Bruxelles 02:42 HK$388
From Marseille 11:33 HK$445
From Basel 03:31 HK$235
From Montpellier 10:33 HK$435
From Strasbourg 02:08 HK$90
From Mulhouse 03:03 HK$405
From Colmar 03:14 HK$464
From Lorraine Tgv 01:20 HK$210
From Longwy 00:29 HK$116
From Thionville 00:19 HK$90
From Metz 00:39 HK$90
From Nancy Ville 01:23 HK$106
From Champagne-ardenne 01:35 HK$600
From Arlon 00:17 HK$106
From Liege 02:26 HK$446
From Epinal 02:41 HK$284
From Namur 01:44 HK$344

Getting around From Luxembourg, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Arlon 00:27 HK$106
To Ettelbruck 00:36 HK$118
To Lorraine Tgv 01:30 HK$210
To Metz 01:36 HK$90
To Namur 02:02 HK$344
To Thionville 02:14 HK$90
To Liege 02:27 HK$446
To Nancy Ville 02:33 HK$106
To Epinal 02:33 HK$284
To Colmar 02:51
To Bruxelles 03:10 HK$388
To Mulhouse 03:13 HK$594
To Cochem 04:27 HK$322
To Champagne-ardenne 04:29 HK$328
To Saarbruecken 04:29 HK$127
To Strasbourg 04:39 HK$264
To Paris 04:50 HK$200
To Trier 05:31
To Rotterdam 05:42 HK$678
To Basel 06:09 HK$235
To Zuerich 06:11 HK$1,024
To Bonn 06:18 HK$542
To Duisburg 06:21 HK$716
To Frankfurt 06:21 HK$600
To Amsterdam 07:22 HK$678
To Marseille 11:04 HK$1,020
To Muenchen 12:00 HK$890
To Nice 14:13 HK$495

While you're there

Luxembourg, the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Luxembourg, also known as Luxembourg city is the capital of Luxembourg. The city is located in western Europe, south of Belgium and north east of France. Luxembourg is home to more than 90,000 inhabitants for an area of approximately 50 km square, making it one of the most densely populated cities in the world. One of the best places to live in Europe, Luxembourg is an important place of business and politics. Many international institutions have their headquarters in Luxembourg, including the European Investment Fund and the European Court of Justice. Luxembourg is also a millennial fortress city, and a UNESCO World Heritage site. This heritage adds a charming and contrasting dimension to its international capital city status.

Have a stroll in the picturesque streets of the Old Town, take a walk in the valley of the Petrusse or explore the modern sculptures and the contemporary architecture of the Kirchberg Plateau. Places of interest in Luxembourg include the Gothic Revival Cathedral of Notre Dame, the fortifications, the Grand Ducal Palace, the Gëlle Fra war memorial, the casemates, the Neumünster Abbey, the Place d’Armes, the Adolphe Bridge and the city hall. The city of Luxembourg has many museums including the National Museum of History and Art, the Luxembourg City History Museum, the new Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art (Mudam) and National Museum of Natural History. Luxembourg was the European Capital of Culture twice, in 1995 and in 2007.

Delicacies in Luxembourg include: Gromperekichelcher, a spiced potato pancake with the Miel Luxembourgeois, a honey typical from Luxembourg.

Head to the longest shopping street of Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette, where you will find numerous shops. Designer shops are located in the Grand Rue.

Luxembourg Tourist Office
P.O. Box 1001. L-1010 Luxembourg
Tel: +35 2 42 82 82 10

The city’s tourist office has a helpful personnel, insider information and tips as well as handy maps and brochures. The city’s tourist office also arranges tours and excursions and is a focal point for local accommodation.

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  • "In Safe Hands"    
    I booked my onward rail trips to Luxembourg and Frankfurt through RailEurope, with the option to print the tickets at home. However, when I booked this particular trip, the ONLY option I was given was ticket delivery to my home address! Imagine my horror, as I had only booked it four days before the trip, and I live ten of thousands of miles from France where the tickets were meant to be issued! I panicked, but still proceeded with the purchase. What I didn't know was, RailEurope has a regional representative in Singapore near where I live! Fair enough, I got my tickets two days before I traveled to France! I was overjoyed! The train trip itself was problem-free, and it departed on schedule. I have always had faith in the European rail system, and this has been fortified many folds when RailEurope handled my purchases with no trouble at all! Will I buy rail tickets through RailEurope again in future? Of course I will! In fact, I will encourage others to do it! Bravo, RailEurope!  
  • "decent train journey"    
    train journey was comfortable but no snack was served in the first class... have travelled in united kingdom on first class there was meal served a attendant in the coach so just for the extra legroom there wasnt anythin special  
  • "very good Service"    
    The train departs on time, the travel was very confortable  
  • "Review"    
    The train is really cool. New, clean and very fast! Fascinating.  
  • "Could not print the ticket at "    
    An excellent experience ( 5 star) if only I could have print the ticket at home. Being an overseas customer, I had to pick up the ticket at the agency in the country were I live. This was quote an "old days" experience !!!  
  • "Positive experience"    
    Booking online very easy One advice - as I'm a Dane, and booked the trip from home on the internet - I wold have loved to have some inforamtion on the train station the TGV is leaving from But otherwise, a perfect trip - and easy  
  • "Full Train"    
    Was on-time but the train was at its full capacity for passengers.  
  • "Leisure Travel"    
    Great trip....Fast efficient and very punctual. Very good value.  
  • "Good service"    
    It was a good experience traveling with this train. The schedule was good and the comfort of the train was excelent  
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    That has been a pleasant experience, it was a safe and convenient travel. Thanks to all RailEurope Operations Team. Best Regards, Sedat Karakaya  
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    no check in's , go on time and leave directly. best way to travel  
  • "No direct train to CDG Airport"    
    There is no direct train from Reims to Charles de Gaulle Airport. We had to take the train from Reims to Paris East Station and walked for 10 minutes with luggage to Paris North Station. Taxi at such peak hours is not an option. It was raining and the streets were full of traffic and people. Finding the right counter to buy a ticket from Paris North Station to the airport is very testing. Having queued for half an hour, we were told that we needed to go to a counter at the corner of the big ticket hall. Why you cannot get all kinds of ticket from any ticket sale counter? There were no English signs on this. The train from Paris North Station to the airport was fully loaded with commuters. The particular train that we took stopped abruptly short of two stations. All passengers were told to leave the train and wait for the next train to the airport. We did not understand the French announcement but followed those surprised looking passengers to disembark. Again, we had to take our luggage and braced the rains to take shelter, and waited for another train to come. Why there was not a better way to go from Reims to Charles de Gaulle Airport? Or there was one but not shown up when we booked online? I would like to have some feedbacks so that we can be smarter travellers next time.  
  • "Dirty"    
    I think the train was a little bit dirty (the tables, the seats...). For such a journey (a tgv train) and for what we paid, I think there should be more attention to that details.  
  • "First experience was excellent"    
    First time on the fast train and I liked it. Very comfortable. Personnel were very helpful.  
  • "Lux to Paris"    
    Fine, the trip was pleasant, quick and reasonably comfortable. For first time users the carriage numbers were hard to see and we didn't know which end of the train our carriage would be so we had to really hurry to get to it and get on with heavy cases.  
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