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Lucerne, the gateway to central Switzerland

About Switzerland

Getting there You can get to Lucerne from Interlaken, Basel and Koeln. Best price and travel duration below.

From Milano 04:02 HK$320
From Zuerich 00:45 HK$196
From Geneve 02:45 HK$576
From Interlaken 01:51 HK$252
From Basel 01:01 HK$244
From Koeln 05:09 HK$334
From Bern 01:00 HK$302
From Como 03:27 HK$320
From Lausanne 02:10 HK$506
From Locarno 02:54 HK$456
From St Gallen 02:07 HK$448
From Lugano 02:31 HK$662
From Bellinzona 02:05 HK$660
From Meiringen 01:14 HK$186
From Schilthorn. 00:34 HK$120
From Arth Goldau 00:27 HK$104
From Zug 00:20 HK$94
From Olten 00:35 HK$170
From Engelberg 00:48 HK$150
From Sarnen 00:20 HK$72
From Bruenig-hasliberg 01:02 HK$170
From Brienz 01:30 HK$220

Getting around From Lucerne, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Hergiswil 00:13 HK$28
To Arth Goldau 00:27 HK$104
To Sarnen 00:29 HK$72
To Zug 00:32 HK$94
To Olten 00:33 HK$170
To Schilthorn. 00:42 HK$120
To Engelberg 00:49 HK$150
To Bruenig-hasliberg 00:58 HK$170
To Zuerich 01:00 HK$196
To Basel 01:08 HK$244
To Meiringen 01:12 HK$186
To Bern 01:29 HK$302
To Interlaken 01:50 HK$378
To Lausanne 02:15 HK$506
To Brienz 02:26 HK$220
To Bellinzona 02:35 HK$660
To Montreux 02:40 HK$562
To St Gallen 02:48 HK$448
To Chur 02:48 HK$456
To Geneve 03:05 HK$576
To Locarno 03:09 HK$456
To Lugano 03:15 HK$572
To Como 03:38
To Milano 04:03 HK$320
To St Moritz 04:30 HK$716
To Venezia 06:41 HK$695
To Innsbruck 06:44 HK$848
To Koeln 10:49 HK$334

While you're there

Lucerne, the birthplace of tourism

Lucerne is famous worldwide for the beauty of its site. Nestled in lush hills on the banks of Lake Lucerne, it offers a unique panorama that stretches from the Righi to Pilatus. With its 60,000 inhabitants, is the eighth city of Switzerland. If we add to this figure the population of the city, built in conjunction with the city, the number of inhabitants is multiplied by three. Because of its size, its central location and its economic potential, Lucerne can be considered as the capital of Central Switzerland. Lucerne is one of the tourism capitals of the world, located in the heart of Switzerland and attracting more than 2.5 million visitors each year.

In Lucerne, you can walk around the Old Town and enjoy the narrow streets, colorful squares, the old city wall, the wooden Chapel Bridge and many other fascinating sights. With the Picasso Museum, the Bourbaki Panorama, the dying lion monument, the Jardin des glaciers and excursions in the old town, Lake Lucerne and the surrounding mountains destinations (Pilatus and Righi), Lucerne is one of the most visited cities in the world.

Try the Luzerner Chügelipastete, a puff-pastry shell filled with diced veal and mushrooms in a creamy sauce, which is the probably the best of what the local cuisine has to offer.

In the city centre of Lucerne, you’ll be able to get the most prestigious brand of watch or jewellery, fashion or stylish accessories.

Luzern Tourist Board
Bahnhofstrasse 3, CH-6002 Luzern
Tel: +41 (0)41 227 17 17

The city’s tourist office has a helpful personnel, insider information and tips as well as handy maps and brochures. The city’s tourist office also arranges tours and excursions and is a focal point for local accommodation.

Train Station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Lucerne can be found.

Lucerne railway station(s)

Lucerne Train Station

Lucerne Train Station

Address: Bahnhofplatz 1 6003 Lucerne

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 4am to 1:30am
Saturday and Sunday: 4am to 1:30am
Public holidays: 4am to 1:30am

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains, Regional trains
Tourist Information Office, Assistance for disabled persons, Lost and found, Toilets, Luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet, Currency Exchange and Public Phone cabins.

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Customer reviews

  • "Fantastic trip"    
    The viewed of the Swiss Alps were beautiful and the the train was very clean and comfortable.  
  • "pleasant travel experience"    
    ample time for train transfer  
  • "Fabulous service!"    
    Super comforatble seats, allocated facing each other, just great with a table. Refreshment trolley with a variety of hot and cold drinks, views to die for between Milan and Lucerne passing Como then through mountains....magical! No designated area or racks for our big cases so had to stack near entrance but good racks above seats for handcases. Extremely prompt, leaving and arriving excatly as stated. a great experience, good value and wd highly recommend .  
  • "Our Trip from Luzern to Milano"    
    We thoroughly enjoyed our trip from Luzern to Milano Centrale. The trip is relaxed and the scenery beautiful. You are able to enjoy refreshments on the train which is comfortable and clean. We would definitely recommend travelling by train through Europe!  
  • "Excellent service"    
    Very Good Service from TGV. Provided on time service. Only issue faced announcement of Platform numer very late (5-10 min before departure) which make you liitle bit worried to board train, Otherwise vary pleasent Journey  
  • "Reunion with Friend in Luzerne"    
    A beautiful trip from Milano to Luzerne with mountain scenery most of the way. Comfortable and on time!  
  • "Enjoyed beauty of Switzerland"    
    Enjoyed the beauty of Switzerland. Convenient, spacious and relaxing travel  
  • "Very good"    
    Very good and comfortable experience.  
  • "Excellent service"    
    The train services were simply superb. The journey was extremely comfortable with absolutely no inconvenience to the slightest degree. However, as a suggestion I request you to look into issuing all tickets online and there should not be any paper ticket.  
  • "Relaxed "    
    We (myself and wife) traveled from Luzern to Rome and the trip was in two legs. First one was from Luzern to Milan and then from Milan to Rome. We chose the train as we were interested in the landscape of Switzerland and Italy on the way. It was a comfortable trip, nice and clean coaches, good seats and comfortable cabins with very less noise. Also the view was great - through the hillsides and valleys of Switzerland and the farms and houses of Italy. Overall - very good experience.  
  • "Trains in Europe"    
    Generally very good, efficient, on time. However, quality of meals was very poor. We thought meals were included in First Class, but this was not the case.  
  • "2nd step to Lucerne "    
    Though quiet and relatively comfortable, the train ride was exhausting as it seemed to go on and on and on bend after bend at a glaciers speed. Swiss officials came on board just as we entered Switzerland and though friendly, they certainly didn't treat our passports well (bending, twisting and flicking our biometric cards, passing them around repeatedly). It's definitely convenient as it goes from Milan all the way to Lucerne station.  
  • "European Holiday"    
    We have just finished a ten week holiday travelling through eight countries using rail Europe which included using Italian international trains .I have nothing but praise for all the European trains we used . They are a very cost effective way to travel between and within countries and next time we are in Europe we will definitely utilise this excellent and efficient mode of transport.  
  • "Lucerne to Milan first class"    
    Very comfortable journey and a great way to see the countryside. Only problem was with luggage. This trip was part of a five week journey and we had three large suitcases which I had to lug up stairs and strap in for security as they were a distance from our seat.. Otherwise a great trip.