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Lisboa, the capital of Portugal

About Portugal

Getting there You can get to Lisbon from San Sebastian, Irun and Covilha. Best price and travel duration below.

From Madrid 10:43 HK$221
From Porto 02:35 HK$239
From Vitoria 10:34 HK$598
From San Sebastian 12:10 HK$248
From Irun 12:30 HK$248
From Covilha 03:36 HK$276
From Faro 02:59 HK$239
From Fatima 01:10 HK$120
From Coimbra 01:35 HK$175
From Albufeira 02:36 HK$230
From Entroncamento 00:51 HK$101
From Braga 03:23 HK$285

Getting around From Lisbon, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Fatima 01:08 HK$120
To Entroncamento 01:24 HK$101
To Evora 01:43 HK$138
To Coimbra 02:07 HK$175
To Albufeira 03:07 HK$230
To Porto 03:09 HK$239
To Faro 03:30 HK$239
To Braga 03:55 HK$285
To Lagos 04:37 HK$239
To Covilha 05:37 HK$276
To Salamanca 07:26 HK$184
To Madrid 10:43 HK$221
To Vitoria 11:44 HK$239
To San Sebastian 13:26 HK$248
To Irun 13:50 HK$248

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Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal

Lisboa, commonly known as Lisbon in English, is the capital city of Portugal. It is found on the banks of the Tagus River on the western coast of Portugal. The city is a major tourism, financial and international trade hub. The charm of Lisbon is characterized by its many historic quarters. What gives a unique dimension to the city are these old quarters with medieval origins which have a characteristic and familiar environment with small houses and narrow streets. The city of Lisbon is the gateway to discover Portugal by train. Indeed Lisbon is just 2h30 away from Porto.

Go to the top of the Alfama hill where you can admire Alfama, the oldest district of Lisboa. You will discover the parishes of São Miguel, Santo Estêvão and São Vicente de For a, Fado bars and restaurants. The mediaeval Castle of São Jorge overlooking the Alfama is one of the most beautiful sights of Lisbon. Don’t miss a visit to the Lisboa cathedral and the Church of Santa Engrácia.

Visit the Baixa Pombalina district located near the seafront. You will discover its gridiron street layout and its street names, recalling the crafts and trades of this part of town. Not far way is the Cdiado square. Local and tourists love to buy books, garments and other stuff there.

Take the bus 28 at the Praça do Comércio and on your way you will be able to admire the 25 de Abril Bridge. On the other side of the bridge you will see the Santuario De Cristo Rei. Get off at the Praça do Império to visit the Hieronymites Monastery (Mosteiro dos Jerónimos) and the Padrão dos Descobrimentos monument.

Don’t miss a glass of Ginginha, a typical Lisbon drink made from Cherry Liquor. There are many restaurants in the Bairro Alto district. Lisbon offers a wide range of typical dishes specially fish dishes and excellent wines like the Vinho Verde and the Porto.

You will find the main shopping areas in Baixa. The Chiado and Bairro Alto district have clothes and linen shops, whereas the neighbouring streets have haute couture shops. For high class label clothes and shoes, go to Avenida da Liberdade.

Turismo de Lisboa
Rua do Arsenal, 23 1100-038 Lisboa
Tel: +351 210 312 700

The city’s tourist office has a helpful personnel, insider information and tips as well as handy maps and brochures. The city’s tourist office also arranges tours and excursions and is a focal point for local accommodation.

Train station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Lisbon can be found.

Lisbon railway station(s)

Lisbon Santa Apolania Train Station

Lisbon Santa Apolania Train Station

Address: R. dos Caminhos de Ferro 4 1100 Lisbonne

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 9am to 7pm
Saturday: 10am to 1am
Sunday: Closed

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains, Regional trains, Intercity trains
Information desk, Tourist office, Facilities for disabled persons, Car rental desk, Café, Currency exchange, Lost and found, Toilets, Luggage storage, Internet, ATM and Phone cabins.

Learn more

Lisboa Oriente

Address: Via Recíproca 1800 Lisbonne


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  • "Nice"    
    We enjoyed traveling by train. However, the trip from Lisboa to Lagos, we didn't have much place for our luggage. The train was old and we thought we would have the same service as from Porto to Lisboa. The trip was relaxed and we took the train from Tunes on our way back so we didn't have any transger.  
  • "Not good"    
    Trains were very old and noisy, no footrests, chairs were uncomfortable, reading lights didn't work. I wouldn't recommend anyone for overnight travelling, I have seen better inner city trains than these trains.  
  • "Trip from Lisbon to Madrid"    
    In general the service was good. The train was confortable enough, but for a long trip it could be better.