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Limoges and its precious porcelain Limoges is located in the southwestern part of France, on the foothills of the Massif Central Mountain. This 125.000 inhabitants city is built on the banks of the Vienne river, almost 280 km away from Bordeaux.

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Getting there You can get to Limoges from Toulouse, Lille and Cahors. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 03:01 HK$131
From Paris Cdg Airport 03:58 HK$470
From Bordeaux 02:27 HK$296
From Toulouse 03:17 HK$131
From Lille 04:55 HK$801
From Cahors 02:07 HK$183
From Libourne 02:01 HK$261
From Poitiers 01:46 HK$200
From Vierzon 01:34 HK$131
From Angouleme 01:37 HK$166
From Ussel 01:42 HK$157
From Montlucon Localit 02:12 HK$226
From Aubusson 01:51 HK$131
From Montauban 02:49 HK$226
From Narbonne 04:51 HK$418
From Perpignan 05:55 HK$462
From Carcassonne 04:20 HK$383
From Clermont Ferrand 03:55 HK$279
From Ambazac 00:10 HK$78
From Marne La Vallee 03:39 HK$584
From Caussade T Et G 02:40 HK$331
From Souillac 01:28 HK$131
From Thiviers 00:37 HK$96
From St Yrieix 00:39 HK$78
From Chabanais 00:41 HK$87
From Eymoutiers Vassiv 00:45 HK$78
From Bellac 00:37 HK$78
From La Souterraine 00:28 HK$78
From St Victurnien 00:21 HK$78
From Bussiere Galant 00:26 HK$78
From St Junien 00:27 HK$78
From Roumazieres Loube 00:52 HK$105
From Allassac 00:53 HK$122
From Montmorillon 01:05 HK$131
From Chateauroux 01:06 HK$131
From Bugeat 01:07 HK$113
From Mussidan 01:23 HK$192
From Gueret 01:05 HK$113
From Brive 00:59 HK$105
From Perigueux 00:57 HK$139
From Issoudun 01:26 HK$157
From Argenton Sur Creuse 00:55 HK$113
From Les Aubrais Orleans 02:07 HK$226

Getting around From Limoges, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To St Victurnien 00:35 HK$78
To St Yrieix 00:42 HK$78
To St Junien 00:45 HK$78
To Bellac 00:45 HK$78
To Eymoutiers Vassiv 00:50 HK$78
To Thiviers 00:52 HK$96
To Allassac 01:08 HK$122
To Montmorillon 01:19 HK$131
To Perigueux 01:23 HK$139
To Aubusson 01:49 HK$131
To Chabanais 02:15 HK$87
To Roumazieres Loube 02:27 HK$105
To Brive 02:55 HK$105
To Caussade T Et G 02:58 HK$209
To Gueret 03:09 HK$113
To Bugeat 03:11 HK$113
To Angouleme 03:12 HK$166
To La Souterraine 03:12 HK$78
To Argenton Sur Creuse 03:12 HK$113
To Mussidan 03:44 HK$192
To Marne La Vallee 03:46 HK$618
To Ussel 03:46 HK$166
To Chateauroux 03:50 HK$131
To Paris Cdg Airport 04:01 HK$331
To Poitiers 04:04 HK$192
To Issoudun 04:07 HK$157
To Gannat 04:08 HK$296
To Clermont Ferrand 04:44 HK$279
To Belves 04:44 HK$235
To Souillac 04:50 HK$131
To Bordeaux 04:52 HK$287
To Paris 05:09 HK$131
To Les Aubrais Orleans 05:25 HK$131
To Libourne 05:29 HK$253
To Cahors 05:32 HK$183
To Vierzon 05:48 HK$166
To Ax Les Thermes 05:50 HK$549
To Agen 05:57 HK$287
To Montauban 06:21 HK$226
To Carcassonne 06:57 HK$331
To Narbonne 06:58 HK$348
To Port Bou Fr(lo) 07:01 HK$383
To Lille 07:02 HK$505
To Toulouse 07:07 HK$131
To Roanne 07:31 HK$392
To Perpignan 07:52 HK$383
To Lyon 09:38 HK$497

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Limoges and its precious porcelain

Limoges is located in the southwestern part of France, on the foothills of the Massif Central Mountain. This 125.000 inhabitants city is built on the banks of the Vienne river, almost 280 km away from Bordeaux.

The luxurious porcelain that made Limoges a worldwide famous city is present all over the city : on buildings, fountains, etc. Limoges is also an historic place, classified "ville d’art et d’histoire", a glorious label for cities and lands highlighting their cultural heritage.

Walking around the city, you can discover the Saint-Etienne cathedral overlooking the Vienne river and the oriental style Benedictines’ railway station, masterwork dating from the 20th century. If you want to learn more about Limoges and the porcelain artwork, go to visit the fine arts museum and the national porcelain museum.

Alone or with a guide, you will be under the spell of this historic city.

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Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Limoges can be found.


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