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Leipzig, a city of music

About Germany

Getting there You can get to Leipzig from Zurich, Prague and Basel. Best price and travel duration below.

From Frankfurt 03:02 HK$306
From Berlin 01:13 HK$195
From Munich 04:50 HK$306
From Zurich 07:49 HK$195
From Prague 03:27 HK$371
From Basel 09:23 HK$269
From Cologne 06:04 HK$306
From Hamburg 03:07 HK$306
From Dresden 01:06 HK$195
From Nuremberg 03:28 HK$306
From Hanover 02:41 HK$306
From Bremen 04:07 HK$306
From Mainz 03:39 HK$306
From Dortmund 04:49 HK$195
From Minden 03:28 HK$195
From Fulda 02:00 HK$195
From Erfurt 00:42 HK$195
From Naumburg Saale 00:34 HK$148
From Lutherstadt 00:31 HK$176
From Halle Saale 00:23 HK$111
From Dessau 00:44 HK$130
From Chemnitz 00:59 HK$195
From Magdeburg 01:16 HK$195
From Eisenach 01:14 HK$195
From Weimar 01:03 HK$195
From Bitterfeld 00:17 HK$84

Getting around From Leipzig, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Halle Saale 00:46 HK$111
To Dresden 01:32 HK$195
To Bitterfeld 01:33 HK$84
To Erfurt 01:34 HK$195
To Weimar 01:45 HK$195
To Lutherstadt 01:55 HK$176
To Berlin 01:55 HK$195
To Chemnitz 02:26 HK$195
To Eisenach 02:58 HK$195
To Magdeburg 03:13 HK$195
To Hanover 03:46 HK$306
To Fulda 03:55 HK$306
To Frankfurt 04:10 HK$306
To Prague 04:52 HK$371
To Mainz 06:41 HK$306
To Cologne 06:45 HK$306
To Nuremberg 08:00 HK$306
To Bremen 08:10 HK$306
To Augsburg 08:41 HK$306
To Dortmund 08:48 HK$306
To Hamburg 09:04 HK$306
To Munich 09:14 HK$306
To Interlaken 09:22 HK$2,079
To Minden 09:52 HK$306
To Basel 12:07 HK$455
To Krakow 13:30 HK$1,522
To Zurich 15:40 HK$269

Leipzig city guide

Leipzig, a city of music

Leipzig is located in eastern Germany, at the confluence of the rivers White Elster and Parthe. The city is the capital of Saxony, with history dating back to 1000 years. It is a city that has a rich musical tradition. Famous artists like Johann Sebastian Bach, Robert and Clara Schumann all worked.

There are a lot of landmarks to visit when you are in town. A few of them not to be missed are the old city hall and the market place, the Moritz Bastion, the St Thomas Church, and the Monument to the Battle of the Nations.

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