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Karlsruhe - become a fan of Benz’s birth city

About Germany

Getting there You can get to Karlsruhe from Munich, Zurich and Prague. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 03:00 HK$356
From Frankfurt 01:03 HK$191
From Berlin 05:23 HK$301
From Munich 03:02 HK$301
From Zurich 02:49 HK$775
From Prague 11:01 HK$264
From Vienna 09:06 HK$474
From Avignon 06:07 HK$447
From Lyon 04:52 HK$356
From Interlaken 03:58 HK$219
From Marseille 06:47 HK$356
From Basel 01:43 HK$565
From Salzburg 05:10 HK$912
From Cologne 02:01 HK$301
From Copenhagen 13:30 HK$447
From Bern 02:54 HK$821
From Stuttgart 00:42 HK$191
From Hamburg 04:44 HK$301
From Dusseldorf 02:36 HK$301
From Aix En Provence Tgv 06:33 HK$1,295
From Nuremberg 03:13 HK$301
From Heidelberg 00:33 HK$146
From Strasbourg 00:38 HK$173
From Freiburg 01:00 HK$191
From Hanover 03:27 HK$191
From Mannheim 00:22 HK$137
From Mulhouse 01:51 HK$246
From Utrecht 04:26 HK$1,131
From Schwetzingen 00:34 HK$100
From Speyer 00:38 HK$128
From Kiel 05:55 HK$383
From Baden Baden 00:15 HK$109
From Bruchsal 00:13 HK$91
From Pforzheim 00:19 HK$109
From Hockenheim 00:27 HK$82
From Chalon Sur Saone 03:45 HK$447
From Offenburg 00:28 HK$164
From Dortmund 03:21 HK$301
From Rastatt 00:11 HK$73
From Besançon 02:40 HK$264
From Augsburg 02:29 HK$301
From Giessen 02:27 HK$283
From Koblenz 01:59 HK$301
From Hanau 01:29 HK$301
From Radolfzell 02:43 HK$365
From Olten 02:47 HK$219
From Mainz 01:07 HK$191
From Ulm 01:46 HK$191
From Konstanz 03:00 HK$365
From Darmstadt 01:11 HK$191
From Goeppingen 01:14 HK$191
From Spiez 03:27 HK$912

Getting around From Karlsruhe, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Baden Baden 00:18 HK$109
To Bruchsal 00:20 HK$91
To Offenburg 00:50 HK$164
To Mannheim 00:56 HK$137
To Schwetzingen 01:00 HK$100
To Rastatt 01:00 HK$73
To Hockenheim 01:10 HK$82
To Pforzheim 01:18 HK$109
To Freiburg 01:51 HK$191
To Stuttgart 01:56 HK$191
To Speyer 02:06 HK$128
To Frankfurt 02:14 HK$191
To Hanau 02:20 HK$191
To Darmstadt 02:25 HK$191
To Heidelberg 02:32 HK$146
To Mainz 02:33 HK$191
To Besançon 02:35 HK$356
To Goeppingen 02:37 HK$191
To Giessen 03:02 HK$191
To Koblenz 03:38 HK$191
To Radolfzell 03:42 HK$191
To Ulm 03:47 HK$191
To Strasbourg 03:52 HK$173
To Cologne 04:07 HK$301
To Spiez 04:07 HK$912
To Mulhouse 04:10 HK$246
To Munich 04:13 HK$301
To Basel 04:21 HK$383
To Dusseldorf 04:33 HK$301
To Nuremberg 04:37 HK$301
To Augsburg 04:38 HK$301
To Olten 04:46 HK$219
To Konstanz 04:52 HK$301
To Bern 05:21 HK$821
To Chalon Sur Saone 05:22 HK$429
To Dortmund 05:23 HK$301
To Zurich 05:46 HK$693
To Paris 05:59 HK$356
To Aix En Provence Tgv 06:18 HK$538
To Interlaken 06:18 HK$219
To Marseille 06:33 HK$447
To Lyon 06:41 HK$356
To Salzburg 06:51 HK$830
To Berlin 09:49 HK$301
To Hanover 10:08 HK$301
To Amsterdam 10:09 HK$474
To Kiel 11:37 HK$301
To Vienna 11:43 HK$474
To Copenhagen 14:19 HK$264
To Prague 14:27 HK$264

Karlsruhe city guide

Karlsruhe, a 18th century german city near the french border

Built around an 18th-century palace, Karlsruhe has blossomed into a thriving university city in the Black Forest. Climb Karlsruhe Palace’s tower to see how the streets fan out from the palace gardens like bicycle spokes, giving the city its nickname Fan City.

The most famous place in Karlsruhe is the Pyramid’s Market. The amazing pyramid erected in 1823 is a symbol of the town and houses the gravestone of the count who founded Karlsruhe in 1715, Karl Wilhelm of Baden-Durlach.

Don’t leave the square without visiting the Protestant Church built in the 19th century in the classical style. You will feel like discovering a Greek Temple! If you are a botany lover, you will be wowed by the Botanical Garden located in the castle garden, close to the Orangery.

Karlsruhe offers a very bustling night life: head for the famous Hoepfner brasserie and its "biergarten" (beer garden) for an evening to remember.

Karlsruhe station(s)

Trains are convenient way to reach any town and city in Europe. All main towns have a railway station, while major cities have more than two railway stations. Nearly all railway stations are located in the city centre. Check our map to locate railway station(s) in Karlsruhe.

Karlsruhe Durlach

Address: Hauptbahnstraße 1 76227 Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe Hbf

Address: Südtiroler Platz 7 A-6020 Karlsruhe


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Customer reviews

  • "Too little, too expensive"    
    The train is about right, but the price is not THAT good. You can always take a S-Bahn and get there for half the price and the same comfort and convenience (and double the time, of course)  
  • "Good trip!"    
    Comfortable and convenient thanks rail europe world!  
  • "On schedule"    
    As always, the train is tidy and clean. It is on schedule as well.  
  • "Yulia"    
    Got the tickets online and everything was perfect :) The only thing which bothered during our trip is noisy family and the next places, though this is not a deal of ReailEurope :)  
  • "Delay"    
    40 min. delay is the worst side of my trip.  
  • "One missing thing"    
    The trip was wonderful except the only missing thing, wi-fi connection. Wi-fi should be available at the whole train as using internet is not a "luxury" anymore. The distance between seats, kindness of the staff and the comfort overall was excellent. Thank you.  
  • "Berlin - Paris"    
    Hello, the train was good but there was a hug misarrangment in changing the trains! first, they asked us to take a train to go to Hannover from Berlin. Then we had to wait a lot till they attached another 3 couchet to the train waiting there and tehn waiting again to prepare the beds. After all, we had to negotiate to have our bed that was mentioned in our tickets!! I was shocked indeed. Hope it be the last...