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Hanover, a one of a kind experience

About Germany

Getting there You can get to Hanover from Berlin, Munich and Zurich. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 07:16 HK$565
From Amsterdam 04:17 HK$826
From Frankfurt 02:19 HK$319
From Berlin 01:36 HK$319
From Munich 04:20 HK$319
From Zurich 06:17 HK$278
From Vienna 07:40 HK$1,044
From Basel 05:11 HK$1,381
From Cologne 02:40 HK$319
From Stuttgart 03:30 HK$319
From Hamburg 01:11 HK$209
From Dusseldorf 02:34 HK$319
From Dresden 04:03 HK$319
From Nuremberg 02:57 HK$319
From Freiburg 04:28 HK$319
From Mannheim 02:49 HK$319
From Bonn 03:03 HK$319
From Karlsruhe 03:26 HK$319
From Bremen 01:00 HK$209
From Hengelo 02:19 HK$577
From Moscow 27:01 HK$1,994
From Kiel 02:25 HK$319
From Leipzig 02:40 HK$319
From Baden Baden 03:43 HK$319
From Duisburg 02:17 HK$319
From Amersfoort 03:41 HK$749
From Lubeck 02:05 HK$319
From Bad Oeynhausen 00:39 HK$209
From Verden 00:41 HK$209
From Herford 00:43 HK$209
From Bielefeld 00:48 HK$209
From Ulzen 00:37 HK$209
From Goettingen 00:33 HK$209
From Nienburg 00:27 HK$165
From Minden 00:29 HK$187
From Wolfsburg 00:30 HK$198
From Braunschweig 00:32 HK$187
From Bunde 00:49 HK$209
From Luneburg 00:50 HK$209
From Bochum 01:53 HK$209
From Wurzburg 02:00 HK$319
From Essen 02:05 HK$209
From Celle 00:18 HK$132
From Bad Bentheim 01:50 HK$209
From Dortmund 01:40 HK$209
From Osnabruck 01:06 HK$209
From Magdeburg 01:19 HK$209
From Fulda 01:24 HK$209
From Marburg 02:05 HK$209

Getting around From Hanover, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Celle 00:22 HK$132
To Nienburg 00:26 HK$165
To Minden 00:32 HK$187
To Verden 00:43 HK$209
To Wolfsburg 00:51 HK$198
To Bad Oeynhausen 00:58 HK$209
To Stadthagen 01:00 HK$209
To Braunschweig 01:02 HK$187
To Bremen 01:05 HK$209
To Goettingen 01:08 HK$209
To Bielefeld 01:17 HK$209
To Ulzen 01:17 HK$209
To Herford 01:36 HK$209
To Bunde 01:43 HK$209
To Goslar 01:56 HK$319
To Fulda 02:01 HK$319
To Bad Harzburg 02:09 HK$319
To Hengelo 02:21 HK$577
To Berlin 02:26 HK$319
To Hamburg 02:30 HK$209
To Dortmund 02:55 HK$209
To Magdeburg 02:56 HK$209
To Luneburg 03:02 HK$209
To Frankfurt 03:02 HK$209
To Bochum 03:08 HK$209
To Leipzig 03:12 HK$319
To Osnabruck 03:14 HK$209
To Essen 03:21 HK$209
To Bad Bentheim 03:23 HK$209
To Lubeck 03:27 HK$209
To Duisburg 03:35 HK$319
To Amersfoort 03:45 HK$749
To Dusseldorf 03:55 HK$319
To Kiel 04:17 HK$209
To Bonn 04:24 HK$319
To Cologne 04:29 HK$209
To Mannheim 04:43 HK$319
To Stuttgart 04:59 HK$319
To Karlsruhe 05:18 HK$209
To Nuremberg 05:30 HK$319
To Marburg 07:09 HK$319
To Wurzburg 08:01 HK$319
To Baden Baden 08:12 HK$319
To Munich 08:36 HK$319
To Metz 09:54 HK$330
To Freiburg 09:58 HK$319
To Dresden 10:06 HK$319
To Zurich 10:18 HK$278
To Paris 11:08 HK$278
To Vienna 11:32 HK$1,044
To Basel 11:54 HK$278
To Amsterdam 12:15 HK$826

While you're there

Hanover, a one of a kind experience

Along the Leine river, on the north-central Germany, come to discover the amazing and lively city of Hanover. Here is everything you have ever wanted, whether you are nature lover or culture amateur, you will be spoiled for choice!

If you like having walks in the nature, wander around the river where you will discover the curious "Nanas" sculptures of Niki of St Phalle, then head the Einenrielde forest, or the Royal gardens.

You can also stroll about the city-centre in which you will find beautiful old half-timbered houses, witnesses of the wealth of Hanover. Do not miss to see the Opera House and the ancient Town Hall. Hanover also has its castle that is worth the detour but if are a castle lover, the Marienburg’s castle is only 20 kilometres away from Hanover.

Museums addicts will love the city for having some great ones, like the Historisches Museum am Hohen Ufer.

Train Station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Hanover can be found.


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