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Hamburg, an amazing city you will love

About Germany

Getting there You can get to Hamburg from Berlin, Munich and Zurich. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 12:07 HK$612
From Amsterdam 08:47 HK$257
From Frankfurt 03:37 HK$293
From Berlin 01:42 HK$293
From Munich 05:41 HK$293
From Zurich 07:35 HK$257
From Prague 06:49 HK$1,206
From Vienna 11:50 HK$1,498
From Basel 06:29 HK$257
From Cologne 03:32 HK$293
From Copenhagen 04:34 HK$833
From Bern 08:24 HK$691
From Stuttgart 04:59 HK$293
From Dusseldorf 03:09 HK$293
From Dresden 04:17 HK$293
From Nuremberg 04:19 HK$293
From Heidelberg 04:48 HK$293
From Hanover 01:13 HK$186
From Mannheim 04:18 HK$293
From Bonn 04:27 HK$293
From Bremen 00:54 HK$186
From Linz 09:58 HK$966
From Kolding 03:13 HK$621
From Wurzburg 03:21 HK$293
From Fredericia 03:31 HK$647
From Koblenz 04:58 HK$293
From Mainz 04:23 HK$293
From Baden Baden 05:01 HK$452
From Arhus 04:35 HK$824
From Hoeje 04:18
From Nykoebing 03:04 HK$629
From Rendsburg 01:10 HK$186
From Celle 01:06 HK$186
From Schleswig 01:26 HK$186
From Puttgarden 01:39 HK$186
From Flensburg(de) 01:47 HK$186
From Kiel 01:04 HK$186
From Schwerin 00:53 HK$186
From Lubeck 00:40 HK$160
From Ludwigslust 00:43 HK$186
From Neumunster 00:44 HK$177
From Itzehoe 00:47 HK$177
From Osnabruck 01:48 HK$186
From Rostock 01:49 HK$186
From Stralsund 02:48 HK$186
From Dortmund 02:46 HK$293
From Duisburg 02:56 HK$293
From Bochum 03:01 HK$293
From Luneburg 00:26 HK$124
From Essen 02:44 HK$293
From Fulda 02:42 HK$186
From Goettingen 01:51 HK$293
From Munster Westf Hb 02:14 HK$293
From Niebuell 02:25 HK$186
From Rodby 02:40 HK$576
From Leipzig 03:09 HK$293

Getting around From Hamburg, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Luneburg 00:30 HK$124
To Lubeck 00:40 HK$160
To Itzehoe 00:46 HK$177
To Neumunster 00:50 HK$177
To Bremen 00:56 HK$186
To Kiel 01:09 HK$186
To Rendsburg 01:25 HK$186
To Puttgarden 01:41 HK$186
To Bremerhaven 01:48 HK$186
To Hanover 01:58 HK$186
To Flensburg(de) 01:58 HK$186
To Schleswig 02:02 HK$186
To Celle 02:04 HK$186
To Goettingen 02:13 HK$293
To Schwerin 02:17 HK$186
To Niebuell 02:38 HK$186
To Rodby 02:43 HK$496
To Cuxhaven 02:45 HK$186
To Nykoebing 03:11 HK$629
To Munster Westf Hb 03:28 HK$293
To Osnabruck 03:43 HK$186
To Bielefeld 03:44 HK$186
To Fredericia 03:50 HK$647
To Dortmund 03:51 HK$293
To Rostock 04:00 HK$186
To Bochum 04:04 HK$186
To Essen 04:16 HK$293
To Duisburg 04:29 HK$293
To Arhus 04:30 HK$824
To Dusseldorf 04:48 HK$293
To Cologne 04:51 HK$293
To Hoeje 05:54 HK$656
To Bonn 06:33 HK$293
To Ludwigslust 06:35 HK$186
To Prague 06:59 HK$1,206
To Berlin 07:11 HK$293
To Fulda 07:25 HK$293
To Koblenz 07:30 HK$293
To Karlsruhe 07:31 HK$293
To Brussels 07:46 HK$1,179
To Stuttgart 07:52 HK$293
To Leipzig 07:52 HK$293
To Vejle 08:14 HK$629
To Wurzburg 08:16 HK$293
To Horsens 08:33 HK$665
To Mannheim 08:53 HK$293
To Baden Baden 08:58 HK$293
To Nuremberg 09:13 HK$293
To Kolding 09:14 HK$541
To Mainz 09:23 HK$186
To Stralsund 09:30 HK$293
To Frankfurt 09:54 HK$293
To Freiburg 10:13 HK$293
To Dresden 10:37 HK$293
To Munich 10:41 HK$293
To Basel 10:50 HK$257
To Heidelberg 11:07 HK$293
To Copenhagen 11:31 HK$754
To Linz 11:37 HK$966
To Zurich 12:37 HK$257
To Amsterdam 13:32 HK$257
To Lindau 13:40 HK$186
To Vienna 13:57 HK$966
To Paris 14:23 HK$434

While you're there

Hamburg, an amazing city you will love

Hanseatic Hamburg is dominated by a port that has kept Germany trading for centuries. Travel through maritime history then head for the famous Reeperbahn nightlife district for an evening to remember along the so-called sinful mile.

The old city of Hamburg takes you to a travel through the time with its houses dating from the 17th to the 19th centuries. You really should let yourself be seduced by a boat tour of the port, departing from the "Landungsbrücken" quayside.

Discover the abundant cultural life of the town through its high number of museums such as the "Kunsthalle" or the "Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe" which will delight the art lovers. The Saint-Michael church is an essential discovery. The graceful baroque church is one of the highest lighthouses in the world!

You can climb up to the top of the 450 steps and feast your eyes with a splendid view over Hamburg and its port.

Train Station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Hamburg can be found.

Hamburg Altona

Address: Hachmannplatz 16 20099 Hamburg

Hamburg Hbf

Address: Scheel-Plessen-Str. 17 22765 Hamburg


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Customer reviews

  • "Good experience"    
    Overall the experience was positive. It was a great value for the money paid and was very convenient with the timing of the overnight train taken. We left the originating station a little late and it would have been nice to have more of the announcements in English, but everything was fine.  
  • "nice"    
    is a good experience that the train go to the ship with us together and cross the sea, seat are comfortable, have minibar to buy drinks.  
  • "awesome"    
  • "mulhouse to zurich"    
    Great and comfortable  
  • "It was nice"    
    Nice trip  
  • "ICE"    
    One of our best train rides as this was our first experience where the train was on the cruise ship while crossing from Germany to Denmark. Remarkable!  
  • "Day trip"    
    OK except the sign at the Hamburg station still had the previous train-bit confusing the next one leaving should be at the top of the board on the platform! Quite a long walk to the ferry and the train on the sea crossing.  
  • "good night sleep"    
    At d time of booking d tckts. only, there should be some info about the luggage storage facility under d stairs. No one had any clue it seemed. Much later, the attendant came and helped d passengers. We faced no problem but seen others. Attendants were very helpful n co-operative.  
  • "ICE experience Hamburg-Berlin"    
    Train to Berlin was 1 hour late? Surprising, thought they ran like clockwork. Information about late trains confusing, customer service queues too long. Not enough large baggage storage on train. Found rail ticket expensive for what is offered  
  • "Value for money"    
    We have an excellent experience to travel in ICE  
  • "Comfy ride"    
    Comfy ride, pretty quick.... Poor air-condidtioning on return trip, especially on german side??  
  • "It was interesting"    
    We arrived on time.  
  • "Excellent"    
    This was our favorite trip. Even riding the ferry was an adventure.  
  • "Unexpected ferry ride"    
    The train traveled onboard a ferry during part of the journey. I've never traveled in this way before and the sea view as seen on the ferry was magnificent and the air was extremely fresh. What a great journey!  
  • "family travel to hamburg"    
    we traveled from berlin to hamburg, some on took our seat and after speaking with the instructor on the train we got our place back. the train arrived on time and the seats where comfortable the price is a bit high almost like a flight wish the price was a bit lower.