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Dreams of pesto and possibility

About Italy

Getting there You can get to Genoa from Naples, Turin and La spezia. Best price and travel duration below.

From Rome 04:15 HK$432
From Milan 01:30 HK$184
From Pisa 01:41 HK$175
From Naples 07:50 HK$487
From Turin 01:41 HK$175
From La Spezia 00:59 HK$101
From San Remo 01:51 HK$156
From Diano Marina 01:26 HK$129
From Livorno 01:55 HK$202
From Civitavecchia 03:34 HK$377
From Salerno 08:51 HK$506
From Campiglia 03:01 HK$257
From Grosseto 02:48 HK$303
From Massa 01:21 HK$129
From Viareggio 01:53 HK$156
From Alassio 01:09 HK$110
From Chiavari 00:42 HK$74
From Alessandria 00:45 HK$92
From Camogli 00:35 HK$74
From Rapallo 00:33 HK$74
From Santa Margherita 00:30 HK$74
From Savona 00:31 HK$83
From Voghera 00:49 HK$101
From Sestri Levante 00:51 HK$83
From Levanto 01:08 HK$83
From Varazze 00:28 HK$74
From Pavia 01:05 HK$138
From Asti 01:01 HK$129
From Albenga 01:00 HK$101
From Monterosso 01:14 HK$92

Getting around From Genoa, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Varazze 00:25 HK$74
To Camogli 00:30 HK$74
To Savona 00:34 HK$83
To Santa Margherita 00:41 HK$74
To Rapallo 00:47 HK$74
To Alessandria 00:49 HK$92
To Voghera 00:50 HK$101
To Chiavari 00:56 HK$74
To Sestri Levante 01:04 HK$83
To Pavia 01:07 HK$138
To Albenga 01:10 HK$101
To Asti 01:15 HK$129
To Alassio 01:18 HK$110
To Levanto 01:23 HK$83
To Diano Marina 01:28 HK$129
To Monterosso 01:29 HK$92
To Milan 01:39 HK$184
To La Spezia 01:49 HK$101
To San Remo 02:00 HK$156
To Turin 02:04 HK$175
To Viareggio 02:31 HK$156
To Pisa 02:56 HK$175
To Livorno 03:18 HK$202
To Ventimiglia 03:31 HK$120
To Cecina 03:57 HK$221
To Menton (localite) 03:58 HK$202
To Campiglia 04:14 HK$257
To Grosseto 04:53 HK$285
To Monaco 04:56 HK$202
To Civitavecchia 05:05 HK$331
To Nice 05:20 HK$202
To Rome 06:02 HK$386
To Naples 08:24 HK$487
To Salerno 09:19 HK$506

Genoa city guide

Genoa is a seafaring city. Today a gritty working port, Christopher Columbus’ hometown was one of the richest in the Renaissance world. Catch glimpses of its former glory in the façades of the mazy Old Town’s palaces, and stir authentic pesto into your fresh Ligurian pasta.

Genoa station(s)

Trains are convenient way to reach any town and city in Europe. All main towns have a railway station, while major cities have more than two railway stations. Nearly all railway stations are located in the city centre. Check our map to locate railway station(s) in Genoa.

Genova Brignole

Address: Piazza Verdi 16120 Genoa

Genova Piazza Pri

Address: Piazza Acquaverde 16126 Genoa


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