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Geneva, the all-in-one destination

About Switzerland

Getting there You can get to Geneva from Nice, Zurich and Avignon. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 03:05 HK$603
From Venice 06:46 HK$390
From Milan 03:53 HK$297
From Nice 06:19 HK$548
From Zurich 02:43 HK$668
From Avignon 02:54 HK$538
From Lyon 01:42 HK$269
From Marseille 03:31 HK$510
From Basel 02:39 HK$594
From Lucerne 02:45 HK$529
From Verona 05:46 HK$390
From Montpellier 03:48 HK$510
From Bern 01:41 HK$343
From Lausanne 00:33 HK$148
From Aix En Provence Tgv 03:16 HK$510
From Padua 06:31 HK$390
From Olten 02:12 HK$566
From Valence 02:35 HK$316
From Visp 02:09 HK$408
From Antibes 06:00 HK$548
From Cannes 05:49 HK$548
From St Gallen 03:54 HK$807
From Toulon 04:30 HK$622
From Leuk 01:57 HK$371
From Nimes 03:20 HK$538
From Stresa 02:57 HK$297
From Winterthur 03:17 HK$724
From Vicenza 06:13 HK$390
From Grenoble U.gieres 01:54 HK$241
From Aix Les Bains 01:03 HK$139
From Vevey 00:57 HK$186
From Aigle 01:05 HK$223
From Neuchatel (loc) 01:05 HK$362
From Bourg En Bresse 01:14 HK$260
From Culoz 00:54 HK$111
From Montreux 00:53 HK$204
From Bellegarde 00:26 HK$84
From Rolle 00:26 HK$93
From Morges 00:27 HK$121
From Yverdon 00:46 HK$297
From Chambery 01:17 HK$158
From Fribourg 01:19 HK$278
From Solothurn 01:43 HK$473
From Sierre/siders 01:48 HK$353
From Grenoble 01:54 HK$241
From Nyon 00:13 HK$56
From Montmelian 01:43 HK$186
From Sion 01:28 HK$316
From Bex 01:20 HK$241
From Martigny 01:22 HK$278
From Biel 01:23 HK$427
From St Maurice 01:27 HK$251
From Brig 01:55 HK$418

Getting around From Geneva, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Nyon 00:17 HK$56
To Rolle 00:26 HK$93
To Bellegarde 00:35 HK$84
To Morges 00:38 HK$121
To Lausanne 00:50 HK$148
To Vevey 01:06 HK$186
To Neuchatel (loc) 01:08 HK$362
To Montreux 01:09 HK$204
To Aigle 01:20 HK$223
To Fribourg 01:22 HK$278
To Biel 01:27 HK$427
To Yverdon 01:32 HK$213
To Martigny 01:42 HK$278
To Bern 01:45 HK$343
To Lyon 01:55 HK$269
To La Chaux De Fonds 01:58 HK$343
To Sierre/siders 02:08 HK$353
To Bex 02:10 HK$241
To Sion 02:11 HK$316
To Olten 02:13 HK$483
To St Maurice 02:16 HK$251
To Visp 02:26 HK$408
To Leuk 02:31 HK$371
To Solothurn 02:31 HK$473
To Brig 02:35 HK$418
To Basel 02:39 HK$594
To Zurich 02:48 HK$585
To Lucerne 02:49 HK$529
To Leysin 02:52 HK$297
To Stresa 02:56 HK$297
To Interlaken 03:12 HK$548
To Romans Bourg De Peag 03:15 HK$334
To Culoz 03:16 HK$111
To Winterthur 03:20 HK$724
To Spiez 03:22 HK$436
To Aix Les Bains 03:28 HK$139
To Engelberg 03:42 HK$613
To Chambery 03:43 HK$158
To Amberieu 03:48 HK$186
To Macon 04:02 HK$343
To Montmelian 04:07 HK$186
To St Gallen 04:08 HK$807
To Chateau D'oex 04:09 HK$297
To Champery 04:10 HK$316
To Grenoble U.gieres 04:33 HK$232
To Gstaad 04:36 HK$343
To Les Diablerets 04:39 HK$306
To Grenoble 04:45 HK$232
To Bourg En Bresse 04:47 HK$186
To Milan 04:53 HK$297
To Valence 05:02 HK$316
To Chur 05:04 HK$752
To Zweisimmen 05:10 HK$390
To Zermatt 05:22 HK$650
To Aix En Provence Tgv 05:32 HK$436
To Verona 05:45 HK$863
To Nimes 06:24 HK$390
To Avignon 06:26 HK$381
To Lugano 06:36 HK$965
To Montpellier 06:52 HK$436
To Venice 06:58 HK$390
To Rome 07:13 HK$1,095
To Toulon 07:24 HK$501
To Paris 07:40 HK$548
To Marseille 07:55 HK$436
To Barcelona 08:06
To St Raphael 08:07 HK$566
To Cannes 08:33 HK$548
To Toulouse 08:36 HK$603
To Vicenza 08:40 HK$557
To Antibes 08:44 HK$548
To Padua 08:58 HK$613
To Nice 09:06 HK$548
To St Pierre Des Corps 09:13 HK$408
To Angers 09:55 HK$975
To Lourdes 10:27 HK$1,039
To Bologna 12:35 HK$668
To Munich 12:44 HK$1,392
To Florence 14:33 HK$761

Geneva city guide

Geneva, the second largest Swiss city

Geneva is the second most important city of Switzerland. It is located alongside Lake Geneva, Europe’s largest lake, at the foot of the Jura Mountains. The city of Geneva is home to a number of headquarters to several international organisations such as the United Nations (UN) and the Red Cross. This makes Geneva one of the few global cities with an important financial centre. Geneva is also a popular tourist destination mainly for two reasons. Geneva is a dream city thanks to a unique setting and a magnificent view of Mont-Blanc, the highest peak in Europe. The countryside, the perfect place for outdoor activities, is only a few minutes away from the city. Geneva is the best starting point to visit rest of Switzerland thanks to an excellent public transport connection.

Wander in the Old Town to discover its winding little streets, flower-adorned fountains, hidden corners and picturesque squares. Continue to the Saint Pierre Cathedral and stop at the Maison Tavel, the museum of Old Geneva. Don’t miss the Place Neuve, where you will see a monument of the General Dufour on the saddle of his horse. Other landmarks not to be missed are the Grand Théâtre opera house, the Rath museum and the Conservatory of Music, which are all located near the Place Dufour. Take a stroll up to the esplanade of Cologny and enjoy the magnificent view of Geneva and the lakefront. Hop aboard a Mouette, a small yellow boat that will take you across the lake. You will get a close view of the famous Jet d’eau fountain, which reaches a height of 140 metres and is a symbol of Geneva!

If you get peckish, drop in one of numerous cafés and restaurants which are located in the Old Town.

If you are in Geneva, it is the best time to have a close look at what the world’s top brand watchmakers have to offer. In the city you will find retail shops which offer some famous brands like Tissot, Tag Heuer, Patek Phillipe, Frank Muller, Swatch, Omega and Piaget, just to name a few.

Geneva Tourism & Conventions
Rue du Mont-Blanc 18. Geneva.
Tel: +41 (0) 22 909 70 00

The city’s tourist office has a helpful personnel, insider information and tips as well as handy maps and brochures. The city’s tourist office also arranges tours and excursions and is a focal point for local accommodation.

Geneva station(s)

Trains are convenient way to reach any town and city in Europe. All main towns have a railway station, while major cities have more than two railway stations. Nearly all railway stations are located in the city centre. Check our map to locate railway station(s) in Geneva.

Geneva railway station(s)

Geneva CFF Train Station

Geneva CFF Train Station

Address: Place de Cornavin 7 1201 Geneva

Opening hours: Not available

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains, Regional trains, Intercités
Rail agents, Assistance for disabled person, Tourist Information Point, Toilets, Wi-Fi Internet, ATM and Phone cabins.

Learn more

Geneve Eaux Vives

Address: Avenue de la Gare des Eaux-Vives 9 1207 Geneva


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    it takes 2 hr to go from geneve to lyon is too slow using TGV.  
  • "Amazing trip"    
    this was my first time to use train between Europe countries and it was amazing and relaxed. thank you so much  
  • "Paris-Geneva"    
    Train was of high qaulity and comfort, the trip was direct and took only 3 hrs without stops. The train ticket cost only 56 Euros just two hours before our reservation, however it cost us 92 Euros while booking, and the train was not fully occupied. We booked the tickets on 11-Dec-2013, and the trip was on 04-Jan-2014  
  • "Fantastic rail experience"    
    I only paid 30 euro (promotion rate) to travel from Geneve CFF to Paris Gare Lyon. Enjoyed the scenic route. I prefered to have online printed ticket rather than received rail tickets by courier service. I have to pay extra for the shipping.  
  • "Italian train-Gibbs Family"    
    We were very pleased with the state of the train, clean comfortable seats and space for all our luggage. It was on time. We did the booking via the internet and managed to save a lot on travel agent fees. The e ticket was all that was necessary to produce to the conductor. Many thanks for a pleasant trip.  
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    it was fast, on time and comfortable. Thanks  
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    We enjoy very much, the train was on time and clean  
  • "Fairly comfortable"    
    With little signs in english on the train platform it was slightly hard to find my way around, but it was manageable. Trains were comfortable.  
  • "Comfortable trip"    
    The stations and train platforms were easy to find - journey was also very comfortable  
  • "Save money with second class"    
    We booked a first class ticket from Geneva to Paris (3 hours). The large seats in first class were comfortable and provided more leg room. However, the space for luggage is limited as in a second class cabin. That was a disappointment. In my opinion, when comparing costs, for a trip of this length, I would save some money and go with a second class ticket.  
  • "seat assignment"    
    The seats of my family members are put in two different coaches  
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    Hi, You have great staffs that are very friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks again for the great service  
  • "Informative and easy to book"    
    Hi, I must thank you for providing an excellent service for both my wife and myself during our honeymoon trip. Keep up the good work!  
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    Comfortable. Satisfactory.  
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    i had problem to issue the train boarding pass through the self machine at the station, i almost missed the train as i have to queue to issue the cards. a very helpful person assisted me at the counter and printed the cards.  
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