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Frankfurt, the largest financial centre in Europe

About Germany

Getting there You can get to Frankfurt from Bruxelles, Muenchen and Zuerich. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 03:48 HK$350
From Amsterdam 03:56 HK$394
From Berlin 04:08 HK$334
From Bruxelles 02:59 HK$190
From Muenchen 03:18 HK$334
From Zuerich 04:17 HK$244
From Praha 09:20 HK$290
From Wien 06:44 HK$990
From Avignon 07:19 HK$390
From Lyon 06:04 HK$390
From Interlaken 04:46 HK$530
From Marseille 07:59 HK$390
From Basel 02:55 HK$742
From Salzburg 05:40 HK$1,240
From Koeln 01:01 HK$218
From Koebenhavn 11:54 HK$290
From Bern 03:47 HK$296
From Stuttgart 01:26 HK$218
From Hamburg 03:36 HK$334
From Duesseldorf 01:35 HK$334
From Dresden 04:16 HK$334
From Aix En Provence Tgv 07:45 HK$390
From Nuernberg 01:57 HK$264
From Heidelberg 00:54 HK$210
From Strasbourg 02:03 HK$290
From Freiburg 02:04 HK$334
From Hannover 02:19 HK$218
From Mannheim 00:36 HK$210
From Bonn 01:58 HK$218
From Mulhouse 03:03 HK$648
From Karlsruhe 01:01 HK$218
From Bremen 05:27 HK$218
From Aachen 01:50 HK$334
From Linz 05:19 HK$1,200
From Utrecht 03:28 HK$494
From Plattling 03:38 HK$334
From Trier 03:05 HK$161
From Leipzig 03:03 HK$334
From Wolfsburg 03:03 HK$218
From Regensburg 03:06 HK$334
From Olten 03:19 HK$120
From Spiez 04:31 HK$1,316
From Luebeck 07:36 HK$770
From Wels 06:19 HK$1,100
From Klagenfurt 08:55 HK$504
From Kolding 09:30 HK$490
From Odense 10:12 HK$290
From Chalon Sur Saone 04:57 HK$390
From Kiel 04:47 HK$334
From Thun 04:21 HK$290
From Munster Westf Hb 04:08 HK$334
From Augsburg 03:02 HK$334
From Osnabrueck 04:34 HK$334
From Rosenheim 04:37 HK$356
From Besancon 03:52 HK$290
From Bamberg 02:33 HK$488
From Baden Baden 01:18 HK$218
From Bruchsal 01:16 HK$218
From Wuerzburg 01:07 HK$218
From Siegburg 01:02 HK$218
From Koblenz 01:24 HK$218
From Offenburg 01:34 HK$218
From Siegen 01:41 HK$328
From Kaiserslautern 01:38 HK$334
From Duisburg 01:37 HK$334
From Marburg 01:01 HK$218
From Fulda 00:52 HK$218
From Mainz 00:29 HK$126
From Aschaffenburg 00:28 HK$144
From Darmstadt 00:16 HK$103
From Bensheim 00:31 HK$161
From Limburg Lahn 00:31 HK$218
From Wiesbaden 00:47 HK$184
From Giessen 00:44 HK$196
From Weinheim 00:40 HK$184
From Arnhem 02:53 HK$372
From Goettingen 01:43 HK$334
From Dortmund 02:24 HK$334
From Saarbruecken 02:22 HK$264
From Hagen 02:20 HK$218
From Goeppingen 02:24 HK$218
From Hanau 00:15 HK$103
From Solingen 02:45 HK$334
From Braunschweig Hbf 02:44 HK$334
From Halle Saale 02:42 HK$402
From Wabern 01:43 HK$218
From Ulm 02:17 HK$334
From Bochum 02:06 HK$218
From Essen 01:55 HK$334
From Eisenach 01:45 HK$334
From Idar Oberstein 01:44 HK$309
From Erfurt 02:07 HK$334
From Forbach 02:10 HK$290
From Hildesheim 02:17 HK$334
From Liege 02:10 HK$190
From Montabaur 00:42 HK$218
From Belfort-montbeliard Tgv 03:28 HK$290

Getting around From Frankfurt, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Darmstadt 00:16 HK$103
To Hanau 00:18 HK$103
To Mainz 00:37 HK$126
To Bensheim 00:48 HK$161
To Limburg Lahn 00:53 HK$218
To Aschaffenburg 01:00 HK$144
To Giessen 01:04 HK$196
To Fulda 01:08 HK$218
To Ingelheim 01:08 HK$172
To Wuerzburg 01:10 HK$218
To Mannheim 01:11 HK$210
To Marburg 01:18 HK$218
To Weinheim 01:19 HK$184
To Bad Kreuznach 01:29 HK$218
To Heidelberg 01:35 HK$210
To Siegburg 01:36 HK$288
To Bad Homburg 01:48 HK$167
To Baden Baden 01:59 HK$218
To Wabern 02:16 HK$218
To Offenburg 02:16 HK$218
To Forbach 02:17 HK$290
To Koblenz 02:21 HK$218
To Idar Oberstein 02:22 HK$218
To Bonn 02:22 HK$218
To Karlsruhe 02:25 HK$218
To Goettingen 02:29 HK$334
To Montabaur 02:39 HK$218
To Kaiserslautern 02:46 HK$218
To Freiburg 02:51 HK$334
To Stuttgart 02:56 HK$218
To Goeppingen 02:56 HK$218
To Koeln 02:58 HK$218
To Duesseldorf 03:06 HK$334
To Hannover 03:14 HK$334
To Erfurt 03:14 HK$334
To Heilbronn 03:17 HK$334
To Siegen 03:19 HK$328
To Nuernberg 03:20 HK$218
To Solingen 03:21 HK$218
To Duisburg 03:24 HK$334
To Belfort-montbeliard Tgv 03:26 HK$507
To Bruchsal 03:30 HK$218
To Weimar 03:34 HK$334
To Essen 03:39 HK$334
To Saarbruecken 03:40 HK$218
To Aachen 03:42 HK$334
To Besancon 03:47 HK$522
To Hagen 03:54 HK$334
To Bochum 03:55 HK$334
To Leipzig 04:14 HK$334
To Hamburg 04:19 HK$334
To Trier 04:19 HK$161
To Dortmund 04:24 HK$334
To Liege 04:29 HK$190
To Eindhoven 04:48 HK$134
To Spiez 04:53 HK$1,316
To Osnabrueck 04:57 HK$334
To Strasbourg 05:00 HK$90
To Munster Westf Hb 05:01 HK$334
To Augsburg 05:10 HK$334
To Bruxelles 05:15 HK$190
To Mulhouse 05:20 HK$90
To Luxembourg 05:28 HK$662
To Naumburg Saale 05:31 HK$334
To Wels 05:33 HK$764
To Bremen 05:37 HK$334
To Olten 05:50 HK$848
To Arnhem 05:51 HK$372
To Muenchen 05:53 HK$334
To Bern 06:06 HK$296
To Chemnitz 06:08 HK$334
To Friedrichshafen 06:09 HK$334
To Macon 06:14 HK$766
To Ulm 06:20 HK$334
To Utrecht 06:22 HK$494
To Basel 06:38 HK$525
To Bamberg 06:50 HK$218
To Interlaken 07:07 HK$440
To Thun 07:18 HK$290
To Passau 07:21 HK$334
To Aix En Provence Tgv 07:30 HK$490
To Lindau 07:32 HK$334
To Marseille 07:45 HK$490
To Salzburg 07:53 HK$650
To Chalon Sur Saone 07:54 HK$588
To Rothenburg O D Taube 08:01 HK$218
To Lyon 08:13 HK$490
To Halle Saale 08:14 HK$334
To Luebeck 08:24 HK$334
To Berlin 08:36 HK$334
To Plattling 08:48 HK$334
To Eisenach 09:07 HK$218
To Braunschweig Hbf 09:11 HK$334
To Avignon 09:13 HK$490
To Rosenheim 09:38 HK$218
To Linz 09:44 HK$922
To Regensburg 09:51 HK$334
To Kiel 09:51 HK$334
To Hildesheim 10:00 HK$334
To Dresden 10:10 HK$334
To Kolding 10:18 HK$290
To Wien 10:25 HK$290
To Wolfsburg 10:30 HK$334
To Amsterdam 10:45 HK$484
To Odense 11:01 HK$290
To Konstanz 11:04 HK$334
To Klagenfurt 11:19 HK$504
To Zuerich 11:21 HK$244
To Paris 11:34 HK$290
To Koebenhavn 12:35 HK$290
To Praha 13:43 HK$290
To Milano 16:37 HK$1,650
To Budapest 18:14 HK$1,390

While you're there

Frankfurt, the largest financial centre in Europe

Frankfurt, also known as Frankfurt am Main, ranks among the most popular cosmopolitan urban cities of Europe. The city is one of the most important cities in Germany and is now a major financial and business hub. The city is dotted with a main railway station which connect Frankfurt to the rest of Germany and Europe. Frankfurt is home to a large number of finance institutions and other businesses who have their headquarters and offices in the skyscraping zone of the city. Frankfurt’s social scene is very multicultural and the city is home to Germany’s most celebrated museum landscape, offering its guests a colourful variety of cultural highlights throughout the year.

Frankfurt is often referred to as the city of short distances, with many of the city’s visitor attractions in walking distance. The most popular pedestrian zones include the Zeil and Neue Kräme shopping promenades as well as the riverfront esplanades on the north and south sides of the River Main.

The area not to be missed is the famous museum embankment. Set side by side, the museums regularly present spectacular exhibitions of international renown. From the time-honoured Städel Museum and the impressive German Architecture Museum to the German Film Museum – the range of establishments is truly unique!

Twice a year, in spring and autumn, Frankfurt comes together to celebrate the Dippemess, the region’s largest folk fair. Don’t miss it if you are there during the event. In December, visit the Frankfurt Christmas Market, one of Germany’s largest and most popular Christmas markets, and which is well known for its festive atmosphere.

Try typical Frankfurt specialities, such as Handkäs mit Musik (small pickled cheeses served in an onion vinaigrette), loin ribs with the traditional Green Sauce, made from seven different herbs. Frankfurt is also well known for its apple wine pubs. Many traditional pubs still make a cider like beverage according to their own recipes. It is particularly popular when served as a spritzer, that is, mixed with sparkling mineral water. Tasty and cheap, a Frankfurter is a must. Visit Sachsenhausen for the many traditional taverns or kneipen where you can try the local ebbelwoi – a bit like cider but more tart.

In Frankfurt you will find large department stores, retail chains, specialist shops and designer boutiques. Most major international brand names are represented on the Zeil – Frankfurt’s popular and famous pedestrian promenade and Germany’s most profitable shopping street. Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof railway station is one of Europe’s biggest, busiest and most strikingly designed – worth a visit for the shopping alone.

Frankfurt Tourismus and Congress
Römerberg 27, 60311 Frankfurt am Main
Tel: +49 (0)69 212 38800

The city’s tourist office has a helpful personnel, insider information and tips as well as handy maps and brochures. The city’s tourist office also arranges tours and excursions and is a focal point for local accommodation.

Train Station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Frankfurt can be found.

While trains are the convenient way to travel in Europe, planes are essential for bringing you from overseas. Major European cities are annexed to airports hubs, while important cities or towns are served by regional airports. Frankfurt is annexed to Germany.

Frankfurt railway station(s)

Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof Train Station

Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof Train Station

Address: Im Hauptbahnhof 60329 Frankfurt

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 7am to 10pm
Saturday: 7am to 10pm
Sunday: 7am to 10pm

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains, Regional trains (SBahn), Intercity trains (ICE)
Assistance in stations, Car parking, Tourism office, Information point, Disabled facilities, Lift, Lockers, Lounge, Currency exchange, Lost and found, Toilets, Luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet, ATM and Phone cabins.

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Nearest airport

Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport

Address: Hugo-Eckener-Ring 1 60547 Frankfurt

The Frankfurt Airport is the third busiest airport in Europe; it’s also the largest airport train station in Germany, ideal as a starting point for your German vacation if you travel by rail.

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Frankfurt Main Su

Address: Hedderichstraße 51 60549 Frankfurt

Frankfurt Main We

Address: Kasseler Straße 1 60486 Frankfurt


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Customer reviews

  • "Bad Experience on my trip"    
    It was a very bad experience to take the train in Nord station from Brussels to Frankfurt, my first journey to Germany. All trains are cancelled without prior announcement. No email was received. We know that until we took the train to this station. The staff in Brussels didn't help much and lost in temper to explain what we could do. Finally, we had to go to Midi Station to take coach to Koln and took another train to Frankfurt. It took us more than 12 hours.  
  • "First Euro Train Trip"    
    This was our first experience of long distance speed trains, coming from South Africa. It was great, clean, comfortable and a joy to experience.  
  • "Speedy connection"    
    This was my first time on the Paris-Frankfurt train. We found it very comfortable and very speedy for the distance covered.  
  • "review on Paris to Frankfurt"    
    It is a nice trip and feel good  
  • "Frankfurt - Paris Trip"    
    I had a good trip for Frankfurt to Paris.  
  • "Good trip"    
    Had a problem with confirming platform for the train, platform number displayed only 5 minutes before start and had to rush with my baggage. Otherwise great trip  
  • "Paris to Frankfurt"    
    Train car was uncomfortable a bit due to air not working as well as in other cars. But overall great trip for first time on a train.  
  • "perfect trip"    
    me and my wife took this train raid from paris to frankfurt. it was very nice trip and very comfortable. everything was perfect and i have nothing to complain.  
  • "Great way to travel"    
    Easy to buy tickets online and then print at home. Quickly travel from Paris to Frankfurt. Leaves and arrives on time. Can enjoy food on the train. Have your own table for your group. Overall great experience.  
  • "Train Journey"    
    This was a simple 1hr trip to connect to a train to frankfurt,  
  • "From Paris to Frankfurt"    
    Comfortable train with nice seats and leg space. There is adequate space to keep luggage which is a big relief. Punctual and right on time. If you like to watch the scenery outside, would advise you take seat on the top from where you would get a good view.  
  • "Zurich to Amsterdam trip on IC"    
    Train was comfortable and punctual and refreshments available if you need to buy on route.Not too convenient for traveling with heavy luggage though as there was no help available from train or station staff. The leg room was also limited for putting luggage.  
  • "High speed rail experience "    
    Traveling with my sons for first time in Europe. Wanted them to experience the high speed trains. Was wonderful- my only complaint would be that there was no speed posting in our train.  
  • "Loved the TGV"    
    Our round trip train ride was so well worth it.. we loved the smooth ride and the children loved sitting around the table of four where we were seated. the conductor had no time scanning our tickets which we printed out from your email. Thank you for a great trip.  
  • "Enjoying"    
    I enjoyed the trip with family. The seats were comfortable and the service from the cafeteria was also great.  
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