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Essen, the cultural heart of the Rhur region


Getting there You can get to Essen from Brussels, Munich and Cologne. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 04:06 HK$331
From Frankfurt 01:52 HK$312
From Berlin 03:42 HK$199
From Brussels 02:39 HK$180
From Munich 05:17 HK$312
From Cologne 00:46 HK$199
From Hamburg 02:42 HK$312
From Dusseldorf 00:24 HK$114
From Nuremberg 03:56 HK$312
From Heidelberg 03:32 HK$312
From Hanover 02:03 HK$199
From Mannheim 02:18 HK$312
From Bremen 02:09 HK$199
From Aachen 01:37 HK$199
From Gelsenkirchen 00:09 HK$76
From Duisburg 00:10 HK$76
From Munster Westf Hb 00:54 HK$199
From Guetersloh 01:09 HK$199
From Bochum 00:08 HK$76

Getting around From Essen, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Gelsenkirchen 00:08 HK$76
To Bochum 00:11 HK$76
To Duisburg 00:14 HK$76
To Dusseldorf 00:34 HK$114
To Cologne 01:08 HK$199
To Munster Westf Hb 01:55 HK$199
To Guetersloh 01:56 HK$199
To Aachen 02:30 HK$199
To Hamburg 03:46 HK$312
To Mannheim 04:23 HK$312
To Frankfurt 04:26 HK$312
To Brussels 04:39 HK$180
To Heidelberg 04:53 HK$312
To Hanover 04:58 HK$199
To Bremen 05:33 HK$312
To Berlin 05:43 HK$312
To Nuremberg 08:18 HK$312
To Paris 08:50 HK$331
To Munich 09:02 HK$312

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Essen, the cultural heart of the Rhur region

Essen is located in Rhur region, in western part of Germany. It is today a thriving city, where major companies are present. Essen is the center of the Discovery Area RUHR Art & Creativity. The city is a perfect destination for short holidays.

Don’t miss a visit to the following landmarks when you are in Essen: Zeche Zollverein, Folkwang museum, Villa Hugel, Aalto Opera-House, Essener Munster Cathedral, St Ludgerus Basilica, Kettwing historical district and the old town of Werden. The Zollverein is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the highlights of the Ruhr Area.

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