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Düsseldorf, get disguised for its joyful carnival

About Germany

Getting there You can get to Düsseldorf from Berlin, Bruxelles and Muenchen. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 03:41 HK$350
From Amsterdam 02:12 HK$676
From Frankfurt 01:34 HK$334
From Berlin 04:14 HK$448
From Bruxelles 02:14 HK$190
From Muenchen 04:51 HK$218
From Zuerich 06:31 HK$1,424
From Praha 12:15 HK$290
From Wien 09:40 HK$1,840
From Basel 04:12 HK$1,192
From Koeln 00:21 HK$144
From Koebenhavn 12:08 HK$290
From Stuttgart 02:28 HK$334
From Hamburg 03:09 HK$334
From Dresden 09:24 HK$594
From Nuernberg 03:30 HK$334
From Heidelberg 03:06 HK$334
From Freiburg 03:39 HK$334
From Hannover 02:35 HK$334
From Mannheim 01:48 HK$334
From Bonn 00:45 HK$202
From Karlsruhe 02:36 HK$448
From Bremen 02:38 HK$218
From Aachen 01:21 HK$251
From Utrecht 01:44 HK$604
From Koblenz 01:18 HK$218
From Munster Westf Hb 01:14 HK$218
From Augsburg 04:28 HK$402
From Arnhem 01:09 HK$482
From Bochum 00:35 HK$161
From Herzogenrath 01:07 HK$202
From Neuss 00:12 HK$69
From Dortmund 00:47 HK$207
From Bielefeld 01:44 HK$218
From Moenchengladbach 00:26 HK$121
From Oberhausen 00:19 HK$121
From Duisburg 00:12 HK$103
From Mainz 02:11 HK$218
From Wuerzburg 02:39 HK$334
From Baden Baden 02:55 HK$448
From Essen 00:24 HK$126
From Osnabrueck 01:48 HK$218
From Offenburg 03:06 HK$334
From Liege 01:28 HK$190

Getting around From Düsseldorf, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Duisburg 00:16 HK$103
To Oberhausen 00:34 HK$121
To Essen 00:35 HK$126
To Koeln 00:35 HK$144
To Bochum 00:49 HK$161
To Dortmund 01:03 HK$207
To Arnhem 01:16 HK$482
To Bonn 01:16 HK$202
To Solingen 01:24 HK$161
To Venlo 01:24 HK$160
To Emmerich 01:33 HK$218
To Utrecht 01:48 HK$604
To Aachen 01:53 HK$218
To Koblenz 02:10 HK$218
To Herzogenrath 02:12 HK$202
To Munster Westf Hb 02:26 HK$218
To Bielefeld 02:37 HK$218
To Osnabrueck 02:39 HK$218
To Frankfurt 03:10 HK$334
To Mainz 03:27 HK$218
To Breda 03:40 HK$334
To Mannheim 03:54 HK$334
To Maastricht 03:56 HK$346
To Trier 04:00 HK$218
To Liege 04:08 HK$190
To Bruxelles 04:11 HK$190
To Heidelberg 04:24 HK$334
To Karlsruhe 04:27 HK$334
To Stuttgart 04:27 HK$218
To Hannover 04:39 HK$334
To Wuerzburg 04:55 HK$334
To Nuernberg 05:42 HK$334
To Offenburg 06:00 HK$334
To Bremen 06:02 HK$334
To Luxembourg 06:27 HK$772
To Baden Baden 06:38 HK$334
To Freiburg 06:40 HK$334
To Berlin 07:16 HK$334
To Basel 07:34 HK$270
To Augsburg 08:02 HK$334
To Paris 08:22 HK$350
To Hamburg 08:23 HK$334
To Muenchen 08:35 HK$334
To Amsterdam 08:48 HK$640
To Dresden 10:12 HK$334
To Praha 11:25 HK$290
To Koebenhavn 12:05 HK$290
To Zuerich 13:41 HK$1,010

While you're there

Düsseldorf, get disguised for its joyful carnival!

Düsseldorf is a german city located on the right bank of the Rhine river. This city counts more than 500.000 inhabitants and is the ninth of the country. It is part of the Rhine-Rhur urban conglomeration, just like the neighbour cities of Cologne and Mönchengladbach.

The city of Düsseldorf is famous thanks to its well-known carnival, one of the most festive in Germany.

Over this event, Düsseldorf is a charming city where you can walk around the wonderful Hofgarten, which is the central park. It houses the rococo style Jägerhof castle, dating from the 18th century, turned into a theatre museum. You can also follow the Rhineuferpromenade along the Rhine river. And if you do not have any vertigo problem, go up to the Rheinturm.

This tower made for german television houses a 170 m high observation platform and enables you to admire the city and the whole region around.

Train Station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Düsseldorf can be found.


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  • "Great service"    
    Very clean and tidy train and the comfort was good. Will be travelling again soon :)  
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    Wish we had these trains in the US. The speed is amazing. Will do it again.  
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    Travelled early morning @ 5.55 am and reached on time in Dusseldorf. enjoyed the travel in first class on thalys.  
  • "Train ride in Europe"    
    This part of the trip was easy and comfortable. There were no problems and overall we enjoyed the ride.  
  • "Business trip to Paris"    
    Recently I traveled with the high speed train from dusseldorf to Paris This was a good experience, good comfort, friendly staff, and fast ! The only thing wath was missing :?the wifi didn't work ! All over : i would do it again  
  • "Dusseldorf to Amsterdam "    
    The travel was really comfortable.  
    I also travelled via Rail Europe from Brussels to Dusseldorf the week previously and had the same problem. Notwithstanding the fact that I had booked my tickets some four months in advance my wife and I got the worst seats available. On both occasions we were seated next to a pillar and the view was non-existent Not very nice for a visitor to Europe at all.!  
  • "ecellent trip"    
    it was very nice and comfortable trip. i enjoyed it alot even the service was so nice , drinks and meal  
  • "trip to dusseldorf"    
    was exelent  
  • "train journey in europe"    
    I am glad I chose to travel by Rail Europe . We had a pleasant journey. Their prompt service- from delivering the tickets to my doorstep to the seats reserved made this trip most memorable.  
  • "An easy ride"    
    We really enjoyed the space and comfort of the seats. We were in 2nd class but it's hard to understand what more one could want on an hour and a half train journey. It was a relaxing and complete stress-free way to travel and we highly recommend it  
  • "Excellent"    
    My family and I are grateful to Rail Europe for the beautiful and enjoyable journey we had. We intend to use your trains in the future every time we spend our holidays in Europe, Inshaa Allah (In Arabic language it means God's willing). Thank you again and we wish you continuous success. Dr. Barak Saeed Yehya Doha, Qatar  
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    The trip was absolutely beautiful. The train was a little behind schedule, and I wished it had Wi-Fi, but none was available. Overall I enjoyed the trip very much.  
  • "My recent trip"    
    It was nice trip.  
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